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  1. Is this allowed? Can you claim housing benefit living in airbnbs if costs are lower than the rental or mortgage market? I heard you can claim housing benefit if your residence is a boat home or caravan why not airbnb?
  2. what if your not working do they take it from benefits or do a bank arrestment order?
  3. So, when these people who took several advances and their claim closed down would that mean they would be exempt for paying the debt back? or would it go through a debt collection agency or court? Or could you settle a deal with the DWP? I've never had an advance payment so how does that work when we were in dispute about a payment with the old claim.
  4. Good. Do they link it to your previous claim or is it a complete fresh no claim and history doesn't count? I heard they can deduct a percentage of your new claim against the old one unsure if UC rules on this? They are not allowed to claim over a certain percentage?
  5. Hi, Does anyone know the cross linking rules regarding overpayments to UC? If your circumstances change and owe debt to UC but at later date you decide to start a new claim under the same benefit will you be declined instantly due to existing debt or will they give you a reduced new UC claim paying off the debt of the old one? Thanks.
  6. Did you neighbour have to pay for the bank accounts to be unfrozen? Did he/she had to pay the interest charges? They don't have your bank details how can they freeze them? How do they know what bank i am with.
  7. The didn't look like sherrif officers in suits like they are supposed to they looked criminal well dressed with lots of papers driving a fancy car. They broke the law by parking on double yellow lines to get to my property and they are pursing me. I choose to ignore because its all lies ive been pursed by other companies and no one has taken me to court, frozen my account, or lifting my car or sold my house off in 5 years yet despite their threats.
  8. Hi, Got this charge certificate after I refused to pay a parking charge as my disabled badge was on display I have photographic evidence with a time and date stamp. Anyway see letter. Anyone been in this situation are they empty threats or do they try to bankrupt you, freeze accounts and tow your car away? This letter is not from the court its Stirling park who i have no contract with or don't know if they are a criminal orgnisation who are looking for money.There is no court stamp ink wet and not the correct logo for the court. https://i.servimg.com/u/f82/19/66/35/54/charge13.jpg
  9. Social services need to be given on training on how to provide direct payments!
  10. I know someone who has been trying to claim compensation for a injury that occured in July 2015. The solicitors and company are taking so long to complete the claim. The result of the injury is bad enough requiring daily medication and walking issues, which no one really understands apart from you has had it before. Major distress in making appointments and contacting the solicitor has happen over the past 3 years can you be compensated for it either through making a complaint against your solicitor or other bodies?
  11. Can you rejoin the scheme if you come off it? Is there a time period to wait before rejoining because of circumstances?
  12. Is it best to send medical records to the DWP when applying for disability benefits rather than them trying to locate them themselves slow things down? The form is so complicated to fill out so will the medical records act as a substitute?
  13. I got the form filled it out and sent it it's really simple i think it takes 8-12 weeks to a reply and average payout is between £5k to £20K depending on your circumstances.
  14. I got my form sent today and called them to confirm if it was legitimate and it was. There's a disability premium and severe disability premium that should of been added when the transition happen, however incompetent dwp workers probably not trained or told to add it on. Some people say they received over £10,000 of backdated payments.
  15. According to the dwp I am on contribution based ESA since March 2013, however when the system changed from Incapacity benefit to ESA. I was not assessed according to my circumstances in March 2013, so today they have sent me an ESA 3 form to fill out. I called them to confirm the letter was genuine not fraudulent and they confirmed the reference number on the letter and date it was sent out. He told me you may be eligible for a tax free lump some backdated payments since March 2013? I remember the lady that helped me fill in the form, however i don't remember her assessing me for Income based ESA, isn't that if your already in employment or paid enough national insurance contributions at the time of application your eligible?
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