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  1. Their COP also says further on... "we believe that it is reasonable to seek to recover some of these costs by making a modest charge to the motorist of no more than £20" PAH! "What they believe" carries no weight in law... It's just their own idiotic, self serving, made up rules!
  2. Worry, Just a thought... You are saying that you're no good at writing letters. This doesn't need to be a shakespearian work of art. it just needs to be honest... Reading through your very own first few posts throws up the following: i have misused my partner's freedom pass and got caught. i am worrying and panicking. Due to the rising costs, i thought i want to save money. they asked me if my partner knows that i used the pass and i said i don't know. Will my partner be implicated? I really don't want to and have to live with knowing that the pass is confiscated and will not get it back?? as i said i have no excuse other than to save some money I must admit i use the pass non peak and use it for 2 or 3 days a week. I have no excuses and am bad in writing letters. My mind is totally blank and can't sleep. I have been using it - freedom pass for a long time, this is why i am worried, my memory fails me! With a little thought and editing, these snippets would make a good starting point for your own unique letter. As Honeybee says, uniqueness works in your favour and your own words are unique.
  3. If her name appears on Google, she must apply to Google to have it removed. Nobody else can do it, only her. Known as the right to be forgotten. BTW, it's unlikely she'll get them to do it.
  4. Yep, true to form, they are happy to just save a couple of quid... They invariably lose in court, so to them, that's a win.
  5. Your concern regarding the 14 days delivery is a common one. Not been on the forum that long, but I don't think the following thought has ever been challenged. My view is that they should have proof of when it was posted, not when they "issued", or printed it. Of course, they would never show any proof of postage, unless it went to court. Private parking companies are simply after money, and will just keep sending ever more threatening letters to intimidate you into paying up. It's not been mentioned yet, but DO NOT APPEAL! You could inadvertently give up useful legal protection and they will refuse any appeal, because they're just after the cash...
  6. I don't think it's quite as bad as that Dave. I seem to remember the brother has no driving licence? So any snotty letter would be a real doozy! And if they pursue it further after that, they would look extremely foolish... As long as the brother definitely didn't appeal as the driver, of course.
  7. You're a quick learner Maff. If you're so inclined, you should read around the forum to educate yourself on what to expect next and the type of "companies" PPC's are. Unfortunately, naive victims often treat them as reasonable, bona fide businesses, when they in fact need aggressive responses (at the appropriate time).
  8. So their ticket wasn't on the windscreen when you got back? Naughty Excel. However, by giving evidence that they left one, they've shot themselves in the foot as Dave says due to timings of postal notices. By the way guys, I'm nowhere near a PC to redact easily and the last upload has reg number showing.
  9. Yes, but the important thing is what does their photographic evidence say? The pic taker may well not have hung around for longer than a few minutes...
  10. Maffster, As lolerz has alluded to already... DON'T APPEAL! Also can you go onto the "myparkingcharge" website and download/screenshot all the images they have. Something they haven't mentioned is a period of parking (which is required) and it'll be interesting to see the timestamps on the pics. Depending on the conditions at the car park you're entitled to at least 5 minutes "consideration" (reading their stupid signs) before you actually park.
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