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  1. Hey CAG, Posting on behalf of a friend. In short she doesn't have a tv licence as doesn't watch live tv only netflix. However her young daughter downloaded BBC iplayer on her tablet and signed up and gave her mums post code etc and obviously must of said she had a TV licence. Fast forward a few weeks and my friend gets an email that says "Our records show you've used BBC iplayer on a number of occasions in recent weeks. As your no licence need status is now invalid you need to buy a TV licence" and gives her a link to buy. Does she need to buy one, her daughter being on early te
  2. Hi Guys 4 months ago I moved into my new home that already had a dish and aerial attached. I haven't had a TV for years so got out of the habit of watching TV (and I don't miss it!). I do have a laptop, ipad and mobile phone (laptop is used for business and ipad used to watch youtube sometimes and play music). I have received several letters from TV licensing and an officer visited last week but I wasn't in. The following day I received a letter (addressed to dear sir/madam) saying that an officer visited and that they will be proceeding to the final stages of their inve
  3. Hi. I bought a second home 5 or 6 years ago with the intention of renting it out, or occasionally using it as a weekend home. Ii arranged a sky dish install and tv aerial at the time, but never installed a tv. Due to my wife extended illness, the house has sat unoccupied, although I maintain it and keep it secure and tidy. However, from about 6 months after buying the house (as a new build) I began getting demands for a tv licence. These were and have always been addressed to " The Occupier" I have since just been ignoring these and throwing them in the bin along wi
  4. Scoobietufc

    Psv licence

    Hi, I have recently applied for a psv license through stagecoach. I have passed my medical and forms have been sent off. The only problem is I have suffered with depression for a few years however it is being managed with medication. I am slightly worried that this may have an impact on whether I get this PSV provisional license issued by the DVLA. I have just received a letter from DVLA asking for my full drivers license with a signature to before they can issue anything to me. Is this normal practice and does it sound like they will be granting me with the provisi
  5. Hi everyone!!! Hoping some of you might be able to help. Will try and keep this to the point as I know there are other posts that I have spent a long time reading but everyone's situation is different. I have been convicted of DD twice now and on the first time I served 14 months with doing the DD course. Second time was 2 years later and was given a ban of 4 years, 150 hours community service, thinking skills and another programme. I have now served half my ban and have hired a specialist motoring solicitor and a barrister (not cheap) to hopefully get my license back ear
  6. Hi there. I'm having some issues trying to find the information I need. Here's my situation: I'm finally in a position where I would like to learn how to drive. Unfortunately, my provisional driver's licence is no longer valid since June of 2017. I'm applying for a new licence on the DVLA website but I am running into trouble. I am being asked to provide a passport (which I don't have and have never had). I need to provide 3 years of address history, but until about a year ago, I was homeless, and there's no option for this on the sign up page I was sofa sur
  7. I am in the process of chaning my old paper licence which has my old address on it over to a photocard with our new address on it. I have got my photo signed and the form signed by the person verifying it. I have my birth certificate but I do not have a passport, this means I need a further supporting document, dvla state a dwp letter will do. I do not have much since 2007/08 regarding the dwp, I still have an old letter from them so would that do? it has my current address on it. If not we do have something for my partners working tax credit, both of our
  8. Hi Two weeks ago I applied for my driving licence as had a reminder it had run out, seems they do after ten years. It ran out at my old address and I never bothered to renew it as had no car and had other things to sort out, I went to the post office with my forms and told the lady I had a new address, she checked it over, took my picture and that was it, I am still waiting for it to come back, and as I forgot to make a note of my driver number am not sure if I can phone DVLA up and ask where it is Thanks in advance Sandy
  9. Hello, This is my first time using this forum so be gentle I paid £34 online for my Provisional Licence as I have no current ID that I am able to use. I received an email on 03/02/17 to say that the payment has been successful but in order for the DVLA to complete my application, I have to send them some forms of ID such as Birth Certificate, bank letters etc. My problem is, it has been nearly one month and I have not received the letter/form which they have said I would get to be able to send a passport sized photo of myself and the forms of ID that they have requested
  10. Apologies for the length, but I wish to give as full a picture as possible. According to TVL it is possible to obtain a refund for the last 3 months of a TV licence, if that licence is no longer required. As a renter (sub-letting), I held a TV licence for the period 1st Dec 15 to 30th November 16. All official documentation for the property, council tax, tenancy agreement, utility bills etc, were in the name of my landlord/the leaseholder. On the 1st Sept 16, I signed a joint tenancy agreement at a new address, which was already covered by a TV licence. Subsequently, I transfered the
  11. I moved away from the UK some years ago, I've obtained a new driving licence in my new country but it's not an EU one or one from a country that can be converted directly into a UK licence. The date on my UK driving licence ran out in 2014 - I made attempts to try to renew it so I could at least keep it up to date but it appears you must use a UK address to update it and it is an offence to have an address on your driving licence where you are not resident. I do plan on returning to the UK at some point and as my new driving licence is not from a reciprocal country that can convert d
  12. iPlayer to require TV licence from September 1st No more free BBC on-demand. Doesn't impact other on-demand services though.
  13. I am thinking of watching TV only for part of the year. If this is to be the case, what measures should I take to legally avoid not paying for the period that I won't be watching as I understand TV licensing tend to get you to pay six months in advance..
  14. I am a Canadian studying in the UK and am looking to purchase a car in late August when I return for university. I had already attended for one year and entered the country September 2nd, 2015. According to the DVLA information, my Canadian licence will only be valid for 12 months from my date of arrival (September 2nd, 2016). Unfortunately, I've made a commitment to have a car ready and be prepared to drive from August 30 to September 1st. I believe this is a problem because in order to exchange my Canadian licence for a UK licence I am required to send in my original passport and BRP (
  15. Hi All, Thanks for looking at this, I'm after a little advice after the DVLA revoked my licence following me surrendering it. The story: I had a seizure in December 2014, the first and only seizure I've had in my 40 years. I dutifully surrendered my licence under doctors orders and was told to just apply in six months and that would be that. I applied for it back and got a 'no, we're revoking it instead, wait longer' type letter, so the rules say six to twelve months so no problem maybe they're just being safe. I applied again after the 12 months, only to be told that it
  16. In last week's White Paper on the future of the BBC, the Culture Secretary; John Whittingdale confirmed that watching TV without a valid TV licence will continue to be a criminal offence. At present, 13% (approx 180,000 cases) that go before the magistrates each year are in relation to TV licence evasion. In the consultation paper it was stated that 'more guidance' was required in relation to this offence together with 'proposed culpability factors'. Presently, the Sentencing Council are undertaking a large-scale revamp of sentencing rules for 27 common offences dealt with by the
  17. Hi, My Daughter has had a Notice of Enforcement from Marston. Regarding unpaid TV Licences. I am not defending her guilt but I want to question the actions. On reception of the notice (22/4/16) she contacted Marston who said the debit was for 2013/14/15. Although the issue date is 20/2/13. Couple of things. 1 - She was working in France for 4 months prior to that date. So would have had no knowledge of any court date as she arrived bcak in the UK less than 10 days before the issue date having found out she was going to be a mum for the first time! 2 - How can they
  18. Back in July 2015 I received a court fine for TV licence I phoned the court to arrange payment to be told it's been passed to Marston's I tired contacting. Marston's and they wanted payment in full which I can't do so I then received a baillif at my door no 7 day notice letter from them just turned up at the door anyway they wanted 650 pound which I didn't have they could see I had no assets so they told me I had a month to get the money together stupidly I said yes just to get them out of the house but I can't pay it I'm a single mum of 7 children getting full housing benefit coun
  19. Hi there I took a car out on a PCP contract for 4 years with Mercedes in August 2014 I took a seizure on 4th April 2015 still no sign of getting my licence back but I've never missed a payment on the PCP agreement this has nearly been a year since I took the seizure and still paying every month I can't see a way out or put a plan together as Mercedes aren't interested although I've informed Mercedes of my situation but there not interested as long as they are getting paid every month,if anyone could give me some advice on what to do I would be most greatful especially in finding out how soo
  20. Last week i received my van insurance renewal which had went up from £220 to £445... I went on line & found the same cover for £325 so i contacted my insurer (Budget)....I wanted to know why my premiums had doubled....They waffled on not giving me the answer i was looking for but said because i had been with them for a couple of years they would reduce my premiums to £335 which i accepted... When i downloaded my documents i noticed that my medical condition ( Diabetes)..wasnt mentioned & neither was my 3 year restriced licences....Today the renewal insurance came in for my ca
  21. Hi there, I'm having some problems to get the balance of my deposit back, this is £290. I have sent 3 emails to my former landlord and he said that I'm his lodger, I don't have any right and they are not willing to give me anything back. The problem is I'm not his lodger, he didn't live in the property. The landlord is a business of 2 Spanish guys (agency) taking advantage of other foreigners in London. They rent properties through letting agencies and they sublet every inch in the house to people. We were living in London 8 people in a house with one bathroom. As far as I know the o
  22. If you are planning on driving in France, beware - one could be heading straight for you at the next roundabout. Carolyn Brown, who lives part of the year in Brittany, has a cautionary tale about a very small car. Losing one's driving licence in the UK is a serious matter - expensive and, to say the least, very inconvenient. But in France, no licence? No problem. You can simply go shopping for a VSP a voiture sans permis - a small two-seater car that anyone aged 14 or over can take out on the road with as little as four hours' experience behind the wheel, sometimes not even tha
  23. Ten percent of all court fines relate to using a TV without a valid licence. It is a sad fact that the vast majority of people who receive a visit from a TV Licence Enquiry Agent ignore the summons and the accompanying Means Form. A large percentage of people subject to these fines rely upon state benefits. In almost all cases, the person receiving the summons should respond to plead guilty. In doing so, 'credit' will be credit (which will be a reduction in the standard fine). Secondly....it is vitally important to complete the Means Enquiry Form (as outlined below). The following
  24. Semt to Specavers for field test etc. Licence revoked . Only action is to appeal to magistrates court as dvla do not accept new eye information I sent in. Any other people who have had this problem? Very ineffient to deal with, so far it has lasted 8 months. Specsavers test is cheap done by juniors! Any advice information from similar cases would be welcome?
  25. Hi My friend has 12 points on his licence and had his exceptional hardship plea accepted and he had the following 3 points for wrong direction July 2012 3 points for mobile phone Nov 2012 6 points for Speeding (SP30 i think) Dec 2012 I undertand 3 points are physically removed after 4 years, but off the record really after 3 years. Please explain what this means, so the first 3 are removed already as its been 3 years now what about the rest? Thanks!
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