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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there, I have recently been away from my rented flat as I have been looking after a very ill family member. It was very stupid of me, but I never gave paying my council tax any thought. I have been out of a job for awhile, and have only just started to apply for benefits. When I returned to my property, I was greeted with a lovely notice of enforcement letter from Marstons Holdings, stating I had until the 10th April to pay. Well I did not get back to the property till the 12th. I have tried to contact Marstons directly, having no help whatsoever. I have contacted the council recovery team at Leeds City Council, and they have put my account on hold for 14 days. My question is does this stop the bailiffs from being able to attend my property for 14 days also? If not, has anyone else had dealings with Marstons, and how long did it take for them to attend your property after the due date on the notice of enforcement letter? Thank you for taking the time to read my dilemma. I look forward to reading your responses!
  2. Hi, My Daughter has had a Notice of Enforcement from Marston. Regarding unpaid TV Licences. I am not defending her guilt but I want to question the actions. On reception of the notice (22/4/16) she contacted Marston who said the debit was for 2013/14/15. Although the issue date is 20/2/13. Couple of things. 1 - She was working in France for 4 months prior to that date. So would have had no knowledge of any court date as she arrived bcak in the UK less than 10 days before the issue date having found out she was going to be a mum for the first time! 2 - How can they charge for dates after the date of issue? 3 - She is at a different address from the one she was in in 2013 and there is no information as to where this debt is set against. 4 - She has had no letters (and they have not produced any) to show she was in trouble. She is responsible for the non payment of TV fines but she works part time and is a single mum with nothing of any value. CAB have said they cannot help, which I find surprising and they offered no further advice. Can anybody suggest anything? Thanks Ian
  3. Hello Please help asap. I have had Marston Baliff call at the door for two days now. This is for a person that does not live here. I viewed on there web site that i was to send or fax a utility bill into there office to confirm that the debter was not at this address. This i have done with registered post. I called him also on the seconed evening to tel him this also. Now the balif wants to vist again for me to answer any questions he may have also. Please can anyone advise me as to what else i can do to stop this. I dont want a confruntation on my door step regards this matter. I am not the debter. They have moved on but this baliff seems to think otherwise. Its for a magistrates court debt and after reading the revuses am very worried. please advise what to say to them when they come.. Thank you in advance
  4. hi there i hope some one can help me i received a £85 fine for speeding stupid !! i agreed to pay the court 2 installments of £30 and 1 £25 i was late paying one month so they sent me a letter which i called them and explained why i Had missed the paymen, we came to an agreement and i paided £30 and i said i would pay the £25 at the end of November , i paided the £25 on the Saturday the 19 11 2011 then on the Th November this year i received a letter saying they have received the £25 leaving the account clear but they have issued a enforcement with marston group and because they have issued it they is nothing they can do and the £25 will clear the fine but if marston bailiff call i will AFT pay ther charges, i rang the court and the first lady was great and said there was problem a mistake and refired me to a fines support man, after a long chat he abrubly said there is nothing i can do as if he dose return the enforcement he would AFTo do it for everyone, i explained my circumstances i am a full time carer for my disabled wife recovering from a stroke and bedridden and very poorly we receive Dal and carers and income support ,but he said there is nothing i can do, what is the law on this i was not told they would be sending a bailiff i had paid the fine in full before receiving a letter stating that my wife is at her wits end please help thanks patty
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