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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings CAG forum members! I left First utility (FU) last June transferring both fuels to EDF. Before the final bill was due I cancelled the direct debit. In the following few months I chased FU up for a final bill on several occasions, they finally provided one in February 2014 which was based on estimates not the final reads provided to the new supplier. After contacting FU customer services they assured me an accurate bill would arrive with 2 weeks. Fast forward to July 2014 and a debt collection threat based on the estimated bill arrives. After many more calls to customer service, including EDF giving me information to advise FU how to operate their own billing systems , I got a bill yesterday based on the estimated reads. I am close to giving up! Do you think there is a back billing claim to be made here?
  2. Hello, Just wondering if someone can give me a clear cut answer regarding my SAAS eligibility, I have had mixed answers :L I was born in England but moved to Scotland when I was young and have lived there for 10 years +. However I have lived in England for the past 4-5years due to my work sending me there. If I move back to Scotland am I eligible for SAAS straight away or will I have to wait? Thank you in advance. Oli
  3. Hi All, Very quickly, wanted to check out a situation - which relates to a 24 yo, in part time college (15.5 hours). This had been accepted by JCP approx 4 - 6 weeks ago and payments in progress. However, whilst signing on last - has been told in order to comply with JS rules - they must apply for 14 jobs a week. Also a requirement to attend a 'work programme/job club' (as designated by JCP) once a week, in order to continue receiving payment of JSA. In querying this, with the JCP personnel; re postion relating to College @ 15.5 hours per week and having child care duties, toward daughter at weekend. The response was, you have to be available for full time work, when claiming JCP. Basically totally rigid in their expectations, but placing this young 24 yo male in an impossible position. This is causing much anxiety for young man, as he would struggle to find that number of jobs to apply for in any one week. is He does not have internet access at home, so would have to go out in search of such job opportunites. This will impact heavily on his ability to maintain his College placement, which he is struggling with some aspects around algebra etc. Concerns around being targeted /set up for the ever increasing 'sanctioning' of benefits? Any advice would be greatly appreciated - how can he get the JCP to see what an impossible situation he is being placed in?? Many thanks - NADIA:???:
  4. All being well my dd will be going to Uni this September. She has various disabilties and receives LRC and LRM DLA which as it's an indefinite award should take her to 2015 at the earliest before being assessed for PIP. She'd never manage in halls so is planning to rent a flat and share with a friend who knows her needs and will help her. dd will be studying a full time course. Am I right in thinking that she can apply for ESA while at Uni? I expect that her student finance will mean she won't actually receive any though? And am I right in thinking that she can be 'awarded' the benefit but receive nothing (due to her income from student finance) but the fact that she has been awarded/approved for ESA might then mean she can claim housing benefit to help with her rent? Hope that makes sense. If I am wrong, I can't see how she will manage through Uni, as her student finance adds up to under £7000 for Sept - June and if paying 50% rent & 50% utility bills, would never survive.
  5. When applying for student finance (I think May if going to uni in Sept 2013?) and you put down your parents income, do they ask for your parents income over the last whole year (P60) or their current wage? So if a parent only got a job in Feb/March then their wage over a year would be minimal? Also, what if they turned out to be not well enough to continue to work and so had to give up or reduce hours, can you apply to increase any maintenance grant award or is it set for the year even if your parent only worked for a month in the end and is back on means tested benefits? Thanks.
  6. Hello Everyone. I wonder if anyone here could clarify something for me please. I have been working for the same Community Pharmacy (a medium sized multiple) for just over ten years now; and today I recieved a letter from Human Resources stating that during an Eligibility to Work Audit, it was noted that I now need to supply HR with a copy of my passport, birth certificate, National Insurance card and a photograph within a deadline of seven days. I phoned them for clarification; and they stated that I had to supply this information as it was the law? No explanation as to what law this applies to; and it seems that although I have worked for them for ten years and have never been asked to supply such details throughout this period; and although I am registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and have to supply similar information to the GPhC yearly in order to practice, they insist I provide it to them also. I'm really not very happy with having to do this as I am really fed up with having to supply such information to anyone and everyone. Am I legally obliged to supply ? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Molly
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