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  1. At my work we share a depot with Parcelforce and even at Christmas when the place was packed out with Parcels there was nothing that looked anything like the carnage in those photos. I'm in the depot for about an hour before I start out on my run and I can honestly say that any breakages ect are accidental, I know Parcelforce get a bad name but in the 9 years I've been there I've never seen anything that would make me worry about using them. I know a good few drivers with Parcelforce and they also have to do between 80 and 100 drops per day, It's the self-employed drivers that struggle to make a decent living working for them.
  2. Moray Council do say on their website they will not deal with you once the debt has been passed to Scott & Co. Some years ago I was due Edinburgh Council over £6,000 for Council Tax arrears and was almost sequestrated. It was Scott & Co I had to deal with, I came to a repayment arrangement with them and eventually paid off the debt. For £400 I cant see them being too difficult in coming to an arrangement, just remember only offer them what you are sure you can afford and try not to miss any payments. Scott & Co . Telephone: 0131 477 8912 Email: aberdeen@scottandco.uk.com
  3. Hi, When was the last time you received a statement as I'm sure Natwest stopped sending out paper statements for Current Accounts some time ago. You could always send them a DSAR.
  4. I would think if you can go to college you shouldn't have too many problems attending an interview at McDonalds, when you applied I take it you were going to go to the interviews but changed your mind a short time before.
  5. Is there a reason for not wanting to work at KFC.
  6. Hello and Welcome samthefootball, What sort of work have you done before ?
  7. Its good to hear you are getting there, cheered me up, stick with it.
  8. Jaws 75, If you can, try to pay a bit more than the minimum, think you could be in the same boat as I am with them at the moment. Half the minimum payment seems to go on interest, I'm trying to pay a bit extra, even if it's a small amount as it will make a difference in the long run.
  9. I don't know anybody that's stocking up
  10. Hello and Welcome Targu.
  11. I've also used Sandtex for years King, never had any complaints, over the years I've found myself using a lot of Johnston's paints and would recommend them to anyone. Used a lot of Farrow & Ball too, not on my own house, far too expensive for me good stuff though. Never used it on any exterior work.
  12. It also affects others like Royal Mail who collect their Internal mail ect.
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