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  1. Just adding a bit of detail, in case anyone from Scotland comes across the post and thinks they can sit back for 6 months before appealing.
  2. Or via Sheriff Court within 21 days if you're in Scotland.
  3. There would appear to be a problem no matter if you voluntarily surrender or not. If you do then you are open to any suggestion they make. If you don't and something occurs then you're a bad human being. I went for honesty. As this has moved on they have got a medical report from my GP. The GP didn't quite understand where they got their allegation from and confirmed that there was no issue regards alcohol or fitness to drive in the report. This would be expected. But they are sticking doggedly to the hard line, they have disregarded the medical report from my GP and offered the alternative of appealing through the court. Not entirely sure what that involves but I guess if they won't accept a medical report and won't offer any other alternative then I have no choice.
  4. OK, thank you, that's also very useful. I see the medical examination fee is for those people who have been disqualified for drink-driving (maybe I didn't read the bit that says just anyone sent for a medical), I had an SP30 back in 1993 which is my only driving blip I'm sure a wee meeting with a franchised doctor will also be fine, I would welcome it in fact. Of course the doctor will be being paid by the DVLA so heavily in favour of their point of view so I guess being totally honest will be the key.
  5. That sounds like a right pickle! I would have welcomed them accessing my medical records or even inviting me to a dedicated exam, but alas no, I got a person looking to clear their workload by finding quick errors to shift applications into the bin, my erroneous tick in a box or not. I've since gone completely teetotal, probably overkill but given I wasn't a regular heavy drinker it's no great loss. I will report back any progress as time goes on, maybe it'll serve as useful to the next person who comes a cropper with mixing up the application process.
  6. The application is still to be decided, I know for a fact they have sought my records on this occasion as I was summonsed to the doctors surgery to assist them filling it out. My GP was somewhat perplexed about it all, he also had to fill out a drug misuse form!! I had already decided to wait for the next verdict before making any steps forward on this, primarily because I don't want to put the current process on hold whilst they investigate, and then become a bit shirty because I've questioned things and fall again at the behest of an overzealous administrator. I guess at some point I've ticked a box and that's set alarm bells ringing. I'm sure it'll all come out in the wash when and if I pursue it further. Many thanks for taking the time to reply to this, all replies have been very useful and very much appreciated. Regards Dave
  7. Thank you, that's a very detailed response. I applied at the six month point because I didn't see any reason I shouldn't. When I got the 'no' reply I did look at the rules and see that 12 months may apply. So faced with appealing or waiting another couple of months, I decided to wait. Figured they'd take about the same length of time or, as you said, it might just be a doomed effort and a waste of time. I had no idea it was artistic license to brand me how they saw fit. Yes, I signed a consent form and would have welcomed my records being made available, but they never accessed them. Nobody has requested blood tests or any other test to qualify them revoking my licence. Even now no one will have a baseline to compare to should it be required. Let me clarify my point about times where I have more than recommended. Not a daily occurrence, not even over the course of a week. Just if I ever get the chance to go socialising I might drink more than two pints, ;-) Do you think going about this I would be best doing it myself directly (probably not), via citizens advice or through a lawyer? Thanks
  8. Step 1 - Surrender Step 2 - Reapplied - got my licence revoked without investigation Step 3 - Reapplied - may be granted subject to medical investigation. So at point of first reapplication they should have investigated but didn't, they just revoked it and told me to wait. That seems like an error, how can someone make a judgement on a medical condition without investigating? Madness. Do you reckon asking for their complaints procedure would work, or am I going to have to get me some professional help? (for the having their stance retracted, not my implied alcohol problem )
  9. Hi Ford Thanks for the reply, they're welcome to pour over my records. The problem is that they revoked my licence without checking my records, so now if I'm answering questions along the lines of "Have you ever had your licence revoked or refused?" I'm going to have to answer Yes, then explain. Not so sure an explanation of "DVLA got it wrong" will wash with most institutions so I'm going to have to put down the DVLA reasoning, and that would suggest I'm an alcoholic and that isn't the case at all. Ideally I'd be looking to see if anyone knows if it's possible to have them retract their stance and how I might go about it. Thank you Dave
  10. Hi All, Thanks for looking at this, I'm after a little advice after the DVLA revoked my licence following me surrendering it. The story: I had a seizure in December 2014, the first and only seizure I've had in my 40 years. I dutifully surrendered my licence under doctors orders and was told to just apply in six months and that would be that. I applied for it back and got a 'no, we're revoking it instead, wait longer' type letter, so the rules say six to twelve months so no problem maybe they're just being safe. I applied again after the 12 months, only to be told that it would be subject to intense medical scrutiny because I had an alcohol problem! That was news to me, sure there will be times where I exceed the guidelines set out by government but they are extremely low in reality and they aren't seeking me out to write a documentary. I did happen to have the seizure following a night out so the discharge letter does say alcohol may have been a factor. So my concern is now I'm going to be branded as a raging alcoholic and that is likely to lead to many other problems down the line. I would like to try and get the DVLA to reverse their assessment of me, has anyone got any advice on how I might do this and if it is even possible? Thanks Dave
  11. Hi Everyone I've read some fantastic responses and got alot of help from reading this forum thus far. However I have quite a serious issue which I am now starting to think I should be seeking help for. I will be going to seek legal advice but I thought if I did some of the leg work it might speed things up and let me know if spalshing out on a lawyer would be beneficial Here is the story. In 2007 we moved home, at the same time we moved mortgage provider from Clydesdale with whom we had one of their Rapid Repay facilities. The Clydesdale left us with our Debit cards and access to the full amount of the mortgage despite releasing the security over our old home. We fell on a tough patch and asked the Clydesdale if we could still use the money, we were told that we had full access to the fund and there was no issue about using it. So we did, a few months later the picture was not so rosy. We were called to a meeting, lawyer and all and told we needed to pay back the money with immediate effect. Obviously we had no access to liquid funds or the debt would not be there in the first place. The bank took money from an account I used for expenses to offset it against the debt and they whacked 20odd% monthly interest. So we agree to pay back the money at an affordable amount and CB would get a second charge over my property. Now what I have learnt so far is that we were stupid for using the money and the bank was incompetent for not closing the account forthwith and still allowing access to the funds. My problem is I am now paying back a loan I can barely afford and everytime I go to the bank to get them to reduce it they refuse. They refuse to put it in writting too. I don't get any communication such as statements for the borrowing either I have misplaced the agreement for the amount we are paying at the moment so I cannot check if I have any right to ask them to reduce the payment. Can I write to request this information or will they call in the full amount and attempt to force me out of my home to repay them. Any and all advice would be gladly recieved Thanks
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