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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, sorry if this isn't the right place to post this. I am pay Grade 1 and am currently being made to do pay Grade 2 work and was wondering if this is legal or allowed? The work I am carrying out will take between 4-11 days I am an administrator and am currently doing the work of an assessor in another department because "needs of the business". My contract doesn't state anything about the fact I may be required to do different pay grade work if the needs of the business requires it, it just mentions doing work depending on the needs of the business, the pay is not mentioned but I took this as work I am qualified to do and within the same pay grade. Other administrators are also doing Debt Response work which is a higher pay grade too and I feel us admins are having the pee took out of us because we are the lowest paid in the company. If this isn't allowed, can anyone direct me to any literature. Thanks
  2. Since becoming unemployed I've fallen behind with my energy bill to what was GB Energy, now changed to Co-OP Energy. I'd managed to pay various amounts off but setting up a DD with Co-Op has proven a nightmare with random sums being taken, or attempted to be taken, from my bank account at random dates during the month. They're now threatened to move me onto a higher rate tariff. Can they do that ? And can I stop them as it seems pointless to move me to a higher rate tariff when I'm struggling to get back on track with the current tariff
  3. Hi All, I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment, I felt I was finally able to afford my council flat that I have lived in for over 15 years, I put in my first RTB application March 2015, and a valuation was done for the property, after the valuation came out, I found that I was not able to afford it even after the London discounts so I didn’t take up the offer, fast track November 2016, the same year I made another application and this time around the price of the flat had reduced by £100k as per the new valuation done in November 2016, so I took up the offer, applied for a mortgage and got it approved etc, to my horror council wrote to me last week saying that they have now revised the offer from the council where they have changed all the figures and have now decided to use the first valuation which is 100k more than the second one. I am a little lost now and do now know what to do. I am already out of pocket after spending on solicitors and mortgage brokers. Thanks in advance.
  4. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/enhanced-learning-credits-further-and-higher-education-scheme-changes More information on the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme is here: http://www.enhancedlearningcredits.com/
  5. Hi, I am going to cancel my car insurance as I have found it cheaper else where, I’m currently paying £3120 a year (£260 on the 16th of the month) I have found it for £1160 a year. I phoned up my current insurer and asked them what I would be charged to cancel, they told me it would be £467.19p to cancel surely this can’t be right, the bloke on the phone assured me that it was the correct fee and was nothing he or I could do about it and said if I needed to I could pay it off monthly over 2 years with no interest. Just wondering if this seems correct and if not what I should do about it. Thanks, Steven.
  6. Hi, I am really stressed. I have received claim forms for the County Court for a HBOS debt being claimed by Lowell/Bryan Carter. The claim is for £740. I did have a Halifax account a few years ago and it went into arrears for around £150. Is there anyway I can ask the court for them to make Bryan Carter provide full information for the amount claimed as I am not certain it is this debt and can't work out how it has gotten to so much? TIA
  7. Hi everyone, I'm a sole trader and would like to file an amended return for the tax year 2012-2013. I know I still have time but the problem is I want to declare much higher income than I stated originally on the form, and I worry that I will have to face an enquiry if I do so. I have no idea what I was thinking when I was filing the original return. I haven't earned much that year, maybe £9100 in total but I declared I made £6,500! I somehow forgot to include income from one of my only two clients and I have no real excuse. I might have one but it won't be sufficient, if anything it'll be pathetic. I remember not even declaring any costs because I thought what the heck I haven't earned much, I won't have to pay tax so why bother including the costs of running my business (roughly £300). I do want to declare it but I'm scared. I've already spoken to TaxAid in June but I wasn't able to meet with them because I'm currently abroad and undergoing medical tests. I might be able to come back to the UK in September. What I should expect? Will my amendment raise suspicion? Will they want to check all previous years? The reason I worry so much it's because I can't handle any stress right now and an enquiry would cost me a lot of money. I'd appreciate any advice or if you guys could share your experiences. Thanks a lot!
  8. Dear caggers I have just been going through my electricity bill and it works out that I am paying more per kWh used because I do not pay by DD! I pay a weekly amount by standing order and generally am in credit by bill time. I am confused and annoyed that this is the case and wondered if anyone knew if there is anything I can do about it? Weekly payments are better for me as it means I can keep all my finances in check but feel I am being penalised for this! Thanks in advance Martini
  9. Hello Guys, Yesterday I caused a car accident in most stupid way. It was raining, I was in rush to get to work on time and did not estimate correctly distance in between me and car parked behind me. I have stopped and within minute the owner of the car was there. Not a problem, I have given her my details, insurance policy number etc. She said she will get quotation so I can decide if I want to pay for repair in private or if I want to go through insurance. Sounds cool so far. Today at morning she did call me saying that the quote for repair is £260. That is not a high amount but anyway I decided to go through insurances. Called my insurance company, reported accident was done in few minutes and send her text with reference number. So far so good. Few minutes ago I received call from her husband saying “Hey, my wife just told me you want your insurance to pay for the repair. I did call the garage and have been told that if it will go through insurances the price will not be £260 but few ground. Are you sure you don’t want to pay in cash?” Yeah, I am definitely sure I want to go through the insurances. Not a question from now on. But my concern is – since when is the repair more expensive if paid through insurances? Especially from £260 to few ground? Think there is something fishy about it. Now my question is, what should I do now? Suppose few thousands will have worst effect on costs of my insurance than few hundred. Should I let my insurance company know that something is not right or just to let them deal with it? P.s.: It was my first car accident in 10 years I have a driving license. Feel really stupid about it, especially because it was my fault
  10. Hi , i have a hire purchase agreement with black horse, i have paid 22 out of 48 payments and i am looking to hand the car back to start Fresh. There is a baloon payment at the end of the term to keep the car but i want a new one now, i was told i could hand this back at the halfway (24month) point but upon read my documents it says it can be handed back once i have paid £14,775 which wont be untill november. Can i still terminate at 24month point or will i be liable to make up the difference to 14,775 ? Also Any suggestions of how to get out of contract appart from trade in as i would still have nevative equity on the car. Many thanks Marc
  11. CSA will introduce the higher payments from Monday 10th.December. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2244303/Fathers-hit-rise-maintenance-children-following-sweeping-new-reforms.html
  12. Hi everyone, The company I was transitioned into four years ago has different grades for each role. When I was transitioned in I was started on the bottom grade. The company did not tell us about these grades until the beginning of this year (nor is the information available on their intranet). I have managed to get myself promoted a grade which resulted in a salary increase. It is only possible to get promoted a grade once a year and certain pre-requisites have to be met first. The company is now recruiting new employees at a higher grade (and so at a higher salary) than I and my colleagues. It will not be possible for us to get to this grade for several years. Can anyone kindly give any advice as to how I should approach my employer about this? It seems unjust that we weren't told about the grading structure or been given the opportunity to apply for a job at a higher grade. Many thanks.
  13. Hi everyone, Just received notification from motability that my car for my disabled son is being collected in a month as he no longer qualifies for the higher rate of mobility component for DLA. Curiously this arrived BEFORE any notification from DWP. We only had any warning as we had telephoned them on the previous day. As we are only 1 year into the contact that means we get 2/3 of the advanced payment back however: The paper work says that we are still liable for the 24(ish) outstanding payments as it is a 3 year contract, and this is confirmed by the small print of the original contract. (that s about £4000) I cannot see how, if the car is collected, that we can be forced to pay for a product or service that we are not receiving. I cannot see anyone having exactly this problem, but we have been through the contract, letters and it seems to be exactly what they are suggesting. In addiction the letter came with several debt management help contact centres. We intend to apeal this decision as far from there being any improvement in his condition, he qualifies more clearly for higher rate than he did when it was first awarded. Any advice gratefully recieved.
  14. Not sure if this is in the right group, Please remove/re-direct if incorrect. Have a few items of jewelery in the pawn shop and this week I have had to renew the loans on them, Pay the interest only and get another 7 months loan. Just noticed that they are been really sly and the interest rate is changing, (in their favor) each time. Does anyone know if the interest rate is suppose to stay the same as when you borrowed or can they just change each time you renew. Borrowed £102 on a chain with an interest rate of £8.15 per month, Just been to renew (7 months up today) and paid the interest but the new ticket now claims interest at £9.17 per month. I asked the lady who was serving me, so the interest has gone up then, she replied yes, if your not happy you can cancel within 14 days.(pay the loan amount and 0.30 a day interest.) If I had the cash I would have cancelled but what are you suppose to do if your not happy with them hiking the interest up knowing you can't afford to get your goods out. Going to write to Herbert Browns and ask them also get there complaints procedure. Anyone any idea if they are allowed to do this? George
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