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  1. Hello all In the Autumn of 2017 I moved into a new property. Both Gas and Electricity were provided by Npower on a PostPay meter. I immediately contacted them to advise them who I was and they set up new accounts for the property in my name. I then went to a comparison website and ended up switching both fuels to Iresa. Npower did not object to the Gas being switched but did initially object to the Electricity being switched. I contacted Npower who said that they no longer objected and Iresa should apply for the transfer. I subsequently received final bills from Npower which I promptly paid and closure of the accounts and commenced paying Iresa by monthly Direct Debit. I continued to receive bills for Electricity from Npower, some were issued and cancelled and they appeared to have some confusion, then re-issued with different amounts. I ignored the lot. However, it got to the point where Npower were threatening action including adverse credit reports. I wrote a letter of complaint and this was duly investigated, if that is the right word. Npower claimed that Iresa had not requested that the electricity be switched over the second time and that I was still liable for it. To complicate matters Iresa has gone bust and the new supplier is busy absorbing the accounts into their own operation. I believe having contracted with Iresa, paid my final bill with Npower and been notified of account closure by Npower that I owe them nothing. This is currently out with Face2Face, their field agents which is likely the last debt collection action before an application for Disconnection (or a prepay meter) is made. Anybody got any advice? Thanks in advance for reading and contributing.
  2. Hello all, I just wanted to gather some advice regarding this, as I am currently thinking of taking it down the route of small claims court. Around about 2 years ago (23 months to be exact) we had to have a new meter installed at our flat due to the monitor on the then existing one breaking. No worries, that is absolutely fine, crack on. Slowly but surely we started to see a dramatic increase of the price of our bills. From when we were paying on average £40/50ish (one bed flat), started to become £100, sometimes £200 plus. Obviously to any rational human being that would flag as something being rather wrong, you would think, but not to N-power, oooohhh no, that seemed around about what we should be paying. After around 6 months of arguing with N-power I got rather bored and went to the ombudsman, this wasn't being we now had a bill in excess of £1000 (If not more, can find that later if important but at work at moment). Now we sit and twiddle our thumbs expecting Ombudsman to come back with some fantastic news that it was all incorrect.... Na, not a chance! They ruled with N-power and stated that we were using the amount of electric they said. At this point me and my partner were rather deflated, but knew in our heart of hearts that this could not be right, it just couldn't be! We accepted a deal with them in which we were then paying £120 a month to clear the debt in order to take some of the strain off ourselves, and frankly get some breathing space as they started threatening legal action. Whilst still arguing and debating with N-power we were not getting anywhere (Why should we, we were in debt to them and the Ombudsman agreed with them), then one morning we got an email stating that our direct debit was going up and we would have to pay £350 a month Well, that was it, I ordered my partner to make a cup of tea whilst I sat in bed and started typing a review on N-power Facebook. I had the added advantage that I saw the head office (Or a N-power office) was based in Solihull, I thought this is brilliant, I'm going to be working near that for the next few months, I shall tell them I will pay them a visit. Surely enough they took notice of this, and arranged for someone to test our meter. This gentleman who came to test our meter was nice, one of a kind, told me at that even though he wouldn't have the results right away, the meter was fast. Two weeks passed and we got a call from N-power, yes they confirmed, your meter is clocking up too fast! HOW FAST?!?! I asked barely able to contain my excitment..... 58.8% fast!!!?! WOOOOOOW. Now the gentleman from N-power was nice and said don't worry, give him a few weeks as he has to adjust every bill we've had since installation of this meter. No problem, that is absolutely fine thinking this is the end. Took our meter reading for that month, that'll be £52 please, yes that seems about correct! Was it the end??? No. They only went and messed up the figures and we were still left with £1200 to pay. A little confused, I emailed back my figures based on 58.8% deduction, plus the excess we would have paid. Nothing. I have now gone back to Ombudsman but they are not sure they can take the case as it relates to a previously ruled on case. I asked them even with the knowledge that we were correct and N-power were wrong??? They said they would have to check with the powers that be. They are currently doing that (To be fair they said it would take a few weeks due to Xmas and New Year). Now, that is a very light hearted post I have written whilst killing some time at work. I really cannot stress how stressful the whole process has been. Me and the partner have argued, tears, stress, literally wanting to kill N-power, sitting in the freezing cold not wanting to waste any energy and a magnitued of other things. My question is, if ombudsman rule they can't look into it again, would be have a claim for small claims court? More out of curiosity than anything, because I am not going to let this go without a fight. Also, this is on another forum also, but I had never heard of this forum until around an hour ago and having looked through stuff you guys seem to know your stuff! Hoping to get all the information I need to absolutely hammer these clowns.
  3. Can anyone give me some advice on how to deal with a new contract I've been spoofed into by Select Energy with NPower. I recently moved into a new shop premises and unfortunately before the process was entirely complete, the agent died so I had no knowledge of who the energy supplier was. I was in the process of trying to find out when I received a phone call from someone who gave me the impression that they were from NPower and that they were my energy supplier. I was relieved initially because I'd been struggling to find out who the supplier was and he told me that until I'd registered my details I was being charged an emergency high rate which would be reduced once I'd given my details. For some reason I found this plausible ! At no point during the conversation was I told that he was setting up a new contract or that he was an agent, he gave me the impression entirely that he was the supplier and was just updating new tenant details. I asked to be billed quarterly and specifically said I didn't want to pay by direct debit. The alarm bells should have rung when he asked for the bank details I said I was uncomfortable giving the details but he assured me it was only to confirm I was who I was claiming to be and that there wouldn't be any payments taken from the bank. A couple of weeks later I received a letter from NPower telling me that I was now in a 36 month contract and they would be taking £195 a month by direct debit. The previous tenant from what I understand was paying less than £50 and the supplier was British Gas. I was utterly misled when I phoned to question NPower I discovered I was actually on the phone to Select Energy who I had never heard of. When I did eventually get through to NPower I was told I was in a binding 36month contract and there was nothing I can do. Surely this is fraudulent. Any advice would be incredibly welcome.
  4. Not necessarily looking for help, just a heads up to steer clear of nPower and the 'Too Good to be True' offers pedalled by the now infamous (Dragons Den) 'Look after my Bills!' (sic). So, along with millions of other people I signed up with LAMB (to the slaughter!!). nPower came along and offered me a deal £40 pcm cheaper than I was paying to BG. A Side-by-Side comparison of the two tariff's and standing charges did indeed seem to be cheaper. A £40 pcm saving though, too good to be true. I queried it but signed up anyway. The atrocious nPower didn't take any payments from me, despite having all the correct data etc. for three months, by then there was a three month debt on my account. When I signed up it was for £110 pcm. Three months later nPower sent an email saying it had gone up to £215 pcm, almost double, to cover the extra debt and, in their words, increased use............ I rang, complained, and we settled on a slightly lower figure of £194. A small but hollow victory. 4 weeks passed and low and behold, they didn't take their £194, they took £215. I rang and complained, confirmed £194 was agreed but got someone who had only worked there 5 day's, poor guy was confused as hell. Basically he said they could vary the direct as much as they want, month to month, and that was it. So, complaint in, got my Ref No. wait for another call in the next however many days to speak to a complaints drone. I've not had a good fight for ages so I am quite looking forward to confusing more people. In the mean time, I would stay clear of 'Look After My Bills' (Because they don't). Don't touch nPower, even with someone else's bargepole. People slate BG but they never screwed me over like this. H
  5. Over the last 4years I have been receiving letters from N Power at my address, but for the previous occupants. As I used to be an Npower customer I have opened a couple of these thinking they were my bills etc. and have found that the previous owner of my house is getting gas and electricity supplied to another address,but having all correspondence sent to my address still. I have tried contacting Npower dozens of times to stop this and every time they have said it will stop,but it never has. About 18 months ago they offered me £20 credit as compensation/goodwill gesture onto my account for the hassle it has caused. I have now left Npower and changed supplier yet despite their most recent promises I am still receiving mail to my address for this other account. Last night I called Npower again and once again explained the situation. I am now told that as I am not the account holder, that they cannot do anything and that they will keep sending mail to my address. I have explained that I am worried that somebody could be racking a debt up against my address and that if they are, that they could end up sending bailiffs etc. round to my house. Is thereanything I can do, or do I just have to accept that these clowns will continuesending me somebody elses mail.
  6. And yes the day gets weirder - The merger has been approved. Nothing more needs to be said... - Thanks To Credit Today For This
  7. Hi, First time post here, but given the nature of what is going on I could really do with some advice. So this all relates to a refund they gave my partner and I some 2.5 to 3 years ago. At that point we were living in a one bedroom flat with a prepayment meter. Now, according to nPower, due to a mistake on their side (they said over charging) we were to be refunded £500. Upon receipt of the refund letter my partner phoned nPower customer services to ensure it was genuine and it wasn't being handed out in error. We were re-assured it was genuine and that we were definitely owed the money. Flash forward to yesterday where one of their lovely threat letters was dropped onto my doormat in our new house. This letter stated that we owe £429 due to unpaid charges (from 2.5-3 years go!), with £7 of that being a trace charge as we hadn't provided our new address to them (we left nPower about 6 months before we moved house and went with another provider and ceased to be a customer, therefore no need to inform them of anything). Now, according to nPower, the money they refunded was correct, however, as the money really should have gone into the pre-payment account and not the standard tariff account we have taken £500 from them and not paid for our gas and lecky which was used under the pre-payment account. I understand the issue they are having, but I fail to see how after 3 years they can try to claim we owe this money. It is simply their error, and their mistake, and I feel a time frame of 3 years is far to long to try and be claiming money for debts we never accrued from non-payment. We have never not paid for our electricity or gas! What should I do with this? They are now wanting to escalate it to further with the view to get the bailiffs in.
  8. Hi one and all, I am hoping that somebody on the forum may be able to give us some help/advice on a problem with Npower. Our daughter has been a customer of Npower for some 18 months. She was paying for her dual fuel by direct debit each month amounts at this point we do not know. She did not receive any statements for 12 months, then she received a letter to say that her direct debit payments were not enough to cover her usage (why wait 12 months to tell a customer they are not paying enough). They wanted her to increase her monthly direct debit payments to £160 which as a single parent with 2 small children (6 & 3 ) was an impossible request,so she therefore cancelled her direct debit. After a telephone conversation with Npower our daughter agreed on a payment plan of £29 a week for 12 months after this time the remaining arrears would be written off. She found arrangement very difficult to keep to, as a result has not been keeping up the agreed plan payments. She has received a letter fom Npower today 27th June demanding a payment of £1,585 to pay what she owes. Our daughter phoned Npower today and was given the following options to repay the debt. 1.Prepayment meters be installed not possible landlord would not allow. 2.Or pay the outstanding debt.(Not possible as I am a single parent on benefits). Any help or advice from the forum will be much appreciated. Regards Ian
  9. Just a question. Can nPower hold a customer to account if they are unable to find or supply any signed contract taken at the beginning of the period. This is in relation to an account going back to 2009 where nPower now say they cannot provide me with any signed contract as they have lost / destroyed / wiped it? Wilkins Chapman involved as well
  10. I have been reading through the Npower section and see that there is interest in anyone who has been in litigation with them. I would like to share my 3 year battle with you. In Feb 2007 Npower were my provider and continued to be until Jan 2013. Silly I know but all my readings had been estimated until March 2012 when I submitted a reading. I then received a letter in December stating that the bill was £3502.22 and that my monthly DD would go from £110 per month to £318.00. I called them to query the bill that there must be a mistake with the bill or a fault with the meter, they said there was no problem with the bill but said I should carry out a loadtest. They told me to take a reading, boil the kettle, take another reading then phone them back with the readings and they would be processed for analysis. I have done this 3 times and am still waiting for the results of the analysis! The house is a small 2 bedroom, end terrace, with 3 storage heaters, well insulated, 2 adults at work all day, no change in usage and no hot tub or any other energy sapping device. I had been paying between £50 and £110 per month, over the years I had paid total £4664, which gives an annual payment of £799 even based on todays rates (and I checked on U-Switch) this is adequate to cover the supply. We moved out of the house with a view to letting it (I own the property) but didn’t feel able due to the situation with Npower and if I am honest let things slip with chasing Npower, head and sand, ostrich syndrome. They were still billing me, until July 2013, £318 per month based on estimated readings even though I told them the house was empty. In March 2013 I received a threat from a well known DCA, knowing that I would be told to ‘just pay’, I went back to Npower to ask why they had sent the account to a DCA when they know it is in dispute. They said it isn’t in dispute and you will need to talk to the DCA! But they continued to bill me until July 2013!! The bill was £3462.14 In Dec 2013 I received a letter from Npower’s solicitor telling me that unless I paid £3768.57 within 14 days they would take me to court, which they did. The letter had several typos and one of the dates was incorrect In May 2014 the solicitor sent me a letter requesting £3392.22 but would accept £1,188.06 as payment, There were additional errors within the letter relating to dates and also stated there had been no dispute with the bill. We were scheduled to have a mediation session and to be honest I had had enough and wanted it to go away so would use the £1,188.06 as a figure to work with at the mediation. I would concur that over 7 years supply I could have underpaid by £100 per year and so offered £700 as a settlement fee. The mediator then confirmed that the solicitor conceded that there had been an error, no settlement figure should have been offered and they would be seeking the full amount of £4128.51. Further to the mediation I received a letter to confirm ‘due to an error the amount stated on the second page of the said letter is incorrect and for the avoidance of doubt the total balance outstanding is £4128.51.’ Yet another error!! The directions date was set for October at which the Judge ordered that a joint single expert be appointed to test the meter to determine if there was a fault. The letter of instruction to be sent by 3rd November 2014, inspection by 24thNovember and a report filed with the court 28th December 2014. The solicitor called me around 20th October to say they had an expert who could perform the test, but I wasn’t convinced that this expert would be totally unbiased! I asked them to call back in a week, when I had chance to look into this and they did not get back to me. They submitted an ‘extremely urgent’ request to the court on 27th October to state that as Npower no longer supplied the property they would not be able to inspect the meter and ask that this direction be amended. I then received a statement of issues from the solicitor, and wrongly assumed that this was the bundle, it contained bills dating back to2007, a witness statement and an account statement , stating that this had also been filed with the court. On closer inspection of this pack there were even more mistakes; electric meter ending in 8567, mine ends in 7927; shows a meter for gas, there is no supply or meter for gas at the property; the statement dated 2012 shows an opening reading of 24239 for day units and 33979 for night units, the bill dated 2007 showed 6722 and 4878 respectively; stated the last payment received was Jan 2012 but in fact it was Jan 2013; shows a manual adjustment of £5,100 but nothing to substantiate this figure. Using all of these mistakes I started to build my case around the fact that there were a catalogue of errors and how could we consider that any of these figures / values were correct. As the court date loomed I was terrified, didn’t really know if I had a case just an awful time. Then I received another bundle from Npower's solicitor, also filed with the court, the witness was now a senior advisor to litigation and along with additional mistakes, there were 9 contradictions to the first litigation advisors statement; an account statement so badly printed that it missed the credit and balance column. I was absolutely staggered that there could be so many errors (not surpised though!). Feeling more confident as I now had more mistakes to use I practiced my questions for the witness and prepared as much as I could for court. The day before the court I received a letter from the solicitor outlining a statement of costs and very fortunately for me they sent it to my old address (another mistake!), had I received it as intended I probably would have crumbled. It was for an astonishing £2,028.00, namely 42 letters @£8 or £10, 15 phone calls @£8, £10 and 1 at £80, rates of pay for the litigation advisors as £80 and £100 / hour. 4th February 2015, I arrive at court, they have a solicitor, the senior litigation advisor as a witness and someone who was an expert – I was terrified. Later when the expert did speak he was told to be quiet or be in contempt of court, this did help to relax me a bit. The Judge started the questioning by asking the witness what qualification she had as alitigation advisor and she said it was just the experience she had during her employment with Npower. So I started to question the witness about the meter numbers, she said it was a mistake; I asked about the conflict in meter readings between the statement and the bill and she said that they adjust the reading to help lower the bill; I asked about the manual entry of £5,100 and she said if she had a calculator she could work it out, the Judge gave her a calculator and she couldn’t! My head was spinning so much that I cant remember a lot more detail the solicitor asked me if I thought Npower had just plucked a figure from thin air……………..! two hours later, the Judge tore into the Npower witness saying she had presented her case badly, she didn’t know what she was talking about, she couldn’t give a straight answer or give accurate figures, her statement was just her opinion and as she was not an expert could not be considered and that he was appalled by the way she had carried out her work. He then dismissed the case and awarded me the full £90 costs to be paid in 14 days! These people are utter jokers, they have no procedures in place, they are sloppy, their billing methods are seriously flawed – looking at the countless errors in my one case I am sure that if anyone looks into their own dealings with Npower they will find just as many. Good luck
  11. Ive been in a dispute with npower for a few years now ever since they stopped us paying by standing order saying it was no longer available wilko and chapman (npower soliciters) have taken me to court which ive never known about and it looks like they have put a charge on my property because attached to their letter is the deeds to my house. I owe them £4000 and the only reason its that high is because they wanted me to pay £250 a month which i simply cant afford they tried the " we are going to fit a meter through the courts" which was declined due to 3 members of family having asthma. I really have no knowledge of this going to court am worried sick can anyone help me.
  12. I for one have had hellish problems caused by npower entering missed payments on my credit file, on and off like a yoyo and this has caused my mortgage applications to be declined more than once. I consider this to be extremely serious. Please contact me if you would be interested in taking out a class action lawsuit against npower to seek compensation for all the problems they have caused and laws they have broken. Whilst I have already provided extensive details of my case to The Information Commissioner, The Energy Ombudsman, The Financial Ombudsman, Experian Credit Agency, they either fail to respond / take any action / blame the other party. npower's obvious wrongs are as follows: failure to issue a contract preventing me change suppliers for a better tariff failing to notify of direct debit changes failing to notify credit file entries wrongful entries on my credit file - twice, and for incorrect amounts failing to provide bills on time failing to respond promptly to letters failing to bill the correct amount harassment by debt collection agencies And that's just for starters. Please contact me if you'd be interested - thank you.
  13. Hi, I have an ongoing complaint with NPower since Sept 2013 regarding their bills. The Ombudsman is currently involved for a second time. As they were taking a long time in dealing with my complaint, I informed them in February 2014 in writing that I would charge them for my time spent in dealing with them. My complaint remains unsettled and we have received the "deadlock" letter and so now know NPower will budge no further. Can anyone tell me if I am legally entitled to claim for the time I have spent in sending emails, letters, phone calls etc? I have recorded everything in a spreadsheet. Thanks. Mark.
  14. G'day all! I used this forum many years ago to successfully claim credit card charges back, now I'm back because of NPower. I've had a couple of issues with them. During one phone call I agreed to pay them £2000 off a debt but not £57 in charges that shouldn't have been there. They agreed to it and took my money the next bill that came showed up inclusive of those charges. They have also sent me hand delivered letter for a court date for a warrant even though I do not have any outstanding balance with them. They eventually cancelled the court date, still haven't listened to the phone call in which they agreed not to charge me and I have now asked them 3 times for SAR information. They told me they will send out a pack of some sort. Bless them...they don't know I have done this before. I am planning on sending a SAR but I would like for quite a lot of information that if I don't specifically ask they will not offer. Things like all information they provided to the court to get a court warrant date, so that I can find them guilty of perjury. Can anyone here point me in the direction of a really good SAR? The kind that i ask for literally everything and more that they have on me? If i remember correctly you could also ask for all implied logic in how they handle my account as well. Just so i can annoy them as much as they have annoyed me. Cheers!
  15. Hi Again.... I have a problem that I ought to have dealt with, but have not because I had more pressing issues: 4 sets of serious or urgent litigation that had deadlines, or financial priority: I had and still have a collapsed lung, I sadly have a deceased mother in law, a baby, who ended up in special care, while my wife almost bled to death during an emergency c section, I've bought a new house that the surveyor messed up big time on, I have had 2 new jobs, 2 surgeries and a tumor in my colon. I know they are not excuses for delay, but it has truly been a crap few years and this issue is the last unresolved pain in my side. All the issues above happened around the time of the N power debacle, or since. Some time around 2013/14 I moved into a house and the N Power Direct debit stopped. I had used NPower at a previous address. My dad had been paying as he is a kind man and he offered to when my wife and I were broke 10 years ago and he never stopped paying (despite me asking him not to). Npower screwed the bills up and I didn't pay the incorrect bills. At all times, I felt there was an ongoing complaint/ issue. Eventually the correct bill came and I paid it. The end? No. I applied for a loan or mortgage (cannot remember which off top of head) and was rejected. I had a default registered with Experian by Npower for the period where we were in dispute. The defaults are numerous and are all over the place. I wrote to Npower, Experian and complained to the FOS and got nowhere. What can I do, the defaults are only with Experian and they are utterly inaccurate. I am stuck. I need help with this.
  16. CMA opens SSE Retail/Npower merger investigation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cma-opens-sse-retailnpower-merger-investigation
  17. I am looking for some advice dealing with the DCA chasing after an alleged debt they say I had with Npower. I paid every month by direct debit and as far as I was concerned all paid off and sent the final meter reading on the day I moved out. I called them few months later and was told what the final bills was £36 and paid off. Now a DCA sending letters, but the company name is Npower Northern which I have never known. My bills had the name Npower and not Npower Northern. Have they changed names? How can there be an outstanding amount when paid by monthly direct debit ? I have read so many posts regarding their incorrect bills. I am going to call them today and send a SAR request and start the process from there. It is so unnecessary that we have to do this as when we pay every month and trust them to send correct bills.
  18. I need advice regarding Npower, i got into debt with my bills and its now £1,000.00, i called Npower and arranged to pay £125.00 per month starting from Oct and the payment was made via online, however they have now passed the issue for Past Credit debt collection who call me every day and email as well, i explained the arrangement and have been told no the bill must be paid in full. So i have refused in full payment and will still pay the £125.00 each month directly to Npower. They have listed the default on my credit file as well, is there anything i can do to stop the action they are taking.
  19. Apologies that this is a long post. This is my first time on any kind of forum. I have tried to summarise but my 2 1/2 year dispute with Npower over inncorrect bills been a complicated and very distressing process. I will be very grateful indeed for any advice on how to proceed legally through the Small Claims Court... We moved into a flat in Sept 2013 and when I called to give Npower the opening meter readings I asked to confirm what meter and tariff we were on. I was told it was an Economy 10 meter and noted down from the conversation that there were 3 cables which would give a Day rate, a Night rate and a Heating rate for the 3 night storage heaters with timings for when these rates would operate. You had to press a button on the meter several times to get the readings and I gave the 3 readings as they appeared on the screens. Npower took Actual readings for these 3 rates in Nov 13 and I gave more readings in May 14 at which point I started the complaints process because we had still not had a bill. I received letters with an account number from the complaints department and finally a letter in July 2014 saying because they could not resolve my complaint about not receiving a bill I could go to the Ombudsman. At the end of July I receive a letter with the same account number but this time addressed to the occupier saying that because of problems closing the account the balance would be written off. Followed a week later by the First bill for £366, in my name but with a different account number. In Sept 14 I call to try and figure out what is going on and am told that the first account number I’d received on complaint letters was actually the previous tennant’s but because of the confusion the balance (now £457) would be written off as per the write off letter. I give meter readings – this time 4 readings show on the meter instead of 3. That same day a bill is generated for the heat rate for £868. It is based on an estimated opening meter reading for heat. I am told again a week later on the telephone that my account would be credited to zero - clearing balance of £868 as per write off letter and to disregard any more bills/reminders and to wait during process. In Nov 14 I call again and am given apologies for distressing letters & assured case is with correct back office team. Promised that a correct bill should arrive soon showing the cleared balance of £868.72 and they had correct meter readings so a new bill would generated. I then receive a bill for £1,433, followed by ‘Our right to enter your home’ letter – with an outstanding balance £976. In December 2014 after numerous complaint calls I am given a new complaint reference number and assured collections will stop. In Jan 15 I receive a complaint deadlock letter refusing to remove the balance as promised and referring me to Ombudsman and I begin the Enquiry process. In Feb 15 I give new meter readings and receive a bill for £1481 - Tariff: Standard SC ROB Heatwise 1. I pay £505 for accurate energy usage calculated using my correct meter readings between Nov 14 and Feb 15 (leaving the disputed £976). At the end of Feb the Ombudsman says Npower incorrectly offered to write off the Sept 14 bill for £868 and that I should be given a £25 goodwill payment for the misinformation but that the outstanding balance remained. I did not agree with the Ombudsman proposal and it was reviewed in March 15. I complain that the meter reading Npower used to calculate the opening heat rate was an estimate because it had not been showing on the meter. As this was not part of the original complaint to the Ombudsman they advise me to contact Npower directly. I contacted Npower who agree to work out an accurate opening meter reading but I did not accept the Ombudsman proposal as I still hadn’t had an accurate bill and felt they had not helped resolve my issue with Npower. In April 15 we move out of the property and I give final meter readings and new address. On 1st May 15 they send: An amended bill to our old address for £1318. A letter saying because I’d rejected Ombudsman remedy my complaint has been closed thus exhausting the complaints process and balance is £1362. And a Final Bill for £1452 (the Tariff has now changed to Standard SC ROB 7 Hour Weekend Off-Peak) I call to complain about tariff changing and am told they've re-opened case though they believe bill is correct. Throughout May and June they send another Amended bill, numerous complaint reference letters, and Final demand and Act now to avoid court letters – all to the old address. I email the CEO disputing the Historic debt and Amended Bill and request again that our address be updated and debt recovery stopped. The complaint is logged and I’m given a new reference number. In July I start to get calls from Debt Managers Services attempting to recover a debt of £1,612. In August I receive 5 more amended bills each for a different amount. Throughout Sept and Oct I receive letters from Debt Managers saying my account is on hold while they await instruction from Npower. In January 16 I receive a letter from Npower with a ‘Notice of intention to file a default on your credit file’. Outstanding balance £1452. In February I email complaining that my complaints have not been handled properly and ask about the compensation arrangements Npower agreed with Ofgem. Executive Complaints reply to say I have exhausted thier complaints process and they will not look to raise a new complaint in relation to this query and refer me to their Legal Team. I point out that the Ombudsman instructed me to re-contact Npower to recalculate opening meter reading to which they had agreed. In March 16 Executive Complaints then reply with an incorrect opening meter recalculation (they use accurate winter heat readings to calculate an average daily usage and apply it to 497 days i.e saying we’d use the same heat in summer as in winter!) and advise me again to proceed legally. Moorcroft Debt Recovery begin pursuing the debt and in desperation to resolve this I contact the Citizens Advice Extra Help Unit, who help vulnerable consumers, and they agree to mediate with Npower on my behalf. They challenge Npower throughout March and April but are told Npower's final position was that they would not be opening the case and referred me back to Ombudsman or to take legal action. The amended bills – Falsifying meter readings and placing us on the wrong tariff Having now examined the 5 amended bills of Aug 15 I can see that they have previously tried to ‘re-estimate the bill’ by falsifying meter readings - changing accurate readings into estimates to justify their original estimated opening reading. All these estimates are entirely inaccurate suggesting that I have used thousands of heat units in summer periods when the night storage heaters were switched off. I am suspicious that NPower have chosen to amend the bills with estimates from May 2014 (instead of the 2013-14 winter prior to that when the disputed energy was apparently used) in order to avoid the back billing regulations. I have also asked repeatedly why the Bill that I paid in Feb 15 was cancelled, amended and then re-calculated at a higher unit rate for heat (7p per unit became 12p). No one has addressed this concern. Our tariff appears to have changed from what I understood to be the Economy 10 tariff: Standard SC ROB Heatwise 1 to Standard SC ROB 7 Hour Weekend Off-Peak. At no point did we ever ask to switch tariff or were we offered any explanation as to why the unit price and tariff had been changed, despite me asking on numerous occasions for clarification. Harassment and marking my credit file I have been threatened with court proceedings multiple times, they refuse to put a hold on their collections process so I am still having to deal with debt collections agencies, NPower may have shared data which will impact my credit record and they say this cannot be amended because they claim the outstanding balance is correct and remains payable. They now say I need to proceed legally. My time, stress and worry I have spent innumerable hours dealing with all of this, trying to decipher what has gone on, examining 15 bills, complaining by telephone and email, going through an Ombudsman enquiry that did not help to reach a resolution, and working with Citizens Advice, all of which equates to weeks worth of my time. I have had countless sleepless nights and shed many a tear worrying about everything and feeling bullied by this huge corporation who seem to operate so recklessly with no regard for how peoples lives are affected by this level of stress that they cause. And throughout this period we have a chronically sick child with a rare blood disorder who has been in and out of hospital and Great Ormond St Hospital. Our now 3 year old daughter was first admitted to hospital in a life threatening condition in Oct 14 and has since been admitted 10 times, which Npower have been aware of. I have had to take my energy away from caring for my child to dedicate to unraveling all of this mess and that is extraordinarily painful for me. I am now fully prepared to take legal action, although I have no idea how to do this and do not have any access to financial support or legal advice. I feel completely daunted by the task and almost cannot bear the stress and time of pursuing it further but it seems to be my only route forward. I want to seek damages to be remunerated for this utter failure to handle my complaints and to bill me accurately. NPower’s conduct is far from fair or transparent and does not meet their standards of conduct by a long way. I refuse to be victimized. I realize that this has been a long read and I really appreciate any advice that others can give for me to take this forward legally. Very best wishes D
  20. Okay, heres the deal, can anyone advise , left power over a year and half , was on prepayment, no debt, on and off over the last year , Npower have sent several threatograms, saying I owed them over £2900 !!, after several calls to them , they advised problem their side, no apology, then silence, then the letters start again, i did complain via their website this time, and they sent a letter out saying to disregard the last threatogram,however in the meantime they have also passed the debt to those good old threat boys moor croft, who are constantly calling, sending threatograms, offering payment plans , now i really want to make an example of this...because I think it needs it , any ideas on moving forward, do i SAR moorcroft first ? i do not want ignore, i want an example made of, for all the hassle, threatograms etc, oh and npower's incompetence
  21. In 2011 I asked NPower to install a prepayment meter after discovering I had amounted a £800 bill. This was installed and I started paying off this debt with each weekly payment I put onto my key In 2015 NPower share this debt with Experian In August 2017 I saw this logged on my Credit report - I hadn't checked this before and hadn't realised it was logged on here, called up NPower and paid off the small debt that was still outstandingI spoke to NPower today to check if they could notify Experian that I had cleared this debt and to find out when it would be removed from my Credit File altogether I was told that because they only started to share information with Experian in 2015 and that because I have only just paid off the debt that it will now remain showing on my Credit file for another 6 years from August this year Surely this is wrong Doesn't the debt start from when NPower installed the meter and I started paying back the monies I owed from the £800 bill??? Please can you clarify? Thank you
  22. Hi All, need some help please. I will list the points below: 1, 2013 - changed supplied to Eon, never got a final bill from Npower (they say they did send it) 2, Never got any bills of any reminds or red letters from them at all. 3, then got a letter from them out of the blue in Oct 2014 saying i owe them for gas/elec and i have to pay before debt collection agencies get involved. 4, i contacted them, and told them about back billing as they were chasing me for something which was 18 months old. 5, then i get letters from DCA, 2015, was told to ignore which i did. 6, small claims court arrives from county court, Jan 2016 7, i dispute it and regarding back billing and I win. 8, not heard anything for until Apr 2017, another DCA called Arvato started calling me to pay. 9, I told them the situation, they put the account on hold, they liased with Npower, then decided to carry on harrassing me. 10, 14th July Npower send a letter telling me i have to pay in full or they will default my file. 11, the amount is £467.35, yet when i log into the account and look back it says I owe £616!!! 12, I have sent an email to Npower to cease chasing me for this. I need to know, what other things can I do to stop this default? n.b. i don't have any paperwork as I won in court, and as it was a year old in jan this year, i binned it all (daft i know) Any help is much appreciated Thanks Paul
  23. Last year I entered into one of N'power's 'deals' to save me money. It was actually the best deal around at the time - monthly direct Debit £46.00. This was around June time - a couple of months later, they 'suggested' that I would need to increase my DD because they estimated from my usage that it would cost a lot more over the winter period. They wanted about £65 + - I said no, bearing in mind that the previous review had netted me a refund of over £100.00, I couldn't see that I would be that much behind and I would be happy to just pay any underpayment. Not happy with that, they umm'ed and ah'ed and I compromised at an extra £10.00 per month. So I have been paying them £56.00. Just received my online summary and already I am £97.00 in credit - however, look at this message they left on screen for me.... !! Well tough, I want my money.. . Message from Npower.pdf
  24. After moving house nearly two years ago We've had a problem with npower and their bills which is still going on and they are now threatening us with court action. In Aug 2015 the previous owner didn't cancel/close their account at the address we've moved into. We have received bills since Aug 2015 which are all addressed to this address except for four addressed to "THE OCCUPIER". We have bills addressed to here but to FOUR different account numbers and TBH we don't even know where to start! We complained to npower firstly in March 2016 about this to no avail and then again in April 2017 and the complaint is still showing as being open on their system. We have now received a bill for over £500 and a red letter threatening court action. I know we owe them something but would like to make sure it's correct and not someone else's. Just rang again and they still have our old house phone number as the contact number even though they've been ringing us here at our new residence! Talk about confused.
  25. ’ll try and keep this as brief as possible but I’ll need to explain a bit of background. When I was in university I rented a room in a house with three other students that I didn’t know between July 2012 to June 2013. Npower supplied the electricity and gas. I gave the first meter reading in July and the first bill came in October and we each paid a fourth to the landlord and I thought this arrangement would continue. However, towards June 2013 I contacted the landlord as we hadn’t got any more bills and queried what was going on he said he’d put the bills solely in my name. I was amazed that this was possible and called Npower to refuse to be the only sole name on the bills but they said this was the landlord’s right. Shortly after that the other tenants all left and two of them half way around the world. The bills at this point still hadn’t come to the house (although they might possibly have done so but one of the other tenants liked to take people’s mail…) and I gave a forwarding address and explained that as I was only one of four tenants they should only send me a fourth of the bill. Instead they started sending widely varying bills (anything from £1300 to £2000+) and after talking to them on the phone failed I then wrote them a letter showing them my tenancy agreement saying that I was only responsible for a fourth of the bills, emails to and from the landlord where he took responsibility for paying the bills if we paid him. Npower ignored all correspondence from me and the demands for payment became nastier and they and debt collection companies started sending letters to my parents as well calling them. I wrote them a cheque for over £500 which was a fourth of what they were asking for at the time. The demands didn’t stop and became more and more frequent. It was deeply stressful and if I’d the whole amount I’d probably would have just paid but I didn’t; however, the demands finally abruptly stopped. But, now more than four years after I paid Npower the £500 and the demands stopped a debt collection company called Wescot that Npower used before has started asking for money again. I think this was because I just updated the electoral register to my new home. It’s a horrible and not to mention embarrassing to start life with my partner in our new home and to be threatened again by this very ruthless debt collection company. I am not sure what to do next and was wondering if someone advise me what they make of these options? Just pay the damned bill and all the nasty extra charges they added. Would this be the end of it? Would accepting it give them the right to damage my credit report? Ignore it and hope it goes away like last time. It hasn’t affected my credit rating so maybe they don’t have enough information about me? And perhaps me going on the electoral register here just tripped some automated system? Pay the bill but take the only other U.K tenant to small claims court for their share? Or even half would that be possible? Threaten to refer their behaviour to some ombudsman or consumer body? Things like calling my parents and writing to them, calling on a Sunday, using aggressive and threatening language etc. Would this scare them enough to leave me alone? Sorry for how long this post was and thank you if any advice you can give.
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