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  1. No intention of starting an argument but the wording of your post could of been better
  2. Well what did you mean....When you said ...Quote ..A full UK licence isnt a provisional licence ?
  3. Inever said a full licence was a provisional....I said i always thought a full licence was the next step up from a provisional...But you have confirmed what i thought so thanks for that
  4. Last week i received my van insurance renewal which had went up from £220 to £445... I went on line & found the same cover for £325 so i contacted my insurer (Budget)....I wanted to know why my premiums had doubled....They waffled on not giving me the answer i was looking for but said because i had been with them for a couple of years they would reduce my premiums to £335 which i accepted... When i downloaded my documents i noticed that my medical condition ( Diabetes)..wasnt mentioned & neither was my 3 year restriced licences....Today the renewal insurance came in for my ca
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