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  1. thank you I am with my sister now and she is in a dreadful state, the letter she was given is about sanctions and loss of benefits. She has agreed I can go through a complaint with them. I shall do the taxi cost quote straight away. it stuns me how they can pick on the vulnerable like this, she has been on work courses before, which were held locally and for 2 weeks, 3 days a week but she did not benefit from it as they were unable to supply the speech recognition software for a computer or teach her how to use any. the activities they have outlined for her are : critical thinking ?, conflict management, leadership, practical team building, communication and working as part of a team apologies I do realise I am ranting
  2. thought I should add, she is 57 and lost her sight in an accident at work in 2012 She has many many years of experience, as a licensee and employer herself, so retraining with new skills will probably be fruitless.
  3. thank you for your reply, The point of claiming ESA is the doctor states " you are not ill, therefore a sick certificate, is not appropriate. Yes you are correct she would have to give up her jobs, but these form a big part of her independence, so she would only part with them if she had paid work, maybe of a similar nature. I have just spoken to her and the universal credit part has never been spoken about with her advisor and we are not really instep with what its all about. She had the interview on Wednesday last with the training people and is expected to start tomorrow, she said she was given a leaflet and note about it, so I am going to pop round to read it for her. The main thing will be working out how to get there for her, because its out of county. many thanks again
  4. HI, Hope someone can help out with this problem. My sister is claiming JSA and has been told she must attend a skills conditionality course, mon-fri 10 til 4, lasting 18 weeks. She has been told this course is mandatory because she is long term unemployed. She has been to the first interview with a group of other claimants and was told to fill in all the forms etc, and given a run through of what training she will be given, but the problem is she is blind in one eye and only has awareness of light and contrast in the other, she is unable to read or write legibly one of the attending advisors filled in the forms and asked her to make a mark as a signature. my sister is looking for work although restricted, she does voluntary work at a local animal sanctuary at weekends and at a nearby allotment 2 days a week, that is run by the rnib I have seen some legislation that some diabled claimants could only be put on the course voluntary but it also states that long tern unemployed is mandatory. She uses the county community transport service to get around but they will not take her out of county, which this course is. her work coach/advisor seems fairly uninterested in helping and has explained she will be sanctioned. she receives PIP at enhanced rate for both sections Please can anybody point me in the right direction many thanks
  5. Thanks Craig I feel sure that we gave the council every single piece of information and have paid what they asked for ontime without fail. I doubt it will be worth claiming the severe disability premium of her jsa if it can cause so much stress explaining and sending documents back and forth. many thanks
  6. thank you for very quick help. This is partly what causes the hassle sometimes, aunt and uncle are ex pats living in Portugal and he insists he has his name on CT and electoral roll to preserve his.....whatever he thinks he is preserving (they are both 74) The council are aware of this and have copies of all documents they asked for when mum applied for half CTS and said he would be a non dependent ???
  7. hi all, hope you can help. My mum is sight impaired and receives enhanced rate PIP for both mobility and daily living. She is fiercely independent and is still looking to work, she claims income based JSA and receive 2 disability premiums. Her DEA at the jobcentre has said she should be claiming the 3rd premium as well BUT she is confused about the eligibility criteria. Her home is on a joint mortgage with her brother in law (and sister but only BIL on mortgage) and she receives council tax support on her half of the council tax. As a joint owner my uncle is on the council tax register/electoral roll and pays his share from a joint bank account they have for house finances (mortgage, CT, maintenance costs etc). My parents divorced many many years ago and my aunt and uncle bought out my fathers share of the house so my mum did not lose her home. The fear she has is that although she lives alone, I stay there for maybe a week a month with the kids, (she lives in a fairly rural community) and my aunt and uncle stay a week or so every couple of months. Will all this be interpreted by the DWP as not living alone. I admit from an outsider it probably looks dodgy lol, but mum is straight on the line for these sort of matters and says she will end up in prison for fraud if she fills the form in. Any help please
  8. any ideas how i can get to see the notes, or description of the female
  9. Would a picture help, that shows there is no motor and that the switches are not connected to anything ?
  10. hi On 8th August i received a letter from the council re: waste disposed of contrary to enviromental protect act 1990 and clean neighbourhood and enviroment act 2005 It says on 31st july enforcement officers witnessed the driver throw a cigarette butt out of the DRIVERS window and drive away ... etc etc if you wish the council to consider any representations, ie you were not the driver on the date and time mentioned, before making your decision please can you ring me to arrange a mutually convenient time for you to visit the council offices within the next 7 days. On the 8th i rang the given name and number and left a message with my name and number and asked to be called back....nothing....I rang again on the 11th and left the same message......nothing Today i received a FPN for £50 the attached letter states that a female driver was witnessed throwing a cigarette butt out of the drivers window... to conclude this matter you have limited options, pay now or go to court. on the fpn it says issued via post and printed below says the officer who has issued this notice has or will be making additional notes, you are encouraged to read and indicate the accuracy of these notes. Can anyone tell me how i get to see these notes, if no response from my calls. The offence is clearly not accurate as 1. my drivers window does not open, the motor has gone and been removed and so has the internal gubbins because we tried to make a manual window opener ? but failed so the window has been glued permanantly shut. 2. we dont smoke in the car because the window does not open. I am at a loss how they say i threw a butt from the window, i categorically did not. Should i pay this or go to court are the only options, but why should i pay for something i did not do. any advice please
  11. Hi I had an accident at work in 2011, 3 weeks later my contract came to an end and after recovery of sorts i applied for JSA income based and was given it. I then started a compensation claim which is still ongoing. The jcp advisor at the time said i should claim IIDB which i did and was granted it at 60%, this payment was taken from my JSA, which is fine.now i have received a part 36 offer and a certificate to say the IIDB must be repaid, but i really cant see why ? If i had not claimed IIDB my income based JSA would have remained the same amount in full. So if i have to pay the IIDB part back will the DWP pay me back the JSA they have taken to make it level again, or it means i will have paid the CRU twice so confused original income based JSA was £103.60 per week (i have a disability and age element) after claim for IIDB my payment was separated to £80.80 IIDB and £22.80 JSA advisor told me only last week that if my IIDB stops then my JSA goes back to 103.60 so if the CRU takes back the IIDB will i have lost all that money because it was due to be paid anyway without IIDB please unravel my brain
  12. Thanks for your reply I really am unsure how this happened but after the accident, the riddor reports etc were submitted and because at the time i had very little sight, i was given a case worker to deal with formalities of the mess i was in, at first i wasnt given jsa because "I left the job" and the IIDB process was started, then i had a letter about the JSA claim from the time we applied at first and they said it had been agreed i could claim - i know its all very complicated but the barrister dealing with my court case advised to continue with IIDB as the medical records would be of help. Do you have any ideas how i can get it done any quicker. P.S I have had 3 medicals for IIDB with atos and have never had any problems, they go over my hospital and consultant findings and that is all, no dodgy questions and no invasive medical, all they do is shine a light into my eyes to check for responses and off i go
  13. Hi again I have today got myself in such a state, i am going round and round in circles Check bank this morning to find no industrial injuries benefit had been paid in, i rang them only to be told that it had run out on the 10th july and they had sent a file to atos for my reassessment medical on 16th may and the appointment is for 8th August. I asked why i hadnt been informed it was running out and they said they had informed watford of the delays in medicals and that my JSA would be amended to stop iidb deduction. IIDB say they cant reinstate until after the medical. I received my normal jSA yesterday of 43.30 so i went to JCP who gave me a form A10 statement to fill out and they would send on to watford. I spoke to watford who new nothing of the delays and said they will look at the form when it arrives, i asked how long it will take, they said it should be worked out after my next sign on date which is the 27th july. I am so upset and confused where its gone wrong, i just cannot cope on 21.70 a week for the next month. Has anyone any advice please. I was left partially sighted following an accident at work last year hence the IIDB, and this amount is deducted from my JSA.
  14. thank you so much for the link. I would seem that i meet the criteria if the mortgage was in my sole name but i cant find any info that can shed any light on it being a joint mortgage and if i could claim just on my half. Thank you again
  15. Any advice please on mortgage interest relief.. I am currentlu unemployed and receive income based JSA, industrial injuries benefit, and DLA I live in a mortgaged house with my adult daughter (employed) I pay full council tax and all house related bills. I divorced 2 years ago and my ex husband still pays his half of the mortgage on the dot. My friends tell me i should be able to claim mortgage interest payments for my half of the mortgage through my JSA Is this possible or am i being misled ?
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