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  1. To simply get a judgement on the unpaid insurance and unfair charges. I will be requesting details on how a telemarketing unit can authorise a loan without my agreement.
  2. I doubt they would ever consider compensation. I've a feeling this will only get sorted in a courtroom.
  3. Yet still not willing to come to an agreement
  4. convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2021-05-09_18-52-38.pdf
  5. They didn't even include any details of recent calls made. It was the way they dealt with investigation. Didn't look at charges on the account because it was over six years ago and simply assumed that the claim for insurance payments would not have been successful. Unbelievable. I don't know anyone else who has had a loan amount paid into their account by telemarketing unit.
  6. They never included statements. Just a list of each loan. Date taken out and amount.
  7. Have had the SAR returned to me. Strange that they have not included any signed copies of loans. Especially the one i am disputing. Have sent lists of what I am assuming are details of previous loans but they have blocked out the financial details. They list the final loan as being administered by telemarketing unit and list it as a home improvement loan. The full and final investigation into this matter as they stated in the letter consists of 2 small paragraphs. They are saying I should have brought the complaint to them much sooner
  8. Hi guys, I did include birth certificate in last letter. Also copy correspondence I have had with debt management team and their solicitors to prove my identity and remove any questions they may have about sending information to me.
  9. They signed for the updated SAR on 07.04.21. So they have 20 days left.
  10. Thanks dx. Will update as son as i get a reply
  11. Apologies for the delay but everywhere is in lockdown and it is taking forever to obtain information. Had to go to land registry for copy of deed and they had issues with their payment system. Hope this is the part you needed. I have erased personal info and solicitor details just in case. I sent SAR request but stupidly did not do so by recorded mail as i thought no one would sign for it being covid 19. Got no reply. Sent copy to their solicitor and they acknowledged the email but said that their client had not requested any info from them. Sent one by recorded mail and got a reply today saying they have received it but can not continue unless i send them a scan confirming my identity. driving licence Passport EU national ID card UK armed forces card Police warrant card I do not have any of them. All the while I have made 19 phone calls to the number they have provided. 6 unanswered and the ones they answer I am told that the person on the other end is just a receptionist who directs the calls. every single time I request to be put through to the case manager dealing with me she is not in office. they send an email to her to confirm my call and a copy email to her manager. Not had a return call to date. Did get a letter to say she is having "telephone difficulties" but no explanation. Still awaiting my return call. What do i do if i dont have the ID they request?? Many thanks and again sorry for the delays but im not getting much help from the bank. Land REg.pdf
  12. ok thanks for the help. Will update as soon as i can
  13. I mean calling round to house "cant pay we'll take it away" sort of thing
  14. Just a thought. Could they suddenly decide to go through high court officers to secure the debt or would that take time and would i be informed????
  15. Oh ok. I have emailed them beforehand to get contact info but that's it. I will check deeds and send off SAR tomorrow. Will update with deed info as soon as possible and then when SAR comes through. Thanks for the help.
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