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  1. I came to similar dead ends in my searches. I've noticed that the CCA has the logo of a certain insurance company on it (oh yus!), so is there any point in attempting to reclaim the PPI with them as the introducer/broker?
  2. Thanks, I'll have to chase up Paragon for the details as none were provided.
  3. Sorry, something came up that kept me away the computer. I also needed to find the FOS letter. The summarising statement in their letter says: - Unfortunately, because of the date your PPI policy was sold to you, it doesn't look like your complaint is something we can look into, as Paragon was not covered by our service at that time. I've found the CCA and although there's no tick box on the form as I mentioned earlier, all the PPI boxes had the information pre-printed with no option to decline. No policy documents were issued and I don't know who the policy was provided by. Another question arises from the Ts&Cs that were provided - there's no mention of the right to assign the debt, yet it was sold on to a third party debt collector.
  4. I had a personal loan from 1999 which had PPI on it. I didn't request PPI but the box on the CCA had a pre-printed tick in it. On challenging the PPI, Paragon claim the loan wasn't dependent on PPI and that they weren't regulated at the time so I have no claim against them. The FOS haven't been much help. I've read a thread by user justice4me from 2012 where they managed to successfully make a PPI claim in much the same situation. Does anyone have any information regarding what is needed to successfully make a PPI claim against Paragon? Cheers, OMWO
  5. I'm in the same situation where they claim not to be regulated at the time (1999), the PPI was already ticked on the CCA and the FOS haven't been much help. Does anyone have any further information regarding what was needed to successfully make a PPI claim against Paragon? Cheers, OMWO
  6. Absolutely no problem. I wasn't posting to have a dig, but just to make sure that you were aware that something unusual was going on. I owe so much to this site. I would volunteer to help out with the IT side, but websites, forums and mail hosts are not my strength. I'm mainly a data person. My condolences to the team regarding your loss. OMWO
  7. Been thinking about this, but if that was the case I would have received all the other attempts at making up a name because my email domains are set to allow through any name at the domain. I do this so I can set up unique names for each site I have to provide an email address to. I also use multiple domains, so getting the exact name at the correct domain is far from guesswork or random chance. Both the accounts I have here use different names at different domains. I've been in IT since the early 1980's, before the internet was something the general public was aware of. OMWO
  8. Another one this morning to both addresses - seem to be sending one a day. OMWO
  9. Can Jumbomail check to see where the redirects are going on the links in these emails? OMWO
  10. Had that one (twice - one to the old account email address and one this account email address) here too. Same headers as you would expect. Someone has access to the CAG accounts somehow. Both of my email addresses involved are unique to CAG and not obvious. OMWO
  11. I've not logged into CAG with this particular username since well before 2008. The only emails I get to the associated email address are CAG newsletters. Today I've now received two copies of the same spam. It is a user I had here back in the early days of bank charges when I was also a site helper. When I started up with debt queries I set up a new account so that there was no link back to my identity where I was now dealing with the same institutions in different circumstances.
  12. No probs, just thought I'd better let you know just in case.
  13. Hi, For the very first time I've received a spam email sent to an address that I only use with CAG (it's a specific user @ one of my own domains). It's not the address associated with this log in, but from a much earlier account I had here at the peak of the bank charges reclaims. I've not logged into CAG with that account for many years now. Is there any chance that you have a security breach? Regards, OMWO
  14. My wife has an old credit card debt of around £5K. It went into arrears and a DMP (CCCS then self-managed) several years ago. The debt was sold on to a bank who have recently sold it on to a DCA. The DCA can't provide a copy of the CCA - I didn't expect them to be able to - but still want the full balance. They also can't provide any proof of the balance they claim by way of statements. What are the implications of stopping all payment. I know it used to be the case that a debt without a CCA could not be taken to court, but is it right that courts are now more lenient with the creditor if proof of payment history is available? I don't want to name any names at this point, I'm just trying to establish the principles and current experience.
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