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  1. Hello all, I just wanted to gather some advice regarding this, as I am currently thinking of taking it down the route of small claims court. Around about 2 years ago (23 months to be exact) we had to have a new meter installed at our flat due to the monitor on the then existing one breaking. No worries, that is absolutely fine, crack on. Slowly but surely we started to see a dramatic increase of the price of our bills. From when we were paying on average £40/50ish (one bed flat), started to become £100, sometimes £200 plus. Obviously to any rational human being tha
  2. Can anyone give me some advice on how to deal with a new contract I've been spoofed into by Select Energy with NPower. I recently moved into a new shop premises and unfortunately before the process was entirely complete, the agent died so I had no knowledge of who the energy supplier was. I was in the process of trying to find out when I received a phone call from someone who gave me the impression that they were from NPower and that they were my energy supplier. I was relieved initially because I'd been struggling to find out who the supplier was and he told me that until
  3. Hello all In the Autumn of 2017 I moved into a new property. Both Gas and Electricity were provided by Npower on a PostPay meter. I immediately contacted them to advise them who I was and they set up new accounts for the property in my name. I then went to a comparison website and ended up switching both fuels to Iresa. Npower did not object to the Gas being switched but did initially object to the Electricity being switched. I contacted Npower who said that they no longer objected and Iresa should apply for the transfer. I subsequently received final bills fro
  4. Not necessarily looking for help, just a heads up to steer clear of nPower and the 'Too Good to be True' offers pedalled by the now infamous (Dragons Den) 'Look after my Bills!' (sic). So, along with millions of other people I signed up with LAMB (to the slaughter!!). nPower came along and offered me a deal £40 pcm cheaper than I was paying to BG. A Side-by-Side comparison of the two tariff's and standing charges did indeed seem to be cheaper. A £40 pcm saving though, too good to be true. I queried it but signed up anyway. The atrocious nPower didn't take any payments from me, despi
  5. Over the last 4years I have been receiving letters from N Power at my address, but for the previous occupants. As I used to be an Npower customer I have opened a couple of these thinking they were my bills etc. and have found that the previous owner of my house is getting gas and electricity supplied to another address,but having all correspondence sent to my address still. I have tried contacting Npower dozens of times to stop this and every time they have said it will stop,but it never has. About 18 months ago they offered me £20 credit as compensation/goodwill gesture onto my account
  6. And yes the day gets weirder - The merger has been approved. Nothing more needs to be said... - Thanks To Credit Today For This
  7. Hi, First time post here, but given the nature of what is going on I could really do with some advice. So this all relates to a refund they gave my partner and I some 2.5 to 3 years ago. At that point we were living in a one bedroom flat with a prepayment meter. Now, according to nPower, due to a mistake on their side (they said over charging) we were to be refunded £500. Upon receipt of the refund letter my partner phoned nPower customer services to ensure it was genuine and it wasn't being handed out in error. We were re-assured it was genuine and that we were definitely
  8. Hi one and all, I am hoping that somebody on the forum may be able to give us some help/advice on a problem with Npower. Our daughter has been a customer of Npower for some 18 months. She was paying for her dual fuel by direct debit each month amounts at this point we do not know. She did not receive any statements for 12 months, then she received a letter to say that her direct debit payments were not enough to cover her usage (why wait 12 months to tell a customer they are not paying enough). They wanted her to increase her monthly direct debit payments to £160 which
  9. Just a question. Can nPower hold a customer to account if they are unable to find or supply any signed contract taken at the beginning of the period. This is in relation to an account going back to 2009 where nPower now say they cannot provide me with any signed contract as they have lost / destroyed / wiped it? Wilkins Chapman involved as well
  10. I have been reading through the Npower section and see that there is interest in anyone who has been in litigation with them. I would like to share my 3 year battle with you. In Feb 2007 Npower were my provider and continued to be until Jan 2013. Silly I know but all my readings had been estimated until March 2012 when I submitted a reading. I then received a letter in December stating that the bill was £3502.22 and that my monthly DD would go from £110 per month to £318.00. I called them to query the bill that there must be a mistake with the bill or a fault with the me
  11. Ive been in a dispute with npower for a few years now ever since they stopped us paying by standing order saying it was no longer available wilko and chapman (npower soliciters) have taken me to court which ive never known about and it looks like they have put a charge on my property because attached to their letter is the deeds to my house. I owe them £4000 and the only reason its that high is because they wanted me to pay £250 a month which i simply cant afford they tried the " we are going to fit a meter through the courts" which was declined due to 3 members of family
  12. I for one have had hellish problems caused by npower entering missed payments on my credit file, on and off like a yoyo and this has caused my mortgage applications to be declined more than once. I consider this to be extremely serious. Please contact me if you would be interested in taking out a class action lawsuit against npower to seek compensation for all the problems they have caused and laws they have broken. Whilst I have already provided extensive details of my case to The Information Commissioner, The Energy Ombudsman, The Financial Ombudsman, Experian Credit Agency, they either
  13. Good Evening, I leased a business and took over on the 9th April 2018 a Sandwich Shop and the Proprietor who we took over from had her Electricity under contract with Npower. The previous owner and I took a reading on the day we moved in and they moved out. The reading was 91738 and that was given to Npower on the 9th April 2018, I then kept trying to contact them for us to get prices from them so we could compare with other Electricity companies and see who we wanted to be in contact with. Npower said that they would get back to me on the 10th April 2018 and I hear
  14. Hi, I have an ongoing complaint with NPower since Sept 2013 regarding their bills. The Ombudsman is currently involved for a second time. As they were taking a long time in dealing with my complaint, I informed them in February 2014 in writing that I would charge them for my time spent in dealing with them. My complaint remains unsettled and we have received the "deadlock" letter and so now know NPower will budge no further. Can anyone tell me if I am legally entitled to claim for the time I have spent in sending emails, letters, phone calls etc? I have recorded everything in a spreadsheet. Th
  15. G'day all! I used this forum many years ago to successfully claim credit card charges back, now I'm back because of NPower. I've had a couple of issues with them. During one phone call I agreed to pay them £2000 off a debt but not £57 in charges that shouldn't have been there. They agreed to it and took my money the next bill that came showed up inclusive of those charges. They have also sent me hand delivered letter for a court date for a warrant even though I do not have any outstanding balance with them. They eventually cancelled the court date, still haven't lis
  16. Hi Again.... I have a problem that I ought to have dealt with, but have not because I had more pressing issues: 4 sets of serious or urgent litigation that had deadlines, or financial priority: I had and still have a collapsed lung, I sadly have a deceased mother in law, a baby, who ended up in special care, while my wife almost bled to death during an emergency c section, I've bought a new house that the surveyor messed up big time on, I have had 2 new jobs, 2 surgeries and a tumor in my colon. I know they are not excuses for delay, but it has truly been a crap few years and
  17. CMA opens SSE Retail/Npower merger investigation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cma-opens-sse-retailnpower-merger-investigation
  18. I am looking for some advice dealing with the DCA chasing after an alleged debt they say I had with Npower. I paid every month by direct debit and as far as I was concerned all paid off and sent the final meter reading on the day I moved out. I called them few months later and was told what the final bills was £36 and paid off. Now a DCA sending letters, but the company name is Npower Northern which I have never known. My bills had the name Npower and not Npower Northern. Have they changed names? How can there be an outstanding amount when paid by monthly
  19. I need advice regarding Npower, i got into debt with my bills and its now £1,000.00, i called Npower and arranged to pay £125.00 per month starting from Oct and the payment was made via online, however they have now passed the issue for Past Credit debt collection who call me every day and email as well, i explained the arrangement and have been told no the bill must be paid in full. So i have refused in full payment and will still pay the £125.00 each month directly to Npower. They have listed the default on my credit file as well, is there anything i can do to stop the action they are t
  20. Apologies that this is a long post. This is my first time on any kind of forum. I have tried to summarise but my 2 1/2 year dispute with Npower over inncorrect bills been a complicated and very distressing process. I will be very grateful indeed for any advice on how to proceed legally through the Small Claims Court... We moved into a flat in Sept 2013 and when I called to give Npower the opening meter readings I asked to confirm what meter and tariff we were on. I was told it was an Economy 10 meter and noted down from the conversation that there were 3 cables which would give a
  21. Okay, heres the deal, can anyone advise , left power over a year and half , was on prepayment, no debt, on and off over the last year , Npower have sent several threatograms, saying I owed them over £2900 !!, after several calls to them , they advised problem their side, no apology, then silence, then the letters start again, i did complain via their website this time, and they sent a letter out saying to disregard the last threatogram,however in the meantime they have also passed the debt to those good old threat boys moor croft, who are constantly calling, sending threatograms, offering paym
  22. In 2011 I asked NPower to install a prepayment meter after discovering I had amounted a £800 bill. This was installed and I started paying off this debt with each weekly payment I put onto my key In 2015 NPower share this debt with Experian In August 2017 I saw this logged on my Credit report - I hadn't checked this before and hadn't realised it was logged on here, called up NPower and paid off the small debt that was still outstandingI spoke to NPower today to check if they could notify Experian that I had cleared this debt and to find out when it would be removed fro
  23. Hi All, need some help please. I will list the points below: 1, 2013 - changed supplied to Eon, never got a final bill from Npower (they say they did send it) 2, Never got any bills of any reminds or red letters from them at all. 3, then got a letter from them out of the blue in Oct 2014 saying i owe them for gas/elec and i have to pay before debt collection agencies get involved. 4, i contacted them, and told them about back billing as they were chasing me for something which was 18 months old. 5, then i get letters from DCA, 2015, was told to ignore which i did. 6, small
  24. Last year I entered into one of N'power's 'deals' to save me money. It was actually the best deal around at the time - monthly direct Debit £46.00. This was around June time - a couple of months later, they 'suggested' that I would need to increase my DD because they estimated from my usage that it would cost a lot more over the winter period. They wanted about £65 + - I said no, bearing in mind that the previous review had netted me a refund of over £100.00, I couldn't see that I would be that much behind and I would be happy to just pay any underpayment. Not happy with
  25. After moving house nearly two years ago We've had a problem with npower and their bills which is still going on and they are now threatening us with court action. In Aug 2015 the previous owner didn't cancel/close their account at the address we've moved into. We have received bills since Aug 2015 which are all addressed to this address except for four addressed to "THE OCCUPIER". We have bills addressed to here but to FOUR different account numbers and TBH we don't even know where to start! We complained to npower firstly in March 2016 about this to no avail and then again
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