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  1. Thanks for that DX. I told them that I was sure that was the case but they wanted to make sure. There weren't a lot of assets anyway has they had run the business right down with a view to retirement. This bill really irked them due to what they had paid out, and compared to what they had previously paid. They feel they've given them enough of their money. I'll show them your post, and again, many thanks :)
  2. I forgot to say that the company was a limited one with two directors.
  3. A friend recently closed down the business they had run for the last few years. Their gas supplier went into administration and the regulator appointed another supplier in November 2021. Their gas bills for the period, November 2020 to February 2021, were just over £200. Their gas bills for the same period, November 2021 to February 2022, were just under £800. An increase of around 370%. They have paid around £570, which is what they were invoiced for, in March 2022. The new company are now coming back for more, around £220-00, that they say is outstanding. Before they made this demand my friend had already contacted Companies House to get the business struck off as they are no longer trading in that business and have also moved to a different part of the country. The business closure has already been placed in The Gazette. Their bank had also been contacted and their business accounts are now closed. My friend is about to start a part time business, more as a hobby really, for something to do in their retirement, and beer money They are worried that if they don't pay this bill it may follow them into their semi retirement. The last thing they want are bailiff's showing up. So, can this business debt follow them? Every other invoice that was presented while the other business was running down has been paid in full and nothing else, apart from this gas bill, is outstanding... Any help would be very gratefully appreciated Buncrana. Ps, the new company are only contacting by email as they don't have their new address but, I assume, it wouldn't be too difficult to find.
  4. Hi BF, I've been texting a previous tenant but he doesn't have his dilapidations report any more. He is the only tenant I've been able to get in touch with. I was also very surprised. You'd have thought that something that important would be kept on file, but they are adamant that they don't have one. We have a meeting with them next week. I think I'll wait to see what they say re our dilaps and if it's not pleasant, hit them with what I've found
  5. Hi folks, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this. If it isn't can it be moved to where it should be We are currently in the process of handing the pub we have rented from a major, national pubco for the past few years, back to them. We are going through the process of Dilapidations, which is where they tell us what repairs are needed and, if we don't carry them out, how much it will cost us for them to (allegedly) put right. I should say that we have spent around £100k on these premises. Far more than the Pubco have. Now Pub's are notorious for charging tenants extortionate amounts of money on leaving their tenancy but rarely carry out the work that they charge the tenants for. Quite often the next tenant, unbeknown to them, will pick up the bill for the previous tenants dilapidations as they have no way, due to Data Protection, what the previous tenant was charged for. I repeatedly asked for a Schedule of Conditions of the premises only to be told there wasn't one available. I managed to get a hold of one, not surreptitiously I should add, and lo and behold there are a lot of things (probably around £10k of works) mentioned our our Dilaps report that are also showing on the Schedule of conditions from just a few weeks before we took over, meaning that they were aware of these faults but are charging us for them. The suspicion is that previous tenants were billed but no work was carried out by the Pubco. We are also on a ''Put and Keep''contract which means that we have to put right any work/faults that need to be carried out. My argument is that if they knew of these works, and that they charged the previous tenant for them, then that would be fraud on their part. Do you think a SAR would help in these circumstances? You should be aware that the major Pub's whole business model is to bleed tenants dry when they are leaving. Here's hoping, Buncrana.
  6. Hi folks, Happy New Year to you all My friend now has all the information that he needs and is slowly going through it with his daughters help. Unfortunately I am unable to do so as we are moving to another part of the country. Hopefully he'll get the answers he needs. I have one question regarding the SAR though. With the template wording, can that be used on any company? I'd like to send one to the pub company that we rent our pub from as I think they are trying to con us with our Dilapidations report.
  7. Absolutely agree DX. He was in a bad place at the time. His life was falling apart. To compound it even more he’s about to complete the house sale. He’s trying to prove that he never owed them money, he thinks they owe him. Hopefully the SARS will help him.. And I appreciate your frankness:)
  8. He was aware that it could happen but wasn’t aware of when. No, he wasn’t at home when they entered.
  9. Hi DX, He wants to know what was said between the two companies. F2F were the ones that broke into his house, using a warrant from the court I should add, but he wants to know what SP said to them in the process of executing the warrant. He is adamant that his account was in credit before they broke in and installed the payg meter. As far as he is aware there are no final meter readings from the one that was taken out. Once the wife and kids left he lived like a hermit. No heating, very little lighting etc. SP were still charging him by DD the same amount as if the whole family were still there. Hence the reason he thinks he was in a lot of credit with them.
  10. Hi folks, My friend had this reply back from Face2Face. He sent the SAR to them as well as SP as he wanted to know what correspondence etc passed between them both. Is this reply acceptable or can he insist on the SAR being enforced?? F2F reply1.pdf
  11. Good morning everyone, It’s been a while A friend had previously had issues with SP and F2F. SP used F2F to access his property and change the meter to a PAYG card, loaded in their favour. He’s asked me to send both a SAR to find out what was said between both companies. At the time this was all going on he was in a very bad place due to a very acrimonious marital split and no work for a long time so he let things slide when normally he wouldn’t have. Add into the equation that SP didn’t read his meter for about three years, he sent pictures of the meter to SP, but they said the figures were wrong, not sure why as meter number was supplied as well as the reading. How does the wording sound for this to both companies. Data Controller: Please can you supply all correspondence regarding <address, account number and Mr Jimmy McGlumpher> Whether it be by post or electronic means between the dates of…… Please enclosed the appropriate fee by postal order. Regards, Jimmy… Does this sound ok or does it need anything else in there?
  12. It's been a while but I thought I'd better update the thread. A couple more emails threatening court action, DCA's threatening court action, usual stuff. So I thought I'd give them one final call before I sat back and awaited the aforementioned court action. The person on the other end of the phone could not have been more helpful. Completely understood the issue and went straight into the ''let's sort this out once and for all mode''... We ended up paying just over a quarter of what the original demands were. It was a sum that I thought was entirely reasonable, and justified. So, it was paid there and then. It hasn't been fun running a pub lately, especially with all the parasites and vultures we're having to deal with just now, including a Pubco who want full rent for the first lockdown but only 10 percent for this one. Work that one out... So well done PRS for finally seeing the light
  13. Two emails and a phone call from the DCA in one day. They can't have too much on :) Phone number now blocked...
  14. Hi Dx, That's what I'm thinking. I've told DCA's where to go in the past. PRS set one win us last year. They called up but once I told them the account was in dispute I never heard from them again. I suppose it's a waiting game now. We're shut down for at least a month so I have the time on my hands..
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