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  1. Shame but thanks Andyorch and everyone for the advise.. appreciated muchly.. Hadituptohere
  2. Thank you everyone for your help .. still got lowlifes sending me letters for two further O2 accounts.. sure there's more to come Hadituotohere
  3. I've been into the local County Court and requested as advised as strike out under CPR 3.3, unfortunately there's now no office to had documents to but left in the mailing box for Monday, returned home to a letter from lowlifes asvisong their Client has instructed to discontinue this claim along with the Notice of Discontinuation to the Court dates the 11th May 2019 .. Hadituptohere
  4. Thank you for the advise I'll get that done tomorrow and hand a copy to the court, should i send a copy to the claimant too? (And my copy) Haditupthere
  5. So it's a case of me contacting lowlifes to see when their particulars of claim are going to be sent as advised by the clerk? Hadituptohere
  6. Can't recall it saying that but I wasn't allowed until they 15th for an amended defence.. they parcwl wasn't even for my address so it's not paperwork from lowlifes.. I typed the order word for word in the above posts.. hadituptohere
  7. Just got back home and Theres been a parcel attempt deliver .. not expecting anything so guess it's from lowlifes... do i have to request/apply for a strike out?
  8. It was just what the courts have told me over the phone by the clerk.. the first clerk told me they had wrote to the courts asking for more time collecting the information, this morning they had contactes the courts saying they hadn't recieved the court order ???? Hadituptohere
  9. The day has passed that I wouldn't have needed to send an amended defence.. just contacted the court and they have received a letter from lowlifes saying they never received the court order, the court have sent them a copy of the court order on the 7th May.. been told to contact lowlives And ask when they will have the correct particulars of claim ????? What the heck?? Hadituptohere
  10. well Lowlifes had until the 24th April to submit Particulars of Claim that fully comply with CPR16.4 and CPRPD16 and nothing, ive just rang the local County Court inquiring if they have received anything, ive been told nothing received but lowlives have been on the phone saying there collecting the information and it will be forwarded.. I have until the 15th May to submit a further/amended defense, I asked if i would be given an extension to that date and was told by the clerk 'at the Judges discretion' ?? How can this be allowed?? Hadituptohere
  11. Hi everyone... After a long wait for mediation that couldn't move forwards as there wasn't sufficient information regarding the claim ive received the following from the courts today... upon considering the court file IT IS ORDERED THAT 1) By xx time xx April 2019 the Claimant shall send the court and to the Defendant further Particulars of Claim which fully comply with CPR16.4 and CPRPD16 and set out in the detail the claim against the Defendant to include when the agreement was entered into, the original parties to the agreement and any subsequent variation/assignment, when notice of any variation/assignment was given, the nature/key terms of the agreement, when any default/termination notice was served and showing how the debt has accrued resulting in the sum now claimed. Ant documents required by CPR PD16 should be attached. 2) By xxpm xxMay 2019 the defendant, if so advised, has the permission to send to the court and to the Claimant a further/amended defense to the claim. 3)Because this order has been made by the court without considering representations from the parties , any party may apply to have the order set aside, varied or stayed. A party wishing to make such an application must send or deliver the application to the court (together with any appropriate fee) to arrive within 7 days of service of this order. Sit Back and await what Lowells can or cant produce .. Hadituptohere
  12. Hi, Received my N180 from the courts last week, it has to be returned by the 30th Jan... I've held off completing it, had no response from my CCA request or my CPR 31:14 which was signed for by both solicitors and Claimant 10th Dec.. I take it NO to mediation as ive not had the information regarding the claim made? hadituptohere
  13. thankyou dx... a little rusty since Cabot days.. appreciate the help Merry Christmas everybody. Hadituptohere
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