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  1. Hi Dx, I only spoke to them as I didn't know who they were and what they wanted. It was a only when they mentioned PRS that I told them to remove my details as, unless they had a court order, I would not be dealing with them. I've spoken to PRS and they can get this money under the Copyright, Design and Patents Act of 1988 apparently. We had a long discussion and the bill has come down by a third but I'm still not 100% sure they can demand this. I'll do a bit more digging when I can.
  2. Here we go again... Last had contact with PRS/PPL when they promised to send a rep out to our pub to see what we do and to discuss our bill on 27th March this year. (See above post.) No one has been in contact and, tbh, I haven't chased them up on it. Roll on to today when I had a call from Credit Security asking how I was going to pay them almost £800 for the outstanding balance to PRS. I asked if they had a court order etc, knowing full well what the answer would be. So I'm now going to try and contact PRS, again, to see where we st
  3. After 7 emails and countless phone calls, I actually managed to talk to someone today. Apparently there is legislation that they use to charge premises, but he was unsure exactly what. They don't give refunds, as they are a non profit organisation. (I was astounded at that). The bill has come down, but not by much. And a rep is coming to see me to discuss our options. Oh and the dogs have been called off for two weeks. I'm still none the wiser if ,legally, we have to pay it. I'd be very curious to know if they can enforce.
  4. Thanks DX, you've been a big help in the past If PRS are refusing to answer phone calls or emails, where does that leave me? And can they legally demand this money, or any money from our business?
  5. Hi Folks, I wonder if you can give me some advice re the above. My partner and I run a small pub, just over 80 square metres. We have live music once a week. In December, the PRS/PPL sent through, what I thought, was a rather high demand of just under £1000 for us to have live music. I queried this cost by email. I got the auto response of a reply within 48 hours. That never happened. I have emailed them about ten times now. I have phoned them but no one answers. I just want someone within the organisation to j
  6. Took their word for it tbh DX, no idea how to check their figures.
  7. Just paid out. It was for an old credit card, though I'm not sure which one as I think A&L bought it over then Santander bought it. I applied a couple of years ago but they said they couldn't do anything as there were too many companies involved. Roll on last week when I received a letter telling me that they'd make an offer, which was duly accepted. Moral of the story is, and I've had it told to me by companies, there is no 6 year time limit. Get claiming folks :whoo:
  8. I actually typed in his name to see if he was still around. He was a great help to my partner when she was getting a lot of crap from SSE and their dogs. If anyone knows which forum he's on, I'd be grateful if you could let me know. It would be nice to say hello to him again
  9. Hi Guys, Well her bank got back to her today. Unfortunately the last payment to CCCS left her account at the start of September 2010. So, is the next step the CCA route?? Going through previous posts and responses, it seems that it is. Buncrana.
  10. Hi DX, She has asked her bank to look into the date of the last payment. I'm not sure how long it will take them to find it, hopefully they'll be quick. It was done by secure messaging this evening. I've already printed off the CCA template just in case. Once they let her know, I'll see what happens from there. Thanks for your help so far Buncrana
  11. She just called Sainsbury's but when she inputs the card number, it goes straight to Lloyds for some reason
  12. Thanks DX, I'll get the letter from her and send off the CCA
  13. Seems to be Renegade. Hopefully she'll let me know today if she has contacted her bank to see when last payment left her account. One concern though is that this was sent to a previous address. If she didn't contact Cabot/Mortimer Clarke, of what benefit would it be to them if they went for a CCJ without her knowledge? She's reluctant to contact them.... Also, if she does contact Sainsbury, would that reset the clock??
  14. Hi Renegade, Default date was was Jan 2009. Default balance was just over £2k, current balance is just over £1700 which makes me think there were payments after default date. Card was taken out in July 2004 if that helps. Until she can find out last payment date I won't know for definite if it's statute barred. Once I find out I'll post details
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