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  1. Is it HMRC and Trading standard you report private tradesman who are ripping people off and not having paid VAT?
  2. As i said before they have not been trained on fostering and I am looking for someone who works for a fostering agency or a social worker who does applications on this here if not then do not post useless comments.
  3. Im a self employed carer for a council run organisation for vulnerable people.
  4. So, why are baby/child even adult monitors with mobile phone alerts so popular because they are at a distance with loved ones and can give attention when they need it. I think you have a draconian view of my situation its not a broken wooden damp shed!
  5. So, if i decided to make and sleep another bedroom next to that room in the garden would that be acceptable as i will be an earshot away as they say?
  6. Its only for sleeping not living and there will be a childrens monitor with a mobile phone alert. It will have been newly furnished. I understand its allowed for over 16 children.
  7. i think its not allowed but for children over 16 its allowed. They have to be on the same level for attention.
  8. Hello, Looking to become a foster carer in future, I understand a separate bedroom is required over the ages of 3. Does the bedroom have to be part of the same building as I have an outbuilding in garden newly furnished bedroom/bathroom currently would that be eligible? Thanks.
  9. Is this allowed? Can you claim housing benefit living in airbnbs if costs are lower than the rental or mortgage market? I heard you can claim housing benefit if your residence is a boat home or caravan why not airbnb?
  10. what if your not working do they take it from benefits or do a bank arrestment order?
  11. So, when these people who took several advances and their claim closed down would that mean they would be exempt for paying the debt back? or would it go through a debt collection agency or court? Or could you settle a deal with the DWP? I've never had an advance payment so how does that work when we were in dispute about a payment with the old claim.
  12. Good. Do they link it to your previous claim or is it a complete fresh no claim and history doesn't count? I heard they can deduct a percentage of your new claim against the old one unsure if UC rules on this? They are not allowed to claim over a certain percentage?
  13. Hi, Does anyone know the cross linking rules regarding overpayments to UC? If your circumstances change and owe debt to UC but at later date you decide to start a new claim under the same benefit will you be declined instantly due to existing debt or will they give you a reduced new UC claim paying off the debt of the old one? Thanks.
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