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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, Has anyone made a claim directly to claim compensation for mis sold solar panels I have had a solicitors contacting me claiming people are being successful getting their agreements cancelled and refunded money they paid from the start. Also, they get to keep their panels and feed in tariffs! However they charge 30% fee plus 20% VAT! I want to do this myself. Anyone been through this road? Anyone?
  2. I am a non-resident parent who has been paying maintenance via the CSA for years. I was aware that my agreement would be ending and fully expected to start a new agreement and continue paying for my non-resident daughter. My question is, as no-one seems to be able to answer it at present, if my agreement with the CSA ended on 13 February why should I have paid a full months worth of money to them in February? My new agreement with CMS starts on 14 February (some valentine lol) so technically I will end up paying twice for the second half of February. Now as this money is for my daugh
  3. Could anyone please give advice on taking the CMS to court. I have been paying maintance and have gone above and beyond by paying the same volume of money whilst my daughter was not in school for a year. she came to tell me as she lives with her mum that she was 3 months pregnant and was keeping the baby at the age of 15. despite me not agreeing with this in any way she still went ahead and had the baby. whilst she was out of school for a year I still paid the full amount agreed even when I was not required to do so. since then my daughter has not contacted me at all des
  4. Child maintenance calculator READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/calculate-your-child-maintenance
  5. HI, just wondering if anyone can help at all plz, im in receipt of payments fro my ex for our 2 children that live with me throughout the week and visit their mother 6 nights per month plus 2 weeks holidays. The CSA closed there file on the 11th Feb but collected the arrears on the schedule, CMA have assessed payments but starting the 7th March leaving quite a shortfall in payment. Ive been on the telephone to both companies and told theres nothing they can do about the period in between which is alomst a months payment.. is this right as they both state that the paying parent has a
  6. First of all the background information. My first uni course started 2007, lasted for a year and I took out the standard tuition fee loan of £3000. When I restarted uni in 2009 on a different course at a different uni, I didn't take out a loan until my final year which was 2012. I then took the standard £3000 plus a maintenance loan and I qualified for a maintenance grant of £1800 because my parents' situation had changed. Now I've been working full time for the last 3 years and noticed that the SLC had been overcharging me interest because they wrongly classed my
  7. Are parents aware that the Child Support Agency (CSA) are going to be closing claims down by the end of 2017? It will be replaced with something called "The Child Maintenance Service" (CMS) for short, if not you may want to read up on this here https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/improving-the-child-maintenance-system Partial quote "The improvements planned by the government will help separated parents work together on the range of issues they face at separation, including arranging child maintenance. Child maintenance is regular, reliable financial support paid by one
  8. My sister has recently received a back payment (£30,000) from her ex, for the upbringing of their child. Child is now 20 and dad hasn't paid anything since they split up (before the birth). My sister has received different benefits on and off over the years and is currently receiving different benefits for her and her youngest child. (due to my sisters different health needs). Does she need to declare this money to anyone? Really worried in case she ends up getting into trouble for failing to declare.
  9. Hello my situation is as follows. I have recently managed to pass the 6 year mark on most of my two relatively small debts. I have a CCJ that was paid but remains unsatisfied on my CRA that is just over 5 years old. My partner and i are looking to apply for a mortgage we have as a deposit £17 - £20,000. I was thinking about the CCJ and i remember years ago i was sent a letter by Northumbria water threatening to take it to court and i managed to prove that it had been paid. Could they have still sought judgement on this? I have no paperwork left to prove t
  10. Hi all,just to let everyone know,csa no longer exists it is now cms as of 25 Nov 2013 . if you have shared care ie 50/50 you do not have to pay ANY maintenance for any child. check out netmums. handy phone num 08009880988
  11. Hi, My husband and his ex agreed with the court during their divorce 15 years ago that he would pay for his 3 children with her so much per month with the understanding that payments would stop once each child would reach 18 or the end of full time education, whichever came first. Every payment (and then some) has been made without fail since. The 2 eldest are over 20 with their own families now so we stopped paying for them a while ago. The youngest moved in with her sister when she turned 16 in September 2012. Since then we have been paying her sister the money instead of her mother. Younges
  12. Hi guys, I have a repair & maintenance contract with British Gas whereby if you have a boiler problem, they fix it for a fixed fee of £99. I called them out in February when I had no hot water. The engineer said ideally I need a powerflush and when I laughed at his extortionate £700 price-tag said he should be able to fix it by adding a filter. Being low on money and knowing that exclusions often apply, I repeatedly asked if this would be included in my £99 or an additional cost and each time he said all costs would be included and that I'd get an invoice that would be waived -
  13. When applying for student finance (I think May if going to uni in Sept 2013?) and you put down your parents income, do they ask for your parents income over the last whole year (P60) or their current wage? So if a parent only got a job in Feb/March then their wage over a year would be minimal? Also, what if they turned out to be not well enough to continue to work and so had to give up or reduce hours, can you apply to increase any maintenance grant award or is it set for the year even if your parent only worked for a month in the end and is back on means tested benefits? Thanks.
  14. the mother of my unborn daughter has insisted that she wants no child support from me. to cut a long story short, i am what you would call a sperm donor. is it possible to get a legally binding contract stating this? my biggest concern is not giving any child support as agreed with her, only to get a letter from the CSA if she changes her mind. Bruce
  15. CSA will introduce the higher payments from Monday 10th.December. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2244303/Fathers-hit-rise-maintenance-children-following-sweeping-new-reforms.html
  16. Hi, When I was young and foolish I run up a debt of £1500 on one child and £1659 on another, for some unknown reason the £1500 turned to zero, I think because my daughter moved to Turkey for a year(back now), however the £1659 is still outstanding, this is the treasurers money, all monies owed to my child have always been paid. During the last six years I have been living as a house husband and working towards a career in nursing and have been at University for the last 2 and half years. I recently moved into my partners home which she is the only named tenant, I received a phone ca
  17. About 4 years ago I asked for a quote to install a stairlift. The cost would be £5400 as the stairs curve and we'd need an automatic rail extension at the bottom. This was totally beyond us as I had naively thought that the cost would be about £1800. I apologized to the rep as I wasn't trying to haggle but there was just no way we could afford it. In the days after he'd been, the company phoned frequently, reducing the price all the time and when they offered £3100 I said yes as it was a necessity. I thought that we'd just have to manage the costs and I felt that
  18. I have a property with my ex partner which has been solely funded by me. The deposit was raised from equity released from my previous property and I have solely paid the interest-only mortgage for 3+ years now. The property cost 400K, and is now estimated to be worth 300K. He has been living in the property since we split, 6 months after buying it. I live in a different country with my parents and our young son. I have not received any child maintenance from my ex. I have not pursued this through the courts, as he has never worked and as I understand it, I’d only be entitled to 11% of his sala
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