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  1. Would the DVLA have records of everything against a registration? For instance, would they know about NIPs, police records etc.?
  2. Please would any member be able to assist with the following issue that I am having with Clydesdale Finance who have changed a default date with Experian Credit Expert which has greatly affected my Credit file. The issue is: I had had a debt that should have expired 04.01.16 after 6 years, I was eagerly awaiting this to enable myself to move forward with my own financial plans. I recently checked with Experian Credit expert to make sure that my score was still at 999 and that the expected bad debts would disappear from my personal report. I was amazed to see that my credit report score had drastically dropped to 734 barely over the poor mark. I duly contacted Experian to find out what has happened. Experian contacted Clydesdale on my behalf to be informed that I personally would have to contact them to discuss the matter. This proved to be impossibility as I could not find any information as to the contact numbers I would need to contact this company nor could Experian provide me with a contact number saying that they will only accept written contact. On the advise of Experian I duly wrote to them on the 22.02.16 asking them for an explanation as to how and why they have changed my personal financial data with Experian. I provided screen shots of the original default dates that were applicable which was 04/01/2010 which should have expired off my personal credit file from this date. To date I have not even had the courtesy of an contact/acknowledgement of my letter which was signed for and duly received. My questions are: 1) Can a Finance company operate this way legally? 2) What should I now do to move this forward 3) Can I take legal proceeding
  3. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can advise me. We're a family on low income and on working and child tax credits. I want to start a college course but would need a student loan to cover the costs of the course but I'm worried that the loan might be classed as an income and affect our tax credits entitlement. Can anyone advise please. Regards Angnnig
  4. Hi, I Recently Thought of Getting My Credit Reports , On My Equifax Report there is a Search enquiry by a company called Shop Direct Finance Limited called a on both my current address and a previous one , this has been done sometime in November 2015 , looking online it seems to be connected with Littlewoods, Now interestingly I had an account with them till 2008, when I was abroad for a while (now visiting on a short stay here for about 6 months) they had apparently put some buy now pay later debt letters had arrived at home ( I hadn’t purchased any items -never used the account ,so though it may be dormant) they put it in my credit files , after writing a few letters to and fro saying I can prove they weren’t mine they apologised ,closed the account and subsequently removed it from my file ( it was only on Equifax if I recall correct) I only took action in 2010 that's when I found out . I would be greateful to know if this has a connection or what this ” Benificiary Trace Enquiry ” means? Thanks ..P.S : I also have to mention I do have a couple of defaults on my file as I continued to pay from abroad till the funds here fettered out . I have never heard of a "Beneficiary Trace enquiry " could they be up to no good again?
  5. Ten percent of all court fines relate to using a TV without a valid licence. It is a sad fact that the vast majority of people who receive a visit from a TV Licence Enquiry Agent ignore the summons and the accompanying Means Form. A large percentage of people subject to these fines rely upon state benefits. In almost all cases, the person receiving the summons should respond to plead guilty. In doing so, 'credit' will be credit (which will be a reduction in the standard fine). Secondly....it is vitally important to complete the Means Enquiry Form (as outlined below). The following is a copy of an excellent post by a Magistrate that featured on a 'blog' today: "Went in to Court today to fill a gap in the rota. I found myself in a non-CPS court dealing with TV licensing offences, and local authority Council Tax cases arising from non-payment of the tax. http://magistratesblog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/this-isnt-what-i-signed-up-for-three.html
  6. Hello, today I received a letter from HMRC regarding my and my partners Tax credit award. The letter states that we have been randomly selected for an enquiry. HMRC are requesting :- a) Details of any social security benefits received. b) Evidence of child benefit entitlement including reference number (example, bank statement showing payments received) c) Bank statements for the period 1 January 2015 to 31 March 2015 (This is very specific, not like a whole year or anything) Now, Just to make you all aware, I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, and WILL be sending all the information to them.. however, my question is, Do the HMRC have a right to demand bank statements? Has this been passed in Law? what rights do we have regarding the request for bank statements? Just for clarity, On the claim is myself, my partner and our three children aged between 4 and 11, we are in receipt of Tax Credits, Work Related Activity Group for ESA and child benefit.. We are both unemployed due to severe ill health. Thanks in advance
  7. I've been claiming ESA since may and had my assessment two weeks ago. They made a decision on the 22/04/2015 that I be placed into the Support Group option and was told I be backdated from 3rd August 2014 to present. I've asked them 4 times how this is worked out, they all said my back pay calculation will be done tomorrow or latest monday and once this has been done it is then sent off to the social fund department for authorisation for payment. I know I have £1000 debt with them which I'm currently paying back from my ESA at £28.88 every two weeks. My Question, Is it normal practice for them to take this amount from my back payment even though I have a arrangement with them which has been in place for over 6 month's. I can't seem to get any answer's from them, only that deductions from my back pay will only be for any over payment's, and yet some are saying if you have social fund debt, but you won't be affected if you have a arrangement. Thanks
  8. Hi. Been on ESA since August 2014 and my current note runs out on 16th April, ironically when I have a payment being made. I have been trying to make an appointment to see a GP for ages but they are so full it is almost impossible. The receptionist asked when my note ran out and I told her and she said the doctors no longer back date so I could not see anyone until after the note had run out. Whilst I understand that gives me a 2 week period to get the note to the DWP is this pushing it a bit fine or is this now general practice? I always send recorded first class anyway and keep copies for myself. In the past I would see my GP a few weeks before note had run out and he would backdate it so cross with my last note. Many thanks
  9. I hope this is the right place to ask this question because it is quite complicated. Last year I received a water bill from anglian water for a buy to let property I use to own, the bill was actually dated 2013 but the property was apparently sold by the mortgage company in 2010, I say apparently because their was no formal repossession and i was never signed anything they just gave control to an lpa receiver who managed it badly and it was then sold. I would like to know if anyone knows how anglian water go about getting information on properties and why they haven't got the new owners information. I have emailed anglian water but they take 10 working days to get back to you.
  10. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me on a issue! I work for a large company to which we are all being made redundant in November. In October 2008 the company changed its pay arrangement from a ‘current’ system to an ‘in arrears’ system. During this transitional period a pay advance was made to some staff members to cover the wage gap for employees during this time, in the last 6 years no arrangement or no further contact was made to pay this back, but now all of a sudden they want this money back within 2 weeks or over a 6 month period!! this is quite harsh seeing as we are all being made redundant.. to be honest since that transitional loan no further contact was made and we kind of forgot about it! A number of staff have left during the 6 year period and have not, as yet been asked to pay this back. Can they legally claim this back from us after all this time?.. Any advice would be great Many Thanks
  11. Not strictly bailiff stuff but someone who knows council tax law on here might know the answer, it has gone to enforcement by the way costing many times the amount we previously owned even though I tried a reasoned debate about this. We bought a property to refurbish around December of 2013. It was empty for a few weeks before someone moved in. The council issued a bill for the few weeks it was empty and when I called for an explanation they said although they don't charge council tax for an empty period of two months the previous owner had already used that allowance up for that year so we had to pay. It seems the allowance is on the property rather than who owns it. Now, how are we supposed to know that this "allowance" was used up? Who make this stuff up? The council obviously but is it legal? It would surely be illegal for unknowing jeopardy to be unlawful? We dropped ignorantly into a charge that we could have known nothing about. I think the reasoning might be to prevent evasion by changing ownership but we are not related in any way to the seller and in any case it costs money to assign a property.
  12. Hello I am on JSA at present, have been for over a year. My wife works the hours of 30 hrs per week. I have two children 15 and 17 years if age. both still in full time education. Over the past year our tax credit has seen a large drop in payments. I did think this was due to our son leaving school and starting collage and hmrc would readjust the amount back up as he now attends collage and is still in education. 1. is this correct?? The other question is i have been given a sick note by my doctor as regards me being unfit for work. If i claim ESA and stop my cliam for JSA would i get any sick pay? Also how would this affect the tax credits situation. Please any advice would be really helpfully. I can not reliy on the advice given by the job center any more. please help
  13. Hello I am on JSA at present, have been for over a year. My wife works the hours of 21huors per week. I have two children 15 and 17 years if age. both still in full time education. My wife's hrs will be increased to 30 hrs shortly and am wondering how this would affect my claim? I only receive an NI stamp from them. There has been a large drop in our working tax credits also this past year ( will bring this up later thow) please advise. Thank you
  14. Quick question I had bad credit from years ago. All accounts were defaulted (not settled) and no longer appear on my credit file (they all disappeared years after default). Numerous agencies have tried to chase the debt but cca's etc have kept them at bay. Checked Equifax today and I notice I have 4 trace searches done in the past year or so. What affect do these searches have on credit worthiness as all my other lending is now tickety boo. Can other lenders (especially mortgage lending) see these searches and if so is that my hopes of re-mortgaging ruined? Cheers
  15. Hi peeps, I have a little question, blue motor finance attached a charging order to my property as the car was written off and not paid out by the insurance company and I didn't pay the debt as my exs fault (wish I did now) lesson learnt!! I have had a letter stating blue motor finance as been sold to another company. Will this charging order still stand? Also any tips if it does and I offer a full and final to clear an remove it do you think I will have any joy? Thanks in advance
  16. After getting a new electricity meter fitted I have received a shocking bill I was wondering if anyone could give me some help and advice. On 17/05/13 a new single-phase digital meter was fitted replacing an old analogue meter in the communal hall of the Maisonette I live in. ‘Lowri Beck Services’ have been trying to replace it for years, over that time missing a couple of arranged appointments! Checking my records I have found that the last actual meter read NPower undertook was on 11/02/11 at 36903KWh and the last read I undertook was on 5/10/11 at 38480 KWh. The reading taken upon fitting the new meter on 17/05/13 was 52842 KWh. I have therefore taken the spread of excess KWh owed as the difference between the last actual NPower reading date (11/02/11) and the date of the meter change (17/05/13 ). In order to work out the cost am I right in assuming the excess units should be spread out over this period? The last bill I paid was £149 up to 42372 Kwh estimated used, date 19/02/13. Therefore I work out the excess units as follows: 52842 – 42372 = 15939 KWh over 27 months (17/05/13 – 11/02/11) . The next bill I received was £1562.62 for the excess units generated by changing the meter, estimated meter readings and dates of 41843Kwh 07/02/12 until 52842Kwh 16/05/13 therefore: 52842 – 41843 = 10999Kwh over 15 months (16/05/13 - 07/02/12) I don’t know why they have taken the estimated excess start date as 07/02/12 rather than the last actual read on 11/02/11 or my read on the 05/10/11. I also don’t know why NPower used the meter reading 41843Kwh as the start of the excess Kwh rather than the meter read of 42372 Kwh that I have already paid up to, an overcharge of 305Kwh. Am I eligible for the 12 month back-billing restriction? Would this be taken as 12 months prior to the bill for the excess units of £1562.62 (which was reversed) or from the last bill I have actually been asked to pay, rather than been reversed (I still haven’t received one as yet!)? Answers to the above questions would be really useful and any help in how I go about structuring a response to NPower would be gratefully appreciated. Ps any advice as to where to address letters would be great, my account is currently under review by the complaints team due to informing NPower of the problems via telephone.
  17. I own a motor tricycle - it's looks rather like a 1930's Morgan, two wheels at the front, and a tapered rear end, but it's nowhere near as old as that, it's a 2CV, with a different jacket on. Presently it's on SORN and stored a few miles from my home, and I intend to bring it back here, to run it again. It's weight is below the 350kg limit to enable it to be towed on an "A" frame. Is it classed as a trailer when coupled to my car, and exempt from mot, tax and insurance whilst on this journey, [conflicting reports from well meaning neighbours]? If so, can somebody please point me to the necessary, so that I can read it for myself, and print it off, to show, in the event..... Thanks, Sam
  18. A commons select committee is looking at ESA and the WCA :- http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/work-and-pensions-committee/news/esa-wca-inq-2014/ Closing date is 21st March if anyone wants to make a submission.
  19. I moved into my Housing Association house 9th Dec 2013.I have been with the same Housing Association since 2004. I am in a row of 4 houses and my rent is £105.75 for a 2 bed house. My next door neighbour is paying around £83 for the same house,another neighbour £99 and another £86 all the same bedrooms configuration etc. Is this right ? and do i have a right to appeal against the rent as i am now paying higher than everyone else. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  20. Hi everyone. You have been so helpful recently, I'm hoping you can advise me again. We had somebody come to plaster our toilet ceiling today but when he removed a panel he found that it was extremely damp inside and that no insulation had been used. The toilet is in a single storey extension that was already built some years before we bought the house 12 years ago. We've just had a quote and it's going to cost £5000+ to have the entire extension re-felted. My husband has called Swinton who arranged our insurance but they said it comes under "wear and tear" so isn't covered. We're not replacing something that's worn out, we're installing something that was never there in the first place - can they genuinely refuse a claim under this clause? Please can you advise? Thanks. Lynette
  21. Hi, despite me doing all the JCP asks of me in way of proving my earnings (B7 and supplying payslips on regular basis) JCP keeps sending an Earnings Enquiry form to my Employer. My Manager is extremely busy and is refusing to fill this in which I can understand as it is very in depth and takes time. Another member of staff doing the same work as me in the shop is working approximately the same amount of hours as me but my Manager does not receive a form for her. This form is complicating my life as JCP is refusing to pay my partner's JSA without the form being filled in. Why do some people have to prove their earnings in this way and some don't? Is the JCP correct in doing this? Can anybody give any suggestions about how to resolve this problem? I should add that my Manager is always very angry when she receives these letters and makes me feel uncomfortable at work.
  22. Good afternoon I am new to this so please forgive me, I recently got my credit report from Equifax and there was 3 trace inquiry's on there from village investigations, the 1st being in January the last one was the 31st of May, I was just curious as to weather anybody could shed any light on this issue as in is this common practice, Are they allowed to go into my credit profile without my permission? Bearing in mind I have not once received a letter of this company so I have got no idea why they are doing this, I would be very grateful for an insight or any info regarding this matter. Thanks for taking your time to read this Gary
  23. I very recently had two long-standing credit agreements removed from my credit file just after the six year anniversary of the original default date. These two debts were originally with Egg, who subsequently sold the debt onto Lowell Portfolio. I neither acknowledged or paid anything to Lowell and assumed that all was well in relation to this on my credit file, when both entries disappeared at the start of this month. Just today I got an alert from Experian (who actually had no record of these debts on my file, only Equifax seem to have had them recorded) that Lowell Portfolio had done a Unrecorded Enquiry search a couple of days ago. Should I be concerned about this search? I realise that it makes no odds to my credit history as it's only visible to Lowell and I, I'm just curious as to why they would do any kind of search now when the debts are no longer on my file? I'm just worried that they'll get back in touch, although I have since moved house a couple of times, and try to get me to pay or at least acknowledge the two defaulted credit agreements. Can anyone shed any light on this as I was only just starting to relax in relation to this Many thanks in advance
  24. In Feb I made an enquiry to the Rent Assessment Committee to establish if a case could be brought against my social landlord for a service charge (the amount of rent was never an issue). I was advised to complete an RPT5 form and an advisor would let me know if it could be looked at without affecting the rent. I was assured no tribunal would go ahead if I submitted an RPT5, it would only be looked at. In March, I received a letter from the RAC initiating the start process of the tribunal. I wrote back explaining I did not wish any tribunal to go ahead, to which they replied in saying no further steps would be taken unless they heard back from me. In the meantime, I negotiated with my landlord and reached an amicable solution. Two months on, the RAC have sent me a letter saying a tribunal is booked for June and they wish to visit my home. Looking through the RAC tribunal T541 Guidance notes, it appears I'm unable to withdraw my application unless both myself and my landlord agree. My landlord is difficult to talk to and refuse's to return my calls on the subject. I always thought the appellant (in my case the claimed appellant) could halt a tribunal. Any advice on how to tackle this ?
  25. Hi every one got My Experian report today my credit file was searched on 12 10 12 unrecorded enquiry i have never gave them permission to search ? no debts on my account ? only one ccj that was cleared
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