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Found 16 results

  1. Hi I recently had a successful PPI claim with MBNA. I have received a 50% payout but as it was a joint loan, 50% is owed to my late wife. Initially, MBNA refused to pay me her share until I provided a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. After explaining I have neither, they eventually said they will accept documents from a Court or a Solicitor confirming that no Will, Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate was ever made. My wife had next to nothing in assets when she died so, as I understand it from the gov.uk website, I didn’t need to apply for Probate as, in t
  2. I am currently in dispute with a builder over a patio - there have been several attempts to remedy the situation over the past 12 months the patio has been re-laid but there are still significant issues. Last time the builder was on site I unfortunately swore about the situation not directed at the builder. The builder became very aggressive and intimidating - shouting and swearing at me. I asked him to leave the house and he continued. Fortunately, at this point my wife came home with my daughters and she could hear the builder shouting from outside the house.
  3. Well it seems like Provident are having issues. Being investigated for irresponsible lending and losing a lot of money on shares. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4814606/800-000-families-face-crisis-sub-prime-loan-firm-tanks.html
  4. Basically me and my brother have been renting together a few years, made financial sense and we get on well. It is through an agent. He has since had a child(hes not with the mother but they get on) and he has been on the housing association list for a while as he wants to be able to have his son staying over etc. He's over every weekend anyway but stays at my dads. Last week he was accepted for a 2 bedroom flat with the housing association and is going to accept it so will wish to leave shortly. This leaves me in a tricky situation as I would like to stay here, it is his name on the te
  5. Hi All I am posting on behalf of my Ex wife. My Ex and her new partner live in a house share rental, Two of the other tenants have now left, The landlord wants the remaining people to pay full rent,for all three rooms that were let. Also they have found out that the others who have left, there deposits have not been returned. The Landlord is living in another country(south Africa) So the main question at the moment is the rules regarding house share the same as letting a property. they are prepared to pay for 2 bedrooms but not the 3rd. At this moment I have not ha
  6. Hi I am in need of some urgent advice, I am on a short-hold assured joint tenancy agreement and the tenant I am sharing the property with is a friend (soon not to be) has failed to pay his rent, we are now two months in arrears. All he has paid to date is the deposit, have had numerous promises of will pay it tomorrow or this week and still no further, rent is due on the 23rd of each month. Now I have stumped up and paid is share of the rent to the agent to alleviate any problem with the agent, but what can I do? Ideally I want them out now, I have rented the property for 8 months on
  7. I woukld like to purchase one share in a company. The share value is about £4.00 at the moment. It seems i have to open a share dealing account and can be charged about £12 per trade. That is alot considering the stock is oinly worth £4.00. so i have to fork out £16.00 to purchase a £4.00 share The reason why i only want this one share is so i can attend the AGM and ask questions in a profesional capacity Any ideas my best option of getting just this one share??
  8. I have just been reading through 'the credit reference agency explained' section on the experian website and noticed that under the section 'what is credit reference information?' and the sub section 'credit account information' it explains that lenders can only share your information with your permission and that you would normally give this permission when you sign the initial agreement when excepting the terms and conditions etc. This has lead me to wonder, if I have an account which is now marked as defaulted 8 (agreement ended) would this not mean tha
  9. Hi I currently job share 4 hrs a day 5 days a week, my working partner is going to be off for a few month due to a knee operation. Problem is if im asked there is no way I can work full time, I have 3 kids and she is likely to still be off through the summer holidays, I have looked at my contract it doesn't even state I am job share or that I have to cover sick or holidays! Only that they can vary my hours not that they can make me work more and with reasonable notice from time to time.....so can they make me work full time to cover, as any time she had called in ill they have ne
  10. I've had no scope for growing my own food beyond what will flourish on a window sill for a long time. I got onto the council waiting list for a Plot with the foreboding warning it might take as long as 15 years to get to the top! As it turned out it was less than 2 in the end. Annual charges are under 30 quid - I can spend that much in one visit to the Co-op without much trouble! I have forked out (pardon the pun) for some tools and a second (could be 3rd/4th/5th!) hand shed and splashed out on seeds and magazines (if they have free seeds!) I've also been very lucky with family and other
  11. The process of returning RBS to private hands has started. Investors should bide their time, Questor says. Stephen Hester’s imminent departure from the helm of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has come as a bit of a shock to the City. He was well regarded, having undertaken one of the most difficult jobs in banking over the last five years with relative success. The move appears to be political and, as an investor, this form of interference is always a concern. However, the bank has been roiled by political interference since the credit crunch hit, with politicians constantly moving goalpost
  12. The new Financial Conduct Authority will collect and share information from mortgage borrowers that may have data protection implications, it has emerged. The regulator will share personal data with the Bank of England, and its sister organisation, the Prudential Regulation Authority. The FCA wants to harvest large amounts of data about existing and new mortgages, including information on childcare commitments and outstanding loans and credit card bills. The data will also include each borrowers' income, including bonuses and overtime pay. The enhanced data requirements were conta
  13. My daughter had chance of renting an allotment just behind her house. She didn't think she'd have enough time but I persuaded her to do it! We spent last year preparing the plot - it hadn't been used for almost 25 years so was shoulder-high in weeds and stuff. We've just about planted all our fruit, herbs and organic veggies for the year .. so satisfying. You forget all about the hard work once you've planted everything and can actually start eating your own chemical free produce. We'll have more than enough for ourselves and friends to eat now and to freeze for later. The
  14. Will mean that there will be just 2 providers supplying the UK following the tie up with Always and everywhere (Orange / t mobile) and 3. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-2156085/Vodafone-02-set-share-network-phone-masts.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
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