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  1. HI DX I didn't report the matter to the ICO because Barclays apologised for passing the account on to the DCA and compensated for their error. I did recall the account being terminated by the CCA notice in 2008 but could not find it. The bank, therefore disagreed that the account was statute barred from 2014. I sent a DSAR for copies of termination notices etc, but the bank could not locate anything. The account was always "live" until the settled status in 2019. Settled accounts stays on ones file for a further 6 years after a settled status, the consequence is a 17 year hit of n
  2. In 2008 Barclays were challenged on unlawful charges. Shortly after Barclays terminated the overdraft and the account was closed....apparently banks were known for this behaviour at the time. Although a termination letter was served Barclays never sought payment, nor did they enforce. Barclays sent annual statements until 2019 and the overdraft was registered at the CRA as a "live" account with a status of 6 (the worst status).. The bank decided to write the balance off in 2019 and update the credit file as settled, although the negative data re
  3. Just to update. Barclays claimed they never terminated the account which therefore allowed the account to continue as "active" for 10 years on the credit file. This claim is now incorrect. Yesterday I found the termination notice dated 2008.
  4. Of course ill give the site a plug. This is not the full story. The main event will be arriving soon. Its all unravelling!!! https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/pensions/article-3799069/Travesty-vanishing-pension-Paul-s-worth-1-300-90s-year-told-s-left-owes-37-32.html
  5. Marc, What I've uncovered in the last week or so, either rivals or surpases my RBS expose. The journalist who contacted me is not aware of this yet, but his questioning when contacting me prompted me to investigate the matter of my "vanishing" pension further. Spoke with my contact at the Guardian last week who has seen the documents and wants to do the expose asap. Its all unravelling!!!!!!
  6. Thanks, my pension was a group personal pension plan - not sure if it applies. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a journalist who has asked me to appear on a two part program for C5 on pensions, fronted by Michael Beurk. I need to be sure of what I'm talking about when they film me.
  7. Is it a regulatory requirement to send a member of a group personal pension scheme an annual statement even though they have ceased paying into the scheme? Thanks
  8. I have informed both parties that the data is inaccurate - it’s all I can do at the moment. Regards
  9. They are not allowed to process inaccurate data though. I’ve submitted a complaint by email pointing this out. I'm just going to ignore.
  10. Received a request for payment of £160 from a company called ZZPS, inclusive of a £60 administration charge. The reason incorectly states - failure to pay for parking. This is reason to claim compensation for distress and embarrassment under the GDPR.
  11. Post a few statements before and after the account number and sort code were changed.
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