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  1. They have had invoices showing its paid and bank statements and a letter or the childcare provider but still want back statement to show childcare provider name I explained and showed a letter that it is the online booking system and the provider has given a letter showing this too! We due a payment on 13th not counting on any money for the childcare
  2. Me and partner are now both working full time we have to pay our childcare costs upfront, but it's alot and universal credit are being really stubborn on what is needed as proof, I've sent everything requested over twice and a bank statement , but the bank statement is not in the club's name but the booking sites name which we shown to universal credit, we need the money back to pay this month's. Also my partner was in hospital and was then signed off for just over 8 weeks, he got basic sick pay which universal credit decided to put us on the the capping thing, which shouldn't affect us now but we have struggled the last 3 months due to it all, and now this it's completely thrown us we are worse off on universal credit
  3. Will do thank you! ive been told on phone the following : UC Mac award 2424.15, they only deduct 831.78 and 291.42 for carers they then add my partners earnings on 1612 and the carers allowance of 67 a week, ive asked for a full official breakdown
  4. Thanks, nope no breakdown they don’t Bother just an email to say bill is now due. my HB is paid direct to landlord from UC if love you have 1300pcm it would be a huge help, but we don’t and it seems since Uc came in it’s really messed this up!
  5. I’ve applied for council tax help, but I’ve been refused, Our UC is 2424.24 before deductions after we normally get 530, if rent and advantage was not there it would be 1299. today they sent an email saying they only take 831 and the carers element of 291 out of it, so I should get 1300 a month which is correct, but we have the rent paid with the UC My partners wages are different each month but they say even with 1300 we not entitled to any help, I’m lost as we don’t see the £1300pcm we only get roughly 530pcm my patented only ever gets 1600 pcm in wages max. I can’t find a breakdown of what is ment to be used for it as when I do entitled to and the councils own calculator online it says we entitled to £25pw to help
  6. I didn’t agree to the repo the guy came every day and ended up blocking my neighbours drive (were the car was stored) for 6 hours, the neighbour needed to leave and caused a huge commotion and he ended up taking the car. im not sure as to why now I’m hoping the SAR will show this, but as it’s correctly on there I can understand it needs sorting,
  7. Yeah sorry the car, yes correct date I’ve all my paperwork showing last payment etc I’ve called fos and they forwarding the information they got of them
  8. It’s still with the original company, I’ll dig out the FOS stuff I think they were waiting on a response from them which was sent in March this year (but I’ve not had anything) I was never able to do the time order due to costs I know I’ve made a mistake not chasing it all and sorting
  9. Ok thank you, i defaulted but cleared the default by the date needed, and I fell into arrears again but they repossessed the car on the original DN. even with an arrangement to pay (which they didn’t agree too but i maintained payments, I’ve managed to find my bank statements to show this, as I know i commented I missed a few payment with the plan but I found payments made to them) they sold it and now I’m left with £8000 to pay. I’ll await the SAR response, thank you
  10. Ok thank you, I know it was a mistake to just leave it. I will do the SAR today and send it off. thank you
  11. Thank you for opening this back up. i logged into my credit file and today noticed that they had put it on my file with 2 years of default! I have still not received the SAR and no response for it, when I asked again this morning I got a response that they closed it in March and I owe the money. I did say I’m still awaiting on the SAR but they haven’t responded . I was hoping to move and now I feel I won’t be accepted as this is now on my file and is for nearly £8000
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