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  1. Yes I will be getting the police involved if necessary because all of this is starting to make me ill I've suffered with anxiety and depression on and of for 15 years now and it's coming back again because of them and with 7 children to look after things are really difficult what gets me why do they harass people if they can't pay in full or have no assets they should send it back not keep harassing when they also know the money can't be borrowed it's got to the stage with them where when she comes back I will willingly open the door and let them in because I have no money and no assets worth taking all my stuff is on HP that's worth anything it's getting pathetic talk about waste of time just to sit there for them to say 100 times over can you borrow it then we I've already said 100 times over I have nobody to lend it from just be glad when its over
  2. UPDATE managed to finally get hold of someone at the court earlier who wanted to speak to me and not fob me off and they have said they will deal with it but Marston's have to hand it back first im waiting for her to come back cos I tried to ring her twice with no response so left a message with her saying I can't pay in full so she will be back but I have no assets which I told the court and they said if I have no assets she will hand it back to us then I'll be sent back to court so I've just got to wait for her to come back and see I have nothing which I think she knows anyway
  3. Do you think I should contact her and tell her I can't pay in full I just want this over with its making me ill she also told me if she don't get the full money I would just get another warrant issued how can I when I have no assets ??
  4. I know once she entered my property she new she werent getting 650 pounds worth of stuff she was only interested in my appliances till I proved they were all on hire purchase
  5. Yes she looked all round where she could said she couldn't enter kids bedrooms and once she looked all around she said about giving me a month to get the money togetherand i showed her all my HP agreements because when she first came in she was all for taking goods
  6. I have just phoned the court and they said it's in Marston's hands I have to sort it with them I told them I had no assets and they just said that will be down to Marston's to sort out I'm at my wit's end how to I apply for a means hearing ?
  7. No I couldn't attend court because I had a c section 4 days before so was unable to attend court my court date was the 9th of July 2015 and I was fined 380 pound it's now 650 because of Marston's what I'm confused with if Marston's can't take nothing (everything I own that's worth money is on HP) I literally have no assets what happens next I want to pay it just to get them of my back but can't afford to
  8. Back in July 2015 I received a court fine for TV licence I phoned the court to arrange payment to be told it's been passed to Marston's I tired contacting. Marston's and they wanted payment in full which I can't do so I then received a baillif at my door no 7 day notice letter from them just turned up at the door anyway they wanted 650 pound which I didn't have they could see I had no assets so they told me I had a month to get the money together stupidly I said yes just to get them out of the house but I can't pay it I'm a single mum of 7 children getting full housing benefit council tax child tax credit I'm self employed but only work 16 hours a week and it's commission based so I don't really earn anything at all what should I do there coming back on the 16th April for payment in full but I have no assets and no money I'm not refusing to pay the court fine I just need more time to pay any advice would be greatly appreciated
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