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Found 23 results

  1. There was an article in todays paper that sums up what is wrong with charging for hospital parking. A private security guard has been jailed for stealing with others over £200k from the parking machines at Wythenshawe Hospital over a period f just under a year. To pick through whty this is a particularly rotten endictment of what is wrong lets start with his employment, he worked for a subcontractor security firm and he was stealing £30k a month in cash he was handling for the parking co/hospital. He was only caught because a student working part time there dobbed him in. Now that me
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39792170
  3. I am in the process of chaning my old paper licence which has my old address on it over to a photocard with our new address on it. I have got my photo signed and the form signed by the person verifying it. I have my birth certificate but I do not have a passport, this means I need a further supporting document, dvla state a dwp letter will do. I do not have much since 2007/08 regarding the dwp, I still have an old letter from them so would that do? it has my current address on it. If not we do have something for my partners working tax credit, both of our
  4. Major high street stores have been accused of ripping off shoppers by charging up to 10p for paper carrier bags – despite them being exempt from the new laws brought in last month. Outraged shoppers have hit out at Debenhams and House of Fraser claiming they are 'cashing in' by charging for paper bags when other high street shops offer them for free. House of Fraser has said the charge for paper bags had been introduced for 'ethical and moral' reasons, and that all proceeds would be donated to charity. However, shoppers have taken to Twitter to express their anger at th
  5. Hi all, I purchased a steam iron from Currys about 5 months ago but recently it stopped working. I wanted to take it back under the year's warranty it had on it but when I went to find the receipt i saw that it was faded and barely legible. Turns out it was printyed on some sort of thermal paper that fades with time... either way, no surprise, they wouldn't accept it as proof of purchase. Has anyone else had this problem???? And if so what did they do to get around it? Not the most expensive item but ridiculous that I can't take it back through no fault of my own. They sho
  6. Mirror Online wants to publish the electoral spending returns of every one of this Government's 330 MPs - so you can hold them to account on their spending We aim to publish online the electoral spending returns of every one of this Government's 330 MPs for the country to judge whether they were entirely truthful about their spending. The Mirror was the first to break the story in March that more than two dozen Tory MPs benefited from battlebuses packed with Tory activists but failed to declare any of the costs. Much more on the link. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/part-daily-
  7. Dyson Airblade hand-driers spread 60 times more germs than standard air dryers, and 1,300 times more than standard paper towels, according to research published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology. http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/dyson-airblades-spread-germs-1300-times-more-than-paper-towels/ar-BBrIqCG?ocid=spartandhp
  8. Having taken up residence in my new home, and being currently an empty shell, I have a blank canvas to work with It seems i have one wall with that horrid artex type wall paper with all the dimples, the remaining walls are the normal vinyl type that you can wipe down. I prefer not to rent a steamer so the good old elbow grease is the order of the day with a scraper I have been told to score the paper with a scraper then use fabric conditioner in a spray bottle. And Decorators out there with the best methods with minimal fuss??
  9. I have some questions about the correct procedures for County Court summonses. I'd be really grateful if anyone could advise me on any of these queries. I have read the guidance notes for both online and paper forms but still have some uncertainties. Background: I am about to issue a County Court summons for unpaid compensation for use of part of my property by a builder. The basis of the compensation is set out in an agreement and related emails. My questions: 1) When sending in a paper N1 form, is it correct to send supporting paperwork with it? E.g. Copies of agreements, contrac
  10. The paper counterpart driving licence is being axed on June 8 – and organisations are warning that drivers will need a ‘special code’ from the DVLA to hire a car or drive a company vehicle. Currently, penalty points are displayed on a driver’s counterpart licence, but from June 8 they’ll be recorded on a virtual record which can be accessed online, by phone or post. Should you need proof of your driving history, motorists will need to get a code from the DVLA to pass on to their employer or hire car company. This unique eight-digit code can be accessed online through the
  11. I have booked my summer holidays in Spain, also made a reservation to hire a car for the duration. Just discovered that as of 8th June 2015 the DVLA are scrapping the paper counterpart of the UK drivers licence. This will have an enormous impact on everyone who wants to hire a car either at home or abroad. ............This is the first I have heard of this: Check it out; https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-licence-changes If this goes ahead...............you will have to get all this information before hiring any vehicle. Any Thoughts?
  12. Driving licences will go paperless from June as the government continues to press ahead with plans to take more service online. For the past 17 years drivers have had to keep two parts of a driving licence: one a sheet of paper detailing their penalty points and endorsements, and the other a plastic ID card. The government has decided to phase out the paper element of the licence. "The reason for abolishing the counterpart is to reduce the burden on motorists,” a government spokesperson explained. "For most drivers there simply isn’t a need to have this information on
  13. Hi, I'm wanting to bring a claim against a former employer for wages which were not paid - this relates to a very brief period of employment (1 month) between April and May 2014. As I am now a full time student with a limited income, I believe I would qualify for fee remission if I file the claim on a paper form at my local CC. However, I also understand that if I file the claim using MCOL and pay the court fee, I can claim this back from the defendant as part of the claim (assuming, of course, I'm successful). Just wondering really which is the best option? Part of me rea
  14. I moved a few months ago to a new town and want to change my address but i have lost the paper part of the plastic card license. Only it tells me I have to send in pictures too when I tried it online, something to do with them expiring I get all that but the pricing is confusing me It says £20 for a stolen/lost license and £14 for new photos. So do I pay £34 or just £20? Thanks
  15. Just had a call from Father in law, he parked in a car park near the town center (free car park) for a 13 min overstay its one hes used for a long time and theres never been an issue before, turns out they have recently (so recently i havent seen them yet) put anpr in hes a little panicked as they have written to them (notice to keeper) and requested £90 or £54 if its paid within 14 days, ive reassured him best i can (basically promised if it came to court i would pay myself) I know that we need to appeal - they will refuse then to appeal to popla with GPEOL just thinking
  16. In todays Daily Mail,an article regarding BH.Quite interesting reading,not very good for them. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2466755/Buy-youll-really-pay-later-The-tick-chain-stores-making-millions-selling-3-400-TVs-Britains-poorest-families--eyewatering-rates.html Regards,John.
  17. This morning the Ministry of Justice released the Government's response to the Consultation Paper on Bailiff Reform. This is a very detailed response which consists of 72 pages and can be accessed by way of the following link. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page under the heading of RESPONSES: https://consult.justice.gov.uk/digit...bailiff-action
  18. Evening, Just looking through my Callcredit/Experian paper reports and to no surprise I have a few defaults but trying to see any CCJ's. Where would these be mentioned as I see they have codes. Most of mine are 'D' If I did have CCJ's would they be under 'status'? Find it all confusing really. Thanks.
  19. Hi all I have a very similar issue to this thread Bryan Carter Solicitors acting on behalf of Arrow Globel Guernsey Ltd have been chasing me for £679 for some time. I was first contacted regarding this debt around 6 months ago, they were wanting me to confirm who I was. I ignored all these phishing letters. I then received several letters threatening litigation which I also ignored as the wording was always "we may". The next letter I received dated 12/07/12 was a notice of balance reduction. They had reduced what they wanted to £499. On the 28/07/12 I received co
  20. http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/uk-news/2012/11/01/banks-plan-paper-statements-change/
  21. I note the announcement of new Hyundai models coming out in July, undoubtedly with a five-year warranty. But what s the value of a Hyundai warranty? In y experience virtually none. I am a Hyundai Tucson owner with a vehice covered by a five-year warranty and a turbo which Archers of Edinburgh, the Hyundai dealer, confirm must be replaced. Despite providing Hyundai with a fully stamped service history booklet, and all services having been carred out by VAT-registered and reputable garages, Hyundai sre now insisting on detailed information on all services dating back four and a half years. I wor
  22. On 14 June 2012 the Government published its White Paper ‘Banking reform: delivering stability and supporting a sustainable economy’, which sets out the Government’s detailed proposals for implementing the recommendations of the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB), to fundamentally reform the structure of banking in the UK. The Government will introduce all necessary legislation as soon as Parliamentary time allows, and remains committed to completing all primary and secondary legislation by the end of this Parliament in May 2015. Banks must comply with all of the measures proposed here by
  23. Bank reforms to protect taxpayers Read more : - http://uk.news.yahoo.com/bank-savers-more-security-215138388.html
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