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  1. Hello, I do use the alerts system and check the reports on at least a weekly (mostly daily) basis. There have been absolutely no changes to this particular account (except 1 late payment added on 17th January) in the last year and it has been updated every month by RBS. Have spoken to CRA's and they have also agreed RBS have updated it every month to show the account is in good order. Can't see how they can suddently put it to default if they have not even put down any late payments (except the 1 in January). I would send you a screen shot of the report but can't get it to load on here.
  2. Hi Brigadier, I have been discussing this with you in a seperate thread, I posted it in two different areas because was not sure where was best. I am going to CAB today with a letter to RBS (not sure if it's ok or not) and copies of all my credit reports (I have one from Experian, Equifax and Noodle) all are showing RBS account "Up to date" and in the green until January 14th when they reported one late payment. It seems so confusing to me that credit reports are to help you with your finances yet they don't show you if there is a problem. What is their purpose? Thank you
  3. Hi, Yes I have a copy of the letter but it's just a photocopy. When I look at both Equifax and Credit expert reports they both show this account as "Up to date" and green for the last year. (I have 1 missed payment in December 2011) It was last updated on 14th January and they added "1 late payment" for January. I can't understand how it can have been defaulted in September 2012 but have no record of this on either of my credit reports. How is this possible? I thought credit reports were to help you keep an eye on your accounts and I thought they were updated every 4-6 weeks.
  4. Hi Can someone please advise me. I have been informed that RBOS defaulted my overdraft on a student account on 13th September after I made no payments since June. There is nothing on my credit report except for 1 late payment which was updated on 14th January 2013. Can they back track and put that default on? I am so confused. They had been writing to an old address and because my credit report showed everything as up to date I didn't worry about this account. Thank you
  5. Hi, Having recently accessed my credit report I noticed I had 1 late payment for RBOS. When I contacted them I found out my student account which has overdraft had been passed to their collections department and is going to be noted as Default as I had not made payments into account since June. This is first I have heard about it. I moved house last March and wrote to my banks to advise but they say they never got my letter. I never get paper statements so didn't realise. I have also taken a year out of studying and informed the bank this was my intention. My balance was sitting withi
  6. H, I was hoping to try imoney managment but the link is not working and it appears to have disappeared off the internet. Is there an alternative free software program I can get do you know? Ta
  7. Hi dx100uk, Thank you for the info. I had sheriff officers come but no bailiffs. I am in Scotland - are bailiffs illegal here? I've never seen one. Do I set up direct debit or standing order to the council? Thats all I have options of on my online bank account. Ta
  8. Hello, What is an LO? In my credit report it says the RBOS debt is from RBOS. I'm not sure what charges have been applied. I have no documentation but I know my limit of overdraft was £1400 and I maxed it so I don't think there are any new charges. I had charges before when payments were taken and I didn't have funds. It was a student account - not sure if that makes a difference. I will contact Council tomorrow and see if they will take payment directly - Maybe add it onto my current Council tax bill. I will contact RBOS too and see what they say.
  9. Hi Dx100uk, I am really not sure about the debt collectors... I am paying them because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I'm really not sure of the right way to do this. I am paying 2 different debt collectors. AA Hutton for Council tax arrears (£870 left) and Scott and Co for RBOS account overdraft (£1388 left). Should I be contacting the Council and RBOS instead of debt collectors.... would this help me? I am trying to pay the AA Hutton small payments because I notice they are not on my credit report. I have come to a £30 per month deal with them allowing me to pay more tow
  10. Hi Thank you for your response. My current score with Experian is 595. I only have 1 default and it was defaulted in Sep 2009 so I guess it will be removed from my report in Sept 2015? The RBOS account has never defaulted and has only 1 late payment. All the rest are settled or up to date now. Should RBOS be my priority debt now? Am I right in thinking from what you have said that it will take 3 years after default is removed for report to be good again? Why does it take so very long do you know? I thought once default ws gone it would start to improve quite quickly.
  11. Hello, A couple of months ago I came to the realisation that I need to get my finances in order. I would like to take out a mortgage within the next couple of years. I got my reports and found out I had 1 defaulted account for £429. It defaulted Sept 2009. I have 13 accounts: 5 from Wonga over last 12 months which are all settled and no late payments. Mobile phone and bank ones from 2008/9 settled A couple of ones for current insurance and mobile provider all fine 1 DEFAULT £429
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