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  1. I'll still be wearing a mask when in shops ect, I wear one at work whenever I enter a commercial premises, I now regret for the 1st time last Wednesday not wearing one as I exited a Football Stadium, still don't know why I didn't.
  2. My wife's PCR returned a Positive result, she's still in denial saying she thinks it's only the flu, you just can't tell some people.
  3. I'll be doing the same regarding the daily LFT, I had to send proof of the positive PCR to my manager. Hopefully by the weekend I'll have two negative LFT's and get back to work on Monday. I've a feeling I caught it from my wife as most people at her work are off with Covid and she had been unwell the week before. She did a LFT last night and there was a faint line on the T. She got a PCR last night at a walk through and one of my mates at work will pick the samples up and take them to a Lab at a Hospital in Glasgow. Should get her result today.
  4. Mines came back the same, hope your keeping well, I'm still a bit chocked up but the lower back pain has eased.
  5. I've just tested positive this morning, 1st time, had both jabs and booster. Felt a bit unwell on Saturday with flu like symptoms and lower back pain, I've worked all the way through the Pandemic even delivering and collecting Covid samples and taking them to the labs in Glasgow. I still wear a mask when I'm out on my run as I have to go into Banks, Building Societies, HMRC offices and DWP. I'm just back from getting a PCR test as I need one for my work, should get the result tomorrow.
  6. Royal Mail Relay have been told all covid runs will finish at the end of March.
  7. Going for my Flu Jab on Monday the 6th, never had one before, they say I "may" be offered a Booster at the same time. I hope I get the Booster as never been too fussed about the Flu Jab. Been informed at work we have had our NHS Covid runs extended until at lease July 2022, which is great for the guys who are on 3 month rolling contracts.
  8. I was speaking to my brother who lives in Johannesburg yesterday, he was saying their 3rd wave is really bad, hospitals packed most shops closed again, no alcohol sales or tobacco sales allowed, also a 9pm curfew.
  9. I had received a letter for my first vaccine a few months ago but there had been a problem with the postage and it was too short notice for me to get time off from work. I telephoned NHS and they said I would get another letter with a new time and date as it was not possible to do it online. Think I waited about 6 weeks with no letter so phoned them again, they said there was a problem and would phone me back which they did a few hours later and gave me a new appointment at the drive through, it was only 10 minutes from my house, they did not tell me it was the Pfiser until after they gave me it.
  10. I felt absolutely nothing, didn't watch when I was given it and felt nothing since. Just waiting on my letter for the second.
  11. I had my 1st jab in a drive thru, seems they gave a few people a double dose by mistake !!!
  12. Just had a look on their website and it says a new appointment letter will be sent week beginning the 22nd March to everyone that had been given an appointment for the 15th, looks like someone mucked up somewhere.
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