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  1. This is the letter my neighbour has great delight in giving to me: Letter headed Connaught Collections Balance: £2074.36 Client: 1st Credit Limited We write with regard to the above account and despite obtaining a county court judgement against you, you have failed to pay the monies due and owing to our client. Our client has now instructed us to review this file, for the purpose of taking one or more of the following enforcement proceedings:- Warrant of execution Attachment of earnings Charging order Bankruptcy petition If you want to avoid enforcement proceedings being commenced against you, which will result in further costs and interest being added to this debt, please contact us on 01737 237374 within 14 days of the date of this letter. Yours sincerely, Andrew Athineos Head of Connaught collections.
  2. Thank you. I'm guessing they're not open weekends? I'm working till Monday afternoon so will call them then. I don't have the letter that kicked all this off today with me so I'll get that info up when I get home in the morning. Thanks again, still feeling a bit sick about it all but better that I can maybe do something about it.
  3. Ok, I've got the case number. It's in my maiden name at my current address Judgment date 22/05/2014 Amount £ 2,074 Court name County Court Business Centre Now I have that information, I don't know what to do next?
  4. Hi all, just found this old thread and wanted to put a little update. the inability of the school and the council to communicate caused the problem. It turned out I owed the grand sum of £1.80 (!!!!!!!!). I couldn't get anywhere with Jacobs, during a telephone conversation with a Jacobs representative I was told that there was no agent in my area on the date they said one called, I was told the conversation was being recorded but surprisingly, the recording could not be found at a later date! In my view Jacobs are outright liars and I worry about the people that fall for their tricks. Anyway, thanks for everyone's help.
  5. Hello all, trying to keep it simple to start. Partner and I had joint bank account with Halifax about 3 years ago, ended up living in overdraft due to income problems and it was at £2000 when partner went bankrupt. I presumed overdraft was included in bankruptcy as the bank closed the account and we didn't appear to hear anything from them. In the meantime we get married, my name changed, any letters I received in maiden name I binned as I thought they would be junk. I know now they probably weren't junk as my neighbour had a letter addressed to my maiden name delivered by mistake (which he'd opened and read!) from dca stating that although they've gained a ccj against me as I haven't paid they can apply for an attachment of earnings, bankruptcy, something about our house, etc. I honestly had no clue, I don't know when this was issued, nothing. Obviously I've been stupid about binning everything, feeling sick and don't know what to do next. I'm currently on a long weekend of working long shifts so don't have the details with me yet. Hoping someone can calm me down a bit. Thanks
  6. Hi, My husband and his ex agreed with the court during their divorce 15 years ago that he would pay for his 3 children with her so much per month with the understanding that payments would stop once each child would reach 18 or the end of full time education, whichever came first. Every payment (and then some) has been made without fail since. The 2 eldest are over 20 with their own families now so we stopped paying for them a while ago. The youngest moved in with her sister when she turned 16 in September 2012. Since then we have been paying her sister the money instead of her mother. Youngest daughter is now in 6th form and maybe pregnant. The sister is also receiving child benefit and child tax credits for the youngest daughter. I don't want to be the wicked stepmother here but we are really struggling ourselves and have just found out that the sister has more income from her total benefits than me and my husbands combined wages. I thought I read somewhere that once a child over 16 moves out of home of their own accord then payments don't have to continue. Can anyone help with a bit of advice please? Thank you and Happy New Year
  7. Yes it was definately Jacobs. I have an appointment with the school tomorrow. I'm trying to gather as much information as possible. I know it's not a lot of money, I'm just extremely unhappy with the unfairness of it all! And the people on the end of the line calling me a liar!
  8. Hello everyone, this is my first post here although I have been a visitor to this site for a very long time and have made much use of the fantastic advise given. I've tried giving a bit of background without boring you! Last week I received a claim form through the court from the council for a debt of school dinner money from last year. This came totally out of the blue, it's the first I have ever heard of any money I owe on school dinners so I've been on to the school to get figures from them to begin with. The first issue I have is that the claim form stated that 'despite repeated requests by the claimant via letter, invoice and letters before action, and similar requests by the claimants recovery agents, the balance remains unpaid. The defendant has not provided any reasons for non payment.' I can honestly say that I have not seen anything about the debt from anyone! The school normally sends a reminder if we are 2 weeks in arrears and I think I've had one of those a long time ago, but I paid what i owed and didn't hear anything else about it. Now, I've been onto Jacobs and asked to be provided with details of the letters they had sent. I was told that wasn't possible as the case had been closed. I was then told that a bailiff had also called round to my house and left a card when there was no answer. Then today, I have received copies of all the letters supposedly sent by Jacobs, all dated 19.10.12 with a note stating that copies of the originals could not be sent but provided a list of the dates the originals were sent. Also a copy of the letter supposedly left by the bailiff. I'll say it again, I have never seen these letters before. Also, the date the bailiff supposedly called was Easter Saturday, we had visitors staying and there were at least 3 people in my house at any one time all that day and we didn't have anyone knocking the door or any letters/cards left. The woman at Jacobs said the bailiff would have had a GPS pen or something that would position him at my house at the time stated but to see that information I would have to pay £10. I'm sure that mistakes have been made. The claim covers 2 periods of supposedly non payment of dinner money. The second time was for the term before summer. I must have known I owed the money because I made a payment online during the first week of september. The council said they sent a letter telling me I owed them that exact amount a few days later. I didn't see any such letter. I have my bank statement proving I made the payment yet they are trying to put it on this claim form! Sorry for the in depth rant, what I really want to know is what to do about the letters supposedly sent by Jacobs. I really don't think they were ever sent but I don't know how I could prove it. Can anyone give advice please?
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