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Found 12 results

  1. Can anyone provide a copy of the software or is someone willing to perform the calculation and provide the output ?
  2. This thread is probably in the wrong section of the forum so could one of the moderators move it to the appropriate section. HMCTS have updated Form EX160 to include a Fee remission contribution calculator (Form EX160C). A very useful addition indeed. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-help-with-court-and-tribunal-fees
  3. Child maintenance calculator READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/calculate-your-child-maintenance
  4. Hi, when I input data into the spreadsheet calculator v102 available through CAG, the spreadsheet shows the value for the 8% interest at the end of any month that the reconstructed account would be in credit. But only a value relating to statutory interest for that month The spreadsheet seems to do nothing other i.e. it only gives that months value, adding this to the total for statutory interest at the top of the spreadsheet. It does not factor this value into the accruing redress, which is correct but it also does not include 8% per year until the date the claim is settled. Surely if on 30th January 2000, for example, the reconstructed balance is showing £2000 in credit then the calculation for statutory interest relating to that monthly event would be: £2000*((8%/365 maybe 366 in a leap year?) * days between 30th January 2000 and settlement date 18th May 2017, for example). And this would be the calculation, allowing for the varying initial date and days till settlement date, that would apply to each month where the account is in credit due the the reconstructed account. I cannot see how the v102 spreadsheet deals with this, it seems to simply total the statutory interest for each month - this doesn't make sense, does it? Any help would be great as I am a bit stuck at the moment. Many thanks, Philip
  5. Hi, does anyone have the link to calculate payday loan refunds?
  6. Hi All i want to reclaim ppi miss sold to me by egg many years ago i have all my statements and have the figures however i cant find what interest was charged although i have just found "merchandise interest at 1.385 per month" should i use this (im not sure if it would be more if treated as cash) could anyone point me to a ppi calculator (spreadsheet) also would i have a case for excessive charges or has that boat sailed thanks in advance for any advice D
  7. Calculate your armed forces redundancy benefits READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/armed-forces-redundancy-calculator
  8. The Armed Forces’ Benefits Calculator will provide you with an indication of the value of the total benefits you receive as a member of the Armed Forces. It will do this by calculating the financial value of your remuneration and allowances package, together with an indicative value for the other benefits you receive in return for military service, which will indicate what these benefits might cost were you to replicate them in the civilian sector. Armed Forces Benefits Calculator V5.1
  9. Some useful information on universal credit, the bedroom tax, discretionary housing payments and a welfare reform calculator to work out if and how this affects you. http://www.jephson.org.uk/index.php/changes-to-benefits Please note that this guide has been produced by Jephson Housing Association for their tenants, so while the user friendly guide is helpful with general information, it only provides links to local authorities where Jephson are located for more specific detail, particularly regarding discretionary payments, which will be extremely limited.
  10. Hello guys and dolls, I have recently joined C.A.G. and not sure if I have bitten off more than I can chew in such a short space of time. Big apologies if I have flooded the forums with my umpteen questions but I would really appreciate some assistance as I do have a " few issues ". Any advice on these through my various posts would be gratefully received. PM's also welcome. This post concerns PPI on a Halifax Credit Card. Hope you can help. Sent SAR to Halifax July 18 2012. First mistake.... Only requested information to a specific account number. Wet behind the ears and not subscribed to CAG at the time. Nice slab of paper received 3 weeks later detailing copy statements dating back to the account start date. This was 10 June 2004, of which they also sent me ,albeit a copy, the Original CCA. From what I have read on the various threads, this is unusual but welcome. I wrote to Halifax thanking them for the documents I received. I also said.. " However, I request ALL information you hold on me about ALL accounts and that the £10 fee you have already cashed would cover your fee for this service " Just thought I would try.. Still waiting for their reply but have enough info to press on I think. The CCA (credit card application) Employment value states I was a Labourer - Construction Industry. Gross Annual Income: £ 16000 I cannot remember giving an employer name or contact detail. Would that be shown on my application or another piece of data they may be witholding? To my recollection I was self-employed. What bearing would that have should I have needed to make a claim? The Credit Card Protection Cover box was " auto-crossed ". The Card Care box was NOT auto-crossed but they STILL charged me the annual fee. As I have previously stated, I am in posession of all my statements for the duration of the account. Thanks Halifax. I have a few questions I would really like the answers to before I send off the documents to prevent me making a fool of myself. 1. The FOS Questionnaire. I don't recall any events about the sale. Does that matter? Will it affect my claim? I was self employed. Is that all I have to say or do I have to go into more detail why I think the PPI was mis-sold. I only have the credit card account number, not the PPI account details. Is that sufficient? 2. When calculating the interest for the PPI, what spreadsheet is the best to use? Is PPI the same as Credit Card claims? As in Compounded Interest? What interest rate would be charged? 3. Is there a Cover Letter template to use? Many thanks to you all for your advice. Vaz
  11. Hello, I'm proposing the spreadsheet guru's out there devise a new one to replace the runningfos one. In my case, if I remove Over limit Fees and Late Payment fees from the monthly payment column, it eventually puts the PPI payment column into a positive black rather than a negative red, thus rendering the rest of the calculations useless after the point that happens. It starts counting the running PPI balance from 0 instead of the last rows value. Before anyone says you cannot claim charges on PPI, I would ask you to read the following information taken from the FoS website. If this is wrong, is there any evidence? If you read the ombudsman case studies, they suggest the bank should re-instate you to the position you would have been had you not taken out PPI. This includes charges as a result of the premiums. http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/ppi/redress.html case study 2: credit-card account closed and PPI policy cancelled before ombudsman decision So, although credit card "penalties" could be dealt with as unfair and illegal, they should also be able to be dealt with via PPI redress - IF the reconstructed statement shows the account would have been within it's limits had it not been for PPI. Ie my case I received 8 charges totalling £395 in 2004 in late payment and over limit fees on my way to a trust deed My reconstructed statement shows that with the removal of PPI and associated interest, my account was actually in credit from 03/09/03 until the account was closed on 10/03/05. That shows that the over limit charges and late payment fees were a direct result of PPi being added to the account. As the account would have been in credit - No payments would have been due and I would not have been over the limit. I would imagine it would be easier to win back your charges this way, albiet the reward may be less.
  12. just out, but dont know how it will effect everyone http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/BenefitsTaxCreditsAndOtherSupport/BeginnersGuideToBenefits/DG_201734
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