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  1. Tbh I dont even know actually lol, I may be wrong on that bit! I am sorting out a couple of things in one go so I may have that confused. I will double check.
  2. Yes! but it does not have my NI number on it so wondering will that be an issue?
  3. Yes I think, Just need to grab it and have a look! Partner has it filed away somewhere.
  4. I have just had our new council tax bill stating the amount! it is a white letter though not the usual green one. My partner usually deals with this side of things. If that is ok to use then good
  5. So will the tax credits joint-letter be ok? it is from the dwp. EDIT: I also need to add I have not owned a car since 2001 and had not intention of having one until last week, circumstances have changed which means I need to sort the licence out. I wont do anything until it is all done and correct.
  6. I am in the process of chaning my old paper licence which has my old address on it over to a photocard with our new address on it. I have got my photo signed and the form signed by the person verifying it. I have my birth certificate but I do not have a passport, this means I need a further supporting document, dvla state a dwp letter will do. I do not have much since 2007/08 regarding the dwp, I still have an old letter from them so would that do? it has my current address on it. If not we do have something for my partners working tax credit, both of our names are on it and our national insurance numbers, would this be ok? I am thinking about confidentiality seeing as my partners name is on it. Tia
  7. My partner has had a letter regarding WTC. They are pushing her to open a bank account. She has been using a post office account for child benefit and wtc for many years now. Has anyone here had the same? is there a reason for it! usually is regarding dwp/hmrc. EDIT: Forgot to say we already have bank accounts but my partner has always liked using the post office one for budgeting etc. Tia
  8. No problems regarding the zap files dx100uk. Easy enough for me to add our own numbers as we go Just not sure about one or two things, zap is obvious! but what is Blue? does that mean its fine and just passes the call no problems or should I be adding family/friends to Contact? Also what is the magnifier link? whats wrong with it... is that in the webportal as I cant see it. Thanks EDIT: Teaches me to Read the Manual lol... I put good numbers into the Star List.
  9. Truecall installed. Still got a few things to do, activate/sign up to the web portal and figure out whats going on with caller id (old answering machine worked?) So far I am happy and this device will pay for itself I know it
  10. Logging the calls with a TrueCall device once it arrives. Just before christmas we were hit with a massive increase of calls, lots of weird stuff, silent and a few of those "Your pc has a virus" [problem]mers. I shall be on the ball. I also looked at the original threads I started back in 2011 and we used to have a broadband phone alongside the landline, that was constantly hit over and over and over with dodgy calls. Got rid of that one a few years back. It would not surprise me at all that this alleged debt was sold on again and the merry go around starts all over. As ever this forum is a brilliant place so thanks
  11. Had another one yesterday, this time around 8pm. Automated robomanvoice again. I have ordered a TrueCall device to screen stuff. I am assuming this is an old debt attributed to me that was sold on again. Nobody else in our family has any form of debt, old or new! The cheek is, if its the same one again it is way past its statute barred thing and I cannot be 100% sure but it could even have been reset somehow? 2011 would make it way past 6years again as well. I never acknowledged any debt back in 2011 and never entered into any payment plan. If its not that then I have no clue whatsoever Bottom feeders, unbelievable! It must work or they would not even bother. If a letter does turn up, the norm is to send a written letter and postal order asking for proof is it not? Thanks guys
  12. I tacked on the 140hour card. One thing I am not sure about, the webportal thing! is it worth using?
  13. You are a star Thank you so much! I can remember exactly what this was now. Some reason I never got around to buying one? anyway that will be sorted as of today! Thanks again
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