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  1. Going for my Flu Jab on Monday the 6th, never had one before, they say I "may" be offered a Booster at the same time. I hope I get the Booster as never been too fussed about the Flu Jab. Been informed at work we have had our NHS Covid runs extended until at lease July 2022, which is great for the guys who are on 3 month rolling contracts.
  2. I was speaking to my brother who lives in Johannesburg yesterday, he was saying their 3rd wave is really bad, hospitals packed most shops closed again, no alcohol sales or tobacco sales allowed, also a 9pm curfew.
  3. I had received a letter for my first vaccine a few months ago but there had been a problem with the postage and it was too short notice for me to get time off from work. I telephoned NHS and they said I would get another letter with a new time and date as it was not possible to do it online. Think I waited about 6 weeks with no letter so phoned them again, they said there was a problem and would phone me back which they did a few hours later and gave me a new appointment at the drive through, it was only 10 minutes from my house, they did not tell me it was the Pfiser until after they gave me it.
  4. I felt absolutely nothing, didn't watch when I was given it and felt nothing since. Just waiting on my letter for the second.
  5. I had my 1st jab in a drive thru, seems they gave a few people a double dose by mistake !!!
  6. Just had a look on their website and it says a new appointment letter will be sent week beginning the 22nd March to everyone that had been given an appointment for the 15th, looks like someone mucked up somewhere.
  7. I received my Vaccination appointment letter on Friday 12th March, the appointment was for Monday 15th which I could not attend. The NHS site for you to reschedule has been down since at lease Friday 12th. When you phone the help line they tell you that they cannot help as they use the same online site !!! Good news is I got in to see my mum at the care home for the first time in 12 months and she's doing ok. Turned out a good Mothers day.
  8. I would if I could tobyjugg Did the same run today over an hour quicker than yesterday, thats what happens when you know where to go and not just try finding places with the postcode as I was yesterday
  9. I'm on a Covid run all this week, for some reason I thought it would be quite easy, starts in St Andrews then Dundee, Perth, Stirling, Cumbernauld then Glasgow over 200 miles. I drop of empty Test boxes and collect the ones that are ready to go to the Labs for results. Every Testing Station today said they had not been very busy over the weekend, it was quite nice weather over the weekend which is more than likely the reason for the lack of numbers.
  10. Was informed today my mums carehome are getting their 1st vaccine jab on the 20th January.
  11. Yes that would be fine I would think, she's no half a pain in the backside
  12. Think it'll be all down to how lucky you are, saying that, the roads up here are very busy, so the chances of you getting stopped could be quite low. My son says he's expecting to be handing out a lot more fines after Saturday than he did during the 1st lockdown. The majority of people up here are ignoring the rules, hopefully after Saturday they will have to comply a bit more.
  13. In Scotland still no mention of non-essential construction or manufacturing again, its as if they want people to forget there's still hundreds of thousands of people travelling to and from work on non essential business.
  14. Lockdown tightening in Scotland from Saturday, not before time !!
  15. I've been in Glasgow the past few days and it looks like they don't do lockdowns !!!
  16. I grew up in Fountainbridge in Edinburgh where he lived as a boy, his house was demolished many years ago, I remember they had outside toilets. My Dad worked as a Milkman in St Cuthberts where Sean worked but was more friendly with his brother. I remember he visited my Primary School in Tollcross and we all got the afternoon off, he had a chat with my son at a Red Carpet event at the Cinema in Fountainbridge during the Edinburgh Film festival, my son who was about 6 at the time asked me who the old guy was. Lovely guy, best Bond ever, Rest In Peace.
  17. The only visiting HB has been outside in the garden and only one member of the family has been allowed to visit. My mums sister has been to see her twice in the past two months but that has also now been stopped. It has been suggested that it's more than likely the staff members who are going in and out that may be causing some concern though you would think they would be getting tested regularly.
  18. Not seen my mum in her care home since March, every time they have said we can go for a visit it has been cancelled. They have been putting up photos on Social Media which is better than nothing. The home phoned yesterday to say every resident was tested last week and hopefully get results today.
  19. I noticed quite a few 'water cannon' type military vehicles being driven on Scottish motorways yesterday.
  20. Looks like the DWP Jobcentre Plus offices in Scotland are trying to re-open to the public on Monday the 27th July. Royal Mail Relay have been delivering a lot of screens, ppe and hand sanitiser ect. Banks have informed us they hope to be back to regular opening hours by September. Cinemas also seem to be gearing up to open shortly in Scotland. Yesterday they announced you could buy tickets for the Edinburgh Hogmanay street party ect !!! This morning they announced it had been cancelled and you could get a refund. ( bunch of clowns) !!!
  21. Shops at the retail park beside me were mobbed today, last week the motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh was as busy as it ever has been.
  22. I have a loan with Commsave dx, the deductions come straight from my wages. When you join you tell them how much you want to save either weekly or monthly and you authorise them take deductions from your wages towards your savings account with them, same thing apply's when you have a loan with them.
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