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  1. you will need some "certs" (certifications) in order to get an entry level job unless you have loads of experience. the comptia A+ is the entry level cert and is considered the best one to start with... linky join this forum and ask as many questions as you like. they are really friendly and supportive. in fact im certain you wont need another source for advice. linky check out this guys website for study videos. the A+ videos are free. very helpful. linky hope this helps
  2. I am a victim of this type of behaviour and my life has been ruined because of it.
  3. Ask to record the disciplinary meeting for clarity. mention that the comment about the police was not on the notes of the first meeting and it causes you concern that other comments will also be missed. deliberately or not.
  4. Does my childs mother have any right to see my bank details and payslips? specifically any savings or investments i might have. she seems to think that she is entitled to 15% of any savings i have as well as 15% of my monthly pay. we have a private arrangement for maintenance. She had told me she is going to contact the CSA if she does not get to see this information and refuse to let me see my son. i have asked her where she got this information and what law she is quoting but all she says is she has got it from "a friend". we were never married or in a relationship and i pay
  5. This argument does not wash with me. i have bills to pay as well and losing £35 out of my weeks wages means the difference in seeing my son or not. its that simple. nobody is forced to become a CEO. you know the "dangers" you will face when you take up the job. she could have used her discretion by reading the sign on my dashboard that said "cleaning super drug and problems call ....... " and asked me to move but she did not. she chose to ticket my vehicle and not the other.
  6. I did not shove a camera into her face at all. i was calm, polite and simply asked her to quote the law which states that vehicles working on fire alarms are exempt from tickets when parked in loading bays. she said she could not be expected to know the law. i disagreed as her only job is to uphold traffic laws. she then told me that she is allowed to use her discretion. At this point i thanked her for her time and attempted to make a recording of her badge number. she refused to allow me to do so and pushed my phone (camera) into my chest and walked of very quickly into the crowd
  7. I have been parking in a loading bay for approximately one hour in order to clean a shop near by. During this time a number of other vans have also been parked there . Today i returned to my van to find a PCN on the windscreen. However the other van did not. I asked the CEO to explain why she had not ticketed the other van. She simply walked off. I decided to search for her and found her again in the same spot an hour later. I asked her why she had not ticketed the other van. She responded telling me that because the other driver was working on a fire alarm, he was exempt. Whe
  8. no, i would be living in my own place whilst hopefully working full time.
  9. can anyone tell me how does housing benefit work if i am moving from my parents home to the other side of the country? i have never had too claim it before, however i am going to be a father in a month and wish to move closer to my child. i am fully able and prepared to work. any advice would be greatly received.
  10. the mother of my unborn daughter has insisted that she wants no child support from me. to cut a long story short, i am what you would call a sperm donor. is it possible to get a legally binding contract stating this? my biggest concern is not giving any child support as agreed with her, only to get a letter from the CSA if she changes her mind. Bruce
  11. Can i get an financial assistance with retraining? specifically training at a construction skills center? i have heard of the ILA -Individual Learning Account- £200 towards courses for low income/unemployed but it is apparently only avaliable in scotland. The £200 would not cover the cost of the course but wlil cover my accommodation and food. Can anyone point me in the right direction or will i get laughed at if i ask about any financial support? i will not have a guaranteed job at the end of the course but i will be able to apply for work all over the country.
  12. union, union, union. evidence, evidence, evidence. stand your ground. they need physical evidence of her not doing her job properly. not just an opinion. my union told me that capability cases are increasing dramatically since the recession, most of the time there is nothing wrong with the teacher its just a way of reducing redundancy pay outs. join the TES forums, they have teachers that are going through similar problems to your wife. hope everything goes ok
  13. If the Job center can remotely monitor me via my jobs match profile, why do i have to make a 40 mile round trip to meet with my advisor? FYI i have not signed anything allowing them to see my personal data but it is clear that when i go in tomorrow i will be expected to sign. im just curios behind their logic
  14. I bought a secondhand laptop from ebay last week which has winodws 7 pro installed. the advert on the website confirmed this. when i recieved my laptop, i found as advertised, it loaded with win 7 but the product key sticker is for windows XP. I have sent the company an email asking for either the windows 7 disk or a product key as i always like to wipe the hard drive when i receive a used computer. they replied stating that the laptop is already loaded with win7 and there is no need to re-install. this did not answer my question and i have sent a further 2 emails to which i have ha
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