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  1. Hi. I am looking for some advice on how to handle a small claims procedure? The story is that we booked a wedding with the vu in bathgate on the 7/2/2017. The wedding was to be held on the 30/11/2017, and when we signed the agreement we didnt read or were told about the cancellation fees. We paid £500 up front the total cost was £5000. We are going to court as we had to cancel the wedding on the 27/04/2017, because our house was robbed and the money we had saved for further payments was stolen. The Vu are claiming 100% of the total cost according to their contract. But I f
  2. We've had a new heating cylinder & boiler installed. The cylinder was ordered by the plumbing company from the manufacturer and delivered to us. When the plumber installed it and turned it on, the outer casing seam split. No damage was caused to anything else, but the cylinder was unsafe to leave in use. The plumber phoned the manufacturer and arranged for them to bring and install a new one. He then made a temporary connection which gave us heating in the mean time, though not hot water. This took some time, of course, and was thoughtful of him. After th
  3. As I work closely with Apple, I often come across interesting tidbits... Once o which saved me a LOAD of money... For a semi iPhone contract you'll be looking easily at between £40-£70 a month depending on your needs of voice and data etc... on top of that, your phone is only covered for 6 months by Apple and should be covered by your provider for up to a year. After that, if it dies, you're on. your own. Apple have something called the iPhone Upgrade program. That link will take you directly to it. here's now the money saving works broken down: - £33.45 is what the i
  4. Hi, I entered into a contract with EE about 3 years ago and since altered the deal as time passed. The last addition was due to a sales advisor who phoned and offered a deal on a iPad Pro being added to my account at a price I could afford. As it was added 10 days before my next bill, I was not expecting any extra to pay until the following bill and then I was only expecting the new total and the little extra for the previous 6 weeks. My bill should have been around £80 not the £297 they were asking for. I phoned EE customer service and ask what was going on. At fir
  5. So... We have recently had a case come up where a DCA was stating that a Mobile Phone Contract was part of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974. This raised a few questions so we'd like to clarify this stance. Currently - No Mobile Contract is subject to a Consumer Credit Agreement however they are exceptions to this rule and it is not always clear. When taking out a contract it can be done in one of 2 ways and this is becoming a focus of some companies. This provides a lot of flexibility allowing customers to upgrade early and their tariff automatically reduces afte
  6. Hi guys. Here is an interesting one for you that I would appreciate any help in clarifying. In short, I purchased a buy-it-now item on Ebay. The seller is a business. Before I paid the seller contacted me to increase the cost of the postage (I do not live in Highlands or anywhere like that). I did not agree with this and when he followed up with a rude message, I chose to not proceed. So, I messaged the seller and politely told them I would not proceed and requested they simply cancel the sale. They refused. They then re-listed the item immediately AND subsequently opened a non-payi
  7. Hey folks, I'm sure I've asked this before but cant seem to find the thread....my main employment when I do overtime I get extra holiday pay, at my part time job I get the standard number of days only, so for instance someone working 39 hours a week will get the same holiday as someone working 59 hours a week (and many do) should extra holiday pay accrue? Also, if your under 18 can you work past 10pm? thanks in advance!
  8. Under the current system, consumers who want to switch but keep the same number have to notify their existing provider and request a Pac code, which they take to the provider they plan to join. Ofcom's preferred option is for responsibility for the switch being placed entirely in the hands of the new provider, which would mean an end to the process of contacting the existing provider in order to end the current contract. Ofcom would like to see mobile companies handling the switching process on behalf of the customer, which means you wouldn’t have to ask for a PAC code at all
  9. Hi I have been with my employer for 15 months and have never received any contract or even a statement of employment no manual handling of health and safety training.... If I wanted to leave would I be able to do so without giving any notice as I don't think they deserve any as they treat staff appallingly also would I have any come back if they tried to get rid of me if I complain about the above issues. Kind regards Morph63
  10. Employer has set a date for signing new contracts. Should an employee wish to work under protest, what is the process... If the employee clocks in on the day, would that be seen as agreeing to the new contract? Does the written statement need to be given before the day of signing, at the time of signing or if not signing given before clocking in the following day? If the employee feels no consulatation has happened, time to seek advice or does not fully understand all the implications of the new contract. Is giving a working under protest notice appropriate? Will likely hav
  11. I've had ongoing issues with PAYG (pay as you go) dongles. I have discovered how much more PAYG customers pay - eg a contract customer I know with the same company pays the same monthly amount and gets 5x more data! But then is charged £25 for exceeding it, without warning. I passionately believe that the prices should be the same - why are those who can't or won't go onto intrusive contracts less valuable? What kind of a value system is this?! It means that those who can't afford contracts are, like prepay electric meters, paying the most, and often not getting a very good sig
  12. Ministry of Justice amendments to Contracts for Court Fine enforcement. In 2006 the Ministry of Justice awarded contracts to private sector bailiff companies to enforce magistrate court fines. Over time, new contracts have been awarded and the current position is that only four companies are contracted to enforce unpaid criminal court fines with Marston Group and Collectica Ltd enforcing in the UK and Excel Ltd and Swift Credit Services covering Wales. In April 2014 the Ministry of Justice Procurement Directorate (as representative of the Secretary of State) made important amendm
  13. About 7 years ago I started work with my employer (a college) on a part time (0.5) but permanent contract. Very soon additional work became available on the same course I was teaching on, which I was offered on an hourly paid basis. This had a separate contract but I still had one pay code and one pay slip. Since then this mix has continued and I have argued on many occasions that the hourly paid work be turned into an increase in my part time position but to no avail. Recently the matter has come to a head as the employer wishes to appoint another 0.5 to teach on the course, which will probab
  14. Hello. Looking for some advice on unfair B2B contracts. I know this is a consumer site, but hopefully looking for some discussion / collaboration as I know I'm not the only one in this situation. I invited a salesman from a well known HR company to come and discuss being our HR department. I did this after attending one of their seminars, which they told me as an employer, I could face all sorts and levels of costs if there was an employee giving problems. I discussed the contract with the salesman on my premises, in front of a witness and he told me that if I changed my mi
  15. Can anyone tell me what evidence to gather for this? This is not for me but for a member of my family. Having worked for four years the union is happy to take it forward but we would like to put as much information together as possible and I would like to be as helpful as I can.
  16. I am hoping I can pick some peoples brains here about contracts and employment law etc.I have worked for a company for 4years now and have a contract that I signed when I started I work 12 hour shifts on a pattern of 2 days and then 2 nights followed by 4 days off. This is one block of 7, then after block 7, I have 18days off. This is also a job that is at sea, but within coastal waters no more than 12miles offshore.New staff have been taken on over the last 2 years on a new type of contract deeming the same job to be a Multi Skilled role, meaning they company will train these people for
  17. Does anyone happen to know whether the vendor can introduce restrictive covenants after a house has been purchased at auction and contracts exchanged without negotiation with the purchaser? thanks
  18. Miss-selling contracts!!!! I was put through to the retentions team at end of August to upgrade my phones. They offered me two IPhone 5S's on an unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 4gb data for £24.50. Soon afterward I looked at my online account and it said £31.50, I called their customer service immediately. I was told that it was discounted and that I must ignore the £31.50 it will right itself when the bill is prepared. Lo and behold the bill has come and money has been taken out of my account for £31.50 each. I have spent a long time on numerous c
  19. I'm trying to get a bit of clarification with regards to mobile phone companies and defaults. I have two defaults on my credit file with equifax for 02 and Three I asked for copies of the default notices and got the response that they don't have to supply them as they are not covered by the CCA. If they aren't covered by the CCA, how can they enforce a default for 6 years on my credit files (which is regulated by the CCA) and not have to remove it when they full balance has been paid? Thanks
  20. I have run into an issue with our old friends at Unicom. This all started a couple of weeks ago when Unicom sales (who I have two phone line with) contacted me to offer a deal on Broadband which on the face of it sounded OK apart from when they got into their script they mentioned that it was a 36 month contract; I immediately stopped them there and said "I don't do 3 year contracts" the girl was a bit flustered and said "they only offer 3 year contracts" so I said "Forget it then" she convinced me to hold on and she went to talk to a manager. On her return she we can tie it into your curren
  21. Hi all, sorry if this all seems naive but I really don't have much knowledge about the ins and outs of debts/debt collect etc. In 2005 my brother persuaded my 70 year old mum to sign for a mobile phone contract as he has a very poor credit history and assured her he would be making all the payments. It has come to light in the last few days that my brother has been borrowing money from my mum - who is on a low income-pension and I have taken charge of the situation to prevent him taking any more money from her. Having gone through her bank statements with her I notic
  22. Hi folks I could do with some stone clad advice. I am currently a care worker on a zero hour contract. My average weekly wage is around £415 (taken over 12 weeks). I have just received 5 days holiday equivalent to £350. My feeling is that this is wrong and I should have a weeks wage for claiming 5 days holiday pay. It is only a small firm and the company accountant takes our our average wage for the week and divides by 7 to get a daily rate and then pays this accordingly to how many days you are claiming for. My annual wage is usually around £21500 so as a guide 12.07% is £2595 holid
  23. Just posting this out of interest, as nothing has actually happened, but I was speaking to my daughter recently regarding her campus accomodation agreement. According to the agreement, the uni can fine students for inappropriate behaviour (one case in question is wedging a fire door open during hot weather). Question is basically, can a university levy fines against students for not following procedures, and more to the point, can they refuse to hand out degrees and results if the 'fines' are not paid ?
  24. Hi, I have just recently (about 1 month ago) got and accepted a new permanent role with a fairly large company. I am due to start work with this company on the 17th June- however yesterday I was advised by them the office was potentially going to move down south (about 250 miles away) within the next 6 months. I wasn't made aware of this until yesterday and they are saying they have only just found out themselves. They have give me the option of relocating (which im not going to do) retracing the offer acceptance or working with the company until they move and then be left with no job. I
  25. Hullo all I was a member of an organisation called myphoneclub which provided connections via Orange(EE) on a 30 day contract basis. I ported my two numbers in from Carphone Warehouse over a year ago. On 7th February I received an email from myphoneclub to say they had ceased trading and called them. They advised that someone from orange would be in contact to sort out the phones. On or around 20th February I was contacted by Avenir Telecom a reseller of EE(Orange) who offered to put me on expensive 2 year 4G EE contracts. I refused. No other service from EE was offered to m
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