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  1. So for both parking fines (double dipping nonsense) I have received 'Notice Of Intended Legal Action' letters from DCBL that state they have now referred the issue of unpaid parking tickets back to the client (CP Plus Ltd) 'to review commencing legal action' and signed-off-by inviting me to make immediate payment to avoid legal action. Can you advise what I should do now? Is it still just scare tactics?
  2. That's fine but I need to know where the letters are stored.
  3. Thanks. I look forward to ericsbrother's snotty letter advice
  4. Hey all, Thanks for your help so far. Last week I received a 'letter before claim' from CST and your help is required again, please. 'We are instructed by Debt Recovery Plus Limited, as the agent of Euro Car Parks LTD, to commence legal action against you to recover the amount outstanding. We are informed that you have failed to settle the amount owed or provide a valid reason for non-payment. The charge amount included £15.00 claimed by our Client for the time spent and resource facilitating the recovery of the charge. The amount is a pre-determined and nominal contribution to our client's losses as a direct result of your non-payment. In the event the outstanding debt is not paid in full, we are instructed to commence legal proceedings. Our client is satisfied that it has sufficient evidence to support this claim and, if necessary, will reply on this evidence in court'. The letter then goes on to list options to make payment or respond using the enclosed response pack. The pack includes links to debt help places, asking if I'm liable for the debt, and an income & expenses sheet.
  5. Hi Over the past 5 years I've had a number of parking tickets from Euro Car Parks - the last ones being 2 years ago when they tried to bill me for 15 hours parking when I'd actually nipped to Tesco's on 2 separate days for no more than 20 minutes each time. I told them to 'sod off' and said I'd fight at POPLA etc and after a few reminders, they gave up the chase. The other week I received a letter out of the blue from CST Law chasing debts for Euro Car Parks. Their letter doesn't mention parking ticket numbers or how many tickets are involved and (stupidly) I threw out the tickets due to 2 year of no contact from ECP. Am I right to assume it's just another begging letter that can be ignored? Is the threat of sending court papers real? If I do go to court can I avoid a CCJ by agreeing to pay the fine? 'We have been instructed by debt recovery plus limited as the agent of Euro car parts Ltd in relation to the above debt. The unpaid debt relates to one or more parking charges that you are liable for as the owner/hirer/driver of the vehicle. Our client has the right to commence court proceedings against you to recover the debt for a period of six years from the date of the parking charge. The Supreme Court case of Beavis versus Parking Eye (2015) confirmed the lawfulness of private parking charges under civil law. However our client would like to resolve this matter amicably Without court action as a claim would result in an increase in the amount sought from you in terms of any statutory costs and court fees. Our client would like to provide you with this opportunity to make full payment of the sum of £160 thereby avoiding court action being taken and any increase in the amount claimed. Please contact debt recovery plus limited in order to discuss a payment proposal or make payment online or by calling the payment line. If you are unable to make payments and thought it may be possible for DRP to agree a payment plan with you. If you do not pay by 10th of July 2020 please keep debt recovery plus limited updated as to your current address to ensure that any court documents are currently directed to you. This is vital as a County Court judgement can have a serious effect on a person’s credit rating'. I didn't reply to this letter and the 10th July deadline has passed - advice please?
  6. Not had chance to go back in the past week to get the signage but will do next week. In the meantime I have received the debt letter claiming additional costs and warning that if I don't comply that they'll advise their client to take me to court. Should I reply to them? Tell them they can't add charges and even if they do they're not applicable to the keeper and that I'll happily have my day in court? Do I just write straight to ECP and say all this - letting them know it's more hassle than it's worth for them to chase me? Thx
  7. Correct. Thanks. Am I right in assuming the most I owe is the cost of a ticket to cover the extra time I stayed - whether that's 2 hr 6m, 1hr 6m or just 6m (in which case I'm covered by the 10m allowance you mentioned? Well I never knew that! Cheers! So where do I actually stand? You say anyone can sue anyone in court but have they got a leg to stand on? As much as I want to fight this I'm not going to risk a CCJ over £60 (or even their inflated figure of £100). And though they say further costs can be incurred as they chase me for non-payment, are they legally allowed to do so? Thx in advance.
  8. I assume it was a 6 minutes and a 3 hour ticket although I can't remember. I believe minimum purchase is 2 hours. All the letters state is that I was clocked entering at 5:50pm and leaving at 8:56pm
  9. Don't shout at me to read their letter properly when I already posted exactly what was said, that it was on their website appeal section, and that there's no mention of 'client'! I also checked their letters and there's no mention of 'passing to a 'client', DCA, or anyone else. Here are the answers you requested: Date of the infringement 05/04/2018 Date on the NTK Letter 1: 12/04/2018 Letter 2: 14/05/2018 Date received 18th May (letter 2) Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Yes - paragraph 9(2)(b) of schedule 4 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Just 2 pics - supposedly of my licence plate upon entry and exit Have you appealed? {y/n?] Too late to appeal Have you had a response? [Y/N?] N/A Who is the parking company? Euro Car Parks Where exactly [carpark name and town] Aytoun Street, Manchester For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. POPLA There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. BPA If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here Letter 2 states I have missed the appeal deadline and that the amount due is now £100.
  10. This is my 2nd run in with ECP. First one, about forgetting to purchase a ticket, was dropped by them after their follow-up letter which nicely increased the demand from £60 to £100. This time I made sure to buy a ticket but overran the allowed time (I think I was 6 minutes over a 3 hour limit but the letter didn't stipulate). I received, and promptly forgot, their first letter and was away for the final 2 weeks of the 28 days they gave me to appeal their second letter. I went to lodge my appeal and was told: 'No further appeal can be made against this Parking Charge Notice (PCN) – the PCN has been forwarded to Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. All/any communication must now be directly with Debt Recovery Plus Ltd who’s contact details are on http://www.debtrecoveryplus.co.uk or telephone 02082346775.' This to me implies they've sold the debt to a DCA rather than do what they've threatened in the past which is to take me to court and push for a CCJ. To me this is just a non-credit related issue and one that cannot result in a default or CCJ against me, damaging my credit rating, nor is it anything that can result in legal action, and so is something I shouldn't be concerned about. Am I right? The charge itself is excessive - £60 (later increased to £100) for overstaying on a ticket is in breach of what they can charge and as I understand it, they can only claim for lost earnings - which would simply be the cost of a ticket to cover the extra minutes I was parked. Having previously laughed off a DCA when I did receive a default on a credit card debt, I'm not bothered at all about a DCA chasing a parking ticket, assuming my understanding of the situation is correct. And if I am right, isn't it bizarre that a parking company renowned for taking legal action has decided to wave the white flag and sell on to a DCA? Thanks in advance.
  11. So I would have to be made aware – either by ECP or the courts – about any pending CCJ action? Great. That makes me feel a lot better. I just hope any letter doesn't get lost in the post
  12. Sorry for the delay, I had a nasty fall and broke bones and have been laid up for a few weeks (and still am!) so I've not been able to show you where and how the signage is displayed. I will when I get chance. On another note all has gone quiet from ECP. At first I assumed this was good news indicating that they've dropped their pursuit but I've since heard anecdotes about people in a similar position being the unwitting recipients of a CCJ as ECP applied for one without the subject being aware and so couldn't turn up to defend themselves in court so how do I ensure this doesn't happen to me?
  13. Argh! Only just seen your post Eric, so will have to go back to check. In answer to what was the tiny red text about. It started saying that no responsibility for damage/loss of property will be assumed by ECP and then said: This land is private property. No parking without the authority, whether expressed or implied of the owener of the vehicle. If you fail to adhere to the terms and conditions you will be issued with a parking charge notice. Vehicle keeper details may be requested from the DVLA if automatic number plate recognition is in operation or if the parking charge notice placed on your vehicle remains unpaid. Additional charges will be incurred from further civil action being taken. After talking about abandoned, badly parked or obstructive vehicles and the action that can be taken against them it finishes off with: Address for all enquiries contact ECO 24hr help desk 0207 56303000. Registration no 1270612.
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