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  1. Looks like the DWP Jobcentre Plus offices in Scotland are trying to re-open to the public on Monday the 27th July. Royal Mail Relay have been delivering a lot of screens, ppe and hand sanitiser ect. Banks have informed us they hope to be back to regular opening hours by September. Cinemas also seem to be gearing up to open shortly in Scotland. Yesterday they announced you could buy tickets for the Edinburgh Hogmanay street party ect !!! This morning they announced it had been cancelled and you could get a refund. ( bunch of clowns) !!!
  2. Shops at the retail park beside me were mobbed today, last week the motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh was as busy as it ever has been.
  3. I have a loan with Commsave dx, the deductions come straight from my wages. When you join you tell them how much you want to save either weekly or monthly and you authorise them take deductions from your wages towards your savings account with them, same thing apply's when you have a loan with them.
  4. The number of people speeding on the roads is shocking. Last night I was returning on the M8 from Glasgow to Edinburgh doing about 65mph and a guy in a black BMW flew past me and he must have been doing 110 plus, total madness. When I came round a bend, I could see in the distance the Traffic Police chasing and pulling this guy over, couldn't get the smile of my face when I passed them stopped on the hard shoulder.
  5. Nicola's announcing relaxing the Lockdown today, that angered a lot of people yesterday who are sticking to the rules. Police were on the beach warning people but no fines were issued, there's not a lot they can do with that many people just doing what they want. A few of the KFC's and Burger Kings were closed by Police last week as the queue's were causing chaos in surrounding roads.
  6. Portobello Beach in Edinburgh yesterday and we are still in Lockdown !!!
  7. I couldn't get into the DWP in Cumbernauld to do a collection because of the cars in the KFC queue yesterday.
  8. My 'route' at work is in Glasgow, the streets are busier than before the 'lockdown', total insanity. I was at Glasgow Airport Saturday and Sunday nights dropping off and collecting Test Kits and the guy said they had not been that busy !! Yet the week before it was mayhem with queue's for miles.
  9. We were told yesterday at work we had delivered and collected round 30,000 tests last week but they say it will shortly be 100,000 per day. I find that hard to believe.
  10. As of 9am on 9 April, 298,169 tests have concluded across the UK, with 16,095 tests carried out on 8 April. Some individuals are tested more than once for clinical reasons. 243,421 people have been tested, of whom 65,077 tested positive. The tests concluded figure excludes data from Northern Ireland. As of 5pm on 8 April, of those hospitalised in the UK who tested positive for coronavirus, 7,978 have died. Tests People tested Positive Deaths Daily 16,095 10,713 4,344 881 Total 298,169 243,421 65,077 7,978
  11. It looks like Royal Mail along with Amazon Logistics will deliver Kits to the homes of NHS staff who will post their samples into one of 13,000 priority postboxes. Royal Mail will deliver returned samples to the testing labs using Tracked 24. The first samples to be processed in the labs will be from frontline health workers. As the labs capacity increases, other frontline workers will be tested. Royal Mail Relay will be initially collecting from 12 Testing Stations involving, Epsom, Thurrock, Bristol, Nottingham, Wednesbury, Manchester, Gateshead, Edinburgh and Belfast, although this is expected to increase very quickly to well over 40 locations involving all Royal Mail depots. The delivery locations will involve Milton Keynes, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast.
  12. BazzaS, Sorry I didn't ask for the exact specifications or functions of the Test Kits, all I know is they are for NHS front line key workers. Royal Mail Relay drivers are volunteering to deliver and collect these test kits 24/7. They are also out every day providing secure distribution of urgent documents and internal mail to Financial institutions, Banks, Building Societies, Insurance companies, HMRC and the DWP. They also supply parts for every British Gas engineer in the UK. When I find out exactly what type of test Kits they are I'll let you know.
  13. Royal Mail Relay will be delivering Test Kits throughout the uk and collecting Kits and dropping them off at Testing centres. 24 hours per day 7 days per week.
  14. My son and his colleague's who work for Police Scotland had to attend and disperse 20 odd folk having a house party in edinburgh. Most of them drugged up, total moron's.
  15. The depot we share with Parcelforce was packed with boxes of masks ect ready to be delivered.
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