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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all There is a CAG wiki link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?296108-Hot-news-for-anyone-who-has-suffered-mortgage-arrears-charges-irresponsible-lending-or-other-unfair-lender-conduct Has this been updated since 2011 please Thanks
  2. This thread is probably in the wrong section of the forum so could one of the moderators move it to the appropriate section. HMCTS have updated Form EX160 to include a Fee remission contribution calculator (Form EX160C). A very useful addition indeed. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-help-with-court-and-tribunal-fees
  3. Hi all, I have received a notice 01/09/17 about driving with 35mph in the 30 zone on 14/07/17 ,taken by camera. I confirmed it was me and was just about to book the speed awareness course. On 21/10/17 I received another one taken at the same place,by same camera saying I drove 36mph.The date of the offence is 06/07/17!!!!!I accept the fact I drove that fast probably as it's a tricky place after a hill. But...they are sending it 14 weeks after the offence!!!Even if I did not update DVLA when changed address,they have found me with the other notice 8 weeks ago which took place late
  4. The MOD has updated its information on Support for Veterans on 7th April 2016 READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/support-for-war-veterans
  5. The MOD Service Leavers Guide has been updated on 31st March 2016. To view and Download the guide see link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/service-leavers-pack
  6. I have a number of defaults on my credit reports they are about 4 years old. I am thinking of writing to each creditor/collection agency asking to produce copies of the default notice and the credit agreements. My question is this. If a creditor or collection agent cannot send me copies of the original default notice and the original default becomes unenforceable is it possible for them to issue a default notice following this for the same account? therefore a 2nd default on that same account would be on reports for another 6 years? Thanks in ad
  7. Hi i would be grateful for any clarification other caggers can provide. LTSB Gold Service Payment application form circa 1990's. across the top of the application 'Lloyds Bank Gold Service Payment/Photo Card Application Form' underneath Credit agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. this is very confusing as part of the document states under 'Security' 'the overdraft facility made available under this agreement is unsecured and shall not be secured or treated as secured by virtue of any mortgage, charge or other security which i/we may have already give
  8. This is an updated sticky the original started by bookworm can be found HERE The Family Fund - grants for disabled children
  9. Changes to your payment terms and conditions. We've added the following new clause to the Subscription Payments clause in each of your tv, Sky+ and HD terms and conditions to make clear what happens if you miss a payment you owe to us, including for any sky service, we may charge you a reasonable fee, or interest at the yearly equivalent of 4% over Barclays Bank PLCs base rat for the whole period of any late payment, to compensate us for you breaking these conditions. Any interest is workd out daily. We may also charge you a reasonable fee for handling any payment instruction that i
  10. On checking my noddle account I see some debts still on there, which is correct as they wont be 6yrs old until the end of 2015, but I don't know what the "updated" thing is? there are two debts and are listed as updated with 2014 dates next to them. They relate to debts from 2009, is it just to keep them on there and they get updated from time to time?
  11. Govan Law Centre's successful and popular Bedroom Tax Toolkit has now been updated to take on board recent successful First Tier Tribunal decisions in Scotland and England, and to explain how tenants who may be unable to pursue late appeals can nevertheless challenge bedroom tax decisions by way of supersession. The GLC Bedroom Tax Toolkit was first launched on 6 April 2013 and has since been downloaded many thousands of times across the UK, and been used by many advice agencies and campaign groups across the country in Scotland, England, and Wales. You can download a free u
  12. Hi again I have today got myself in such a state, i am going round and round in circles Check bank this morning to find no industrial injuries benefit had been paid in, i rang them only to be told that it had run out on the 10th july and they had sent a file to atos for my reassessment medical on 16th may and the appointment is for 8th August. I asked why i hadnt been informed it was running out and they said they had informed watford of the delays in medicals and that my JSA would be amended to stop iidb deduction. IIDB say they cant reinstate until after the medical.
  13. Hi Can someone please advise me. I have been informed that RBOS defaulted my overdraft on a student account on 13th September after I made no payments since June. There is nothing on my credit report except for 1 late payment which was updated on 14th January 2013. Can they back track and put that default on? I am so confused. They had been writing to an old address and because my credit report showed everything as up to date I didn't worry about this account. Thank you
  14. We would be grateful for any advice or information with regard to a vehicle that we declared SORN back in 2000. We have never had any reminders that the SORN had run out and it is only since we declared another vehicle SORN last year and received a reminder recently that we became aware of the penalties for undeclared SORN. However, the first vehicle is a non runner and we originally declared it SORN after it broke down with the intention of rebuilding it. As time has gone by we never got round to this and now the only way the car would run again is with a total rebuild. We had
  15. Just spotted this in my experian credit report today: Which is weird, as today is 08/08/2012... Anyone know why this might happen?
  16. Thousands were left out of pocket yesterday after the Royal Bank of Scotland was at the centre of a new computer meltdown. About 100,000 customers of Thinkbanking, whose accounts are held by RBS, did not have their balances updated because of a technical problem. The hitch came a fortnight after the RBS computer breakdown left millions of customers of NatWest, owned by RBS, unable to access their cash. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2170378/Second-RBS-glitch-hits-bank-s-savers-100-000-customers-balances-updated.html#ixzz203dwi900
  17. I got caught for speeding & received an SP30. I sent off my 'old-style' pink paper driving license and details for payment (plus a covering letter explaining I’d been in hospital and moved house and that was the reason for my delay in returning my details). Today I received my driving license and my letter back. The £60 has been taken from my account but my license hasn’t been updated with the 3 points. Will these come at a later date? (or have I been lucky?)
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