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  1. Strange. I don't understand the misinformation going around saying you may need to retake your test if a certain amount of time passes since failing to renew your licence. Some say two years, some say 10.
  2. That was my understanding - however I did read in some places that you could be required to re-take your test if more than 2 years passed since your licence was due for renewal. Is this inaccurate?
  3. That was the first place I looked. It states: ''You must renew a photocard licence every 10 years - you’ll receive a reminder before your current licence ends.'' My question is what happens if I don't?
  4. I moved away from the UK some years ago, I've obtained a new driving licence in my new country but it's not an EU one or one from a country that can be converted directly into a UK licence. The date on my UK driving licence ran out in 2014 - I made attempts to try to renew it so I could at least keep it up to date but it appears you must use a UK address to update it and it is an offence to have an address on your driving licence where you are not resident. I do plan on returning to the UK at some point and as my new driving licence is not from a reciprocal country that can convert d
  5. But that's basically a dead end, right? Even more irritating as I look at the photographs included on the letter, there's another car driving up the bus lane adjacent to my car on one of the photos about 15 seconds later. This is a money spinner plain and simple penalising the hard working motorist as always in this country and merely lining the pockets of the council lackies.
  6. Today I received a Being in a Bus Lane Penalty Charge Notice for having driven in a bus lane in Oxford on Saturday afternoon. It's simply a case that this is the first time I had driven in Oxford and didn't know. The letter seems to be from NSL Services Group on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council. This has never happened to me before. My question is, is this one of those unenforceable fines like the private parking companies [problem] for parking on private land where you simply ignore their letters and nothing happens, or is this really enforceable where if I don't pay it then it reall
  7. It's not my petition. I don't know who created it. I just came across it and felt it was relevant.
  8. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/41494 Sign this petition and share as much as you can. The only way we can bring about any real change against the immoral conduct of the DVLA is by signatures on the petition.
  9. All opinions welcome to this, that I am finalising to send to all the relevant avenues. To anybody savvy enough, can anyone help identify what specific laws and regulations DVLA are breaking with these tactics for their fines? I'm sure they are breaking quite a few, but it would be good if I can reference some specific ones. Thanks
  10. DVLA SAY THEY'RE 'SORRY' - BUT REVEAL INNER WORKINGS OF CORRUPTION The letter I received today, on behalf of the office of Simon Tse whom I forwarded the details of all this to, confirms that the case has been withdrawn and the matter is now closed. Though they have apologised and confirmed that I did nothing wrong incompliance by keeping the SORN vehicle on a private road, here's the problem I have with all this. They blame this having happened due to a police officer who saw the vehicle parked on what they thought was the public road. It seems DVLA tactics go bad somewhere bet
  11. LOL DVLA are on Watchdog and Rogue Traders almost every season
  12. Right, I've submitted all the facts of the matter regarding the alleged offence, and also detailed all the inevitable trials and tribulations you always suffer whenever the DVLA are involved, and submitted it to the Enforcement Dept., and by recorded mail to the local enforcement office with their letter, and also submitted it as a complaint to the DVLA, and sent it to my MP for the attention of the Secretary of State for Transport. From experience, this is the only way to make sure they don't ignore you. When will this crooked rogue trader finally get it's come uppance?
  13. True - but the key difference between them and any other private company is that they get away with whatever they want, treat people however they choose and are never held to account for their actions that persecute innocent people, it seems as if they operate above the law. There's something rotten in Swansea... IT'S THE DVLA!
  14. The rot from the Swansea office would of course never miss out on an opportunity to try to get more money out of innocent people, regardless of whether they're right or not. I have received a letter stating that the car was parked at the location I said (the private road) without tax (which is obvious as the car was SORN and kept on the private road they stated, so nothing has been done wrong by me) and they require I pay them £100 otherwise they will take me to court. On the day I found the warning notice on the car, I wrote to the DVLA and the Highway Agency. The Highway Agency re
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