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  1. I work as mobile supervisor and been with the company for just over 3 months, it is a 0 hour contract, but we were assured 52 hours a week minimum, which on average is what I have been doing. I had a weeks holiday and noticed that I had no shifts upon return, so contacted the office to be told nothing available, so I asked why as they had taken on 3 other people since me and they all had shifts, but just told to attend a meeting. Attended meeting, and was told being took over mobile and placed a site due to 2 errors that they can not prove were mine and that I have made clear are not my errors! and that I've always asked if any issues on my shifts and always had no issues all was good, but with the other guards taken on, one is always calling in sick, one is always making mistakes with his duties. I explained that with the errors they claim I have done, would be impossible as the site needs to be done a certain way or you can't leave it, and the other one, I was not trained on myself and had to train one of the new staff on, and explained to them, that I was unsure of the site but would do my best, and they have thrown these both at me and will not leat me have a say. I do suffer from depression and aniexty and the job was my relief my therapy and helping me think clearly and more on track, and when I explained this to them, they then said I was a risk and thats it no more mobile work and being placed on a site, I know they do not have any site work available as I've seen guards begging for work after being taken on, my only issue is now I will have to claim unverisal credit as will have no wages for a week, Im now having to see a counsellor over my mental health. I have put in a grievance, and will await a response but I feel that they just forgot to put me on the rota and realised there mistake when I contacted them for duties and that they had too many staff, and are now pushing me out, knowing that I can not quite due to sanctions and my mental health. My partner works but only part-time so my wage is important to us.
  2. deffo taking advantage of me, but i'm looking for other work need something with set hours, was offered it at another side and said yes, but my manager at contract job said no as i need them here for cover, but i was eager for the other one, and i tried to make it clear would be better for me, my area manager then said that i had sent a message to my contracted manager to say i didn't want it but i proof of other stating i do. I'm upset as I feel as i was taken advantage of due to the situation at the time of taking employment. thanks for the advice guys, hopefully new job soon.
  3. i started over a year ago with the company and i was told not entitled to holiday pay as casual and 0 hours, so got not holiday pay at all, recently had someone i know who use to work at a union and they asked about my job and i told them everything and they said no you're entitled to holiday pay they showed me how to work it out and turns out I'm owed £300, told my manager who informed wages, had half my payment. rest next week. But I'm wondering if i can get last years holiday pay owed to me as it works out at £100 owed? also When I started a few days later i received a message of someone who I had not heard of in a long time, asking if I had started working for them, I asked how they know, and they said they had a call from someone at the company asking about me! but yet no one knew i was working for this company that knew this person, (this person use to work for the company many years ago) I've mentioned it to my manager who told me to ignore it, I kind of have but it really plays on my mind wondering what else is said to this person as we do not communicate, or to anyone else. Since I raised my holiday entitlement Ive since been told that my Sunday shifts are voluntary and that should not be taken into account, (I mainly work Sundays as no other shifts during week, so no wages if I don't), Ive been told my hair needs to be different in how I put it up (never had issues before) been made to feel guilty if don't take overtime, not had an expenses traveling to other shops like i was told at start i would but then they took it away as they found out I drive, I've had £271 in expenses for parking alone and bus tickets, this would never have occurred as my contracted place is just around the corner.
  4. I work casual hours, and my partner claims income support to top up the wages, some weeks I don't work. Over the last 12 weeks I've worked out that my average wage is £40.15, I did this by adding all my wages together and dividing by 12, hopefully this is right. I have sent my wage slips in. We are told that only entitled to £42.20 a week, we went on turntous and this told us we should get £53.45 per week, but have been told this is wrong as they only disregard the first £10 for couples, but we were told £20 last time as my partner is a carer, any ideas please i'm lost and looked it up and told loads of different things, and they just saying its £42.20, and to top it off they suspended it as they didn't request the wage slips an forgot to ask for them (even though we send them every 6 weeks)
  5. ok thank you, ive sent it all off to the council hopefully answers soon, ive never seen one on a house before! been looking at houses while out and about and nothing! just not looking forward to the landlords response now looking for a new home. Thanks guys
  6. They left the instructions in the box and has mass installation on them it’s wired to my electric! And it’s no good my partner on EE. And lost signal! Went from full bars to 1.
  7. Not sure if has ee on it but has an EE SIM card in it,
  8. Sorry my spelling not perfect! I’ve turned the electric off to the loft ! Landlord refuses to respond to any of my questions. Council have been involved before but we got told last time he would kick us out! I’m gonna contact council in Monday and hopefully sort it ASAP
  9. my landlord texted saying he wanted access to the loft as was wanting to fit an Ariel, I was ok with this and have prove that he said it will help prove my tv reception. today arrives and fits the "Ariel" well what can i say its 100% not an ariel and it is an telephone mass for EE from sigfox! Im fuming as it is plugged into my electric and I've contacted my landord for answers and nothing! what damage is this gonna do to the health of my family the house is already falling to pieces the electric needs rewiring, the windows need to be double glazed or the rotten wood replaced, the shower is broken, the guttering is hanging and yet this! Im at my wits end, any advise please guys.
  10. Wedding is not till 2019 and verbal nothing either I’ve emails of me requesting full amounts of what is needed to be paid etc, and of me asking for contracts and no response.
  11. Paid deposit for our wedding in 2016 for this year but for reasons out of our control we have had to cancel the wedding, here is the odd bit, we never got a signed contract, it has been changed over time to make it cheaper and never got a full price! Now I’ve cancelled it they refuse to give deposit back we’re do we stand please?
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