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Found 19 results

  1. On Equifax in green it says i have been on the electoral roll for 13 years and it is green, but then next to it in red it says currently registered on the electoral roll no. What does that mean?
  2. Good Morning everyone, My situation is quite complex so please bear with me and any help and uggestions would be greatly appreciated, i will start with a brief statement as to how this all started 15 years ago and then onto the problems i am now facing. In 2003 i applied to remortgage and take equity from my home, i was turned down, i checked my credit reports to see that i had several defaults and a CCJ from Barclays on my acc, after a few years i managed to get all of this sorted with apology letters from Barclays. In 2013 i was again chased for debts that did not belong to me, i tried every avenue possible to get this mistake sorted for a second time but eventually i ended up going to the newspapers and the FOS who then sorted out the problem with Lloyds and Experian with a pathetic £250 compensation, even though id spent 10 times this on phone calls and writing letters/emails etc . Now in 2018 this has all happened again, i have checked my report from all 3 CRAs and Call Credit and Experian are showing defaults, CCJ, addresses i have never lived at, they have even changed my electoral roll entry without any instruction by myself or legal documents to do this. All of this wrong information is for a person with the same first and last name as me and also the same date of birth, however this other person has a middle name and i do not. I received a letter from 02 on the 19th of March chasing a debt for this other person, i immediately checked my credit report, and there it was, 02 had already linked me and the debt/account to my address without doing any checks whatsoever to see if i was the correct person, i DONT have an account with 02. There is then the other accounts from 6 other companies in default that i have never had accounts with and a CCJ which i dont even know what it is for , i just know none of these belong to me as ive never missed a payment on anything or had any dealings with these companies. I have disputed all of this with Call Credit but they refuse to remove all of this wrong information, i have not spoke to any of the companies involved as from past experience they will not speak to me due to data protection when i say i am not the person they seek, but they also dont resolve the problem either, i have since joined checkmyfile and they are trying to sort things out with call credit , but say i have to sort out this mess with Experian myself. I am seeking advice as to what to do next, to be honest the companies reporting all of this wrong information in my eyes need to pay, i am busy renovating my home and considering an extension as my wife is 8 months pregnant but i am now reluctant to apply for any loans/remortgage etc as i know i will be turned down, and as you can expect for this to happen a 3rd time my stress levels have went through the roof. Companies listing defaults on my report who i have no dealings with at all and ruining my credit report because of there incompetence to check they have the correct person are: Lloyds Bank (again) Lowell Vanquis Bank Capital One Hoist Portfolio Home retail group 02 ( who reported and made the link with callcredit , even though this serial debtor has paid his bill now, so is not showing as a default, but its now to late as they have done the damage) Thank you kindly to anyone that can help. Luco19
  3. Have had a reason to check my Credit Rating with 3 CRA's it appears my address is different slightly to that recorded on the Electoral Roll. I have asked the Council to Amend the address which they have confirmed they will do, but it will not happen with the CRAs until March 1st as I have just missed the cut off date. I did not tell the Council that the reason for the amendment was because the CRAs have the wrong address and they tell me they automatically advise CRAs with new or amended addresses without permission from myself.. Like millions of people I have advised the Council that I do not want any commercial organisation to have access to my address. To my way of thinking CRA's should not have access to any address without permission of the person concerned. Apparently Electoral Roll Registration can affect your credit rating. Does this sound correct?? FS
  4. Put this here as seems most likely place feel free to relocate: Query about the threatening letters being sent out to residents who are still minors by Elections at Portsmouth City Council filled my electoral roll form including daughter as she is just 16 in the section for this. They send her a form to require my daughter to register as it says on the form it will “mean you can vote at elections” No it does not! If she fails to register by 30/12/15 there is an £80 fine involved. When contacted the officer at Election Services had no idea of the legislation backing this threat up or the right to demand information from a minor and tried to hedge and say it was an invite, you can invite someone to an interview under caution but they don’t have to attend or you arrest them and they do. As soon as there is an element of coercion it ceases to be an invite its making someone an offer they can’t refuse. The other excuse was that the form was provided by the Electoral commission and they just sent it out and they wanted to be ready for when she would be eligible to vote and the age is being reviewed, but the government is staunchly against this and so it will not change till at least after the next election.. Asked if their head of legal services had checked the form told they wouldn’t alter an Electoral Commission form. Is this really a good way to encourage young people to engage in politics? I suspect most teens will just dump it in the bin so it could be a nice little earner for Portsmouth City Council. Anyone else had this?
  5. After being in my new place for a month, the dreaded TV Licence falls through the door When i moved into my new place, like a good little boy i registered on the voters roll. Yesterday they even sent me a letter saying that i have been included from the 1st September dated 28th August Call me a cynic but do the local authority or the local housing authority inform TV Licence of any new additions to the register or new tenancy taken up?? This is some coincidence
  6. I requested my credit file from Experian and it states I am not on the electoral roll: "No Electoral Roll Information available from the addresses provided". I registered to be on the Electoral Roll a few months ago. This was confirmed to me by my local authority and I also received a voting card for the last general election. Therefore this has shocked me. I have been applying for bank current accounts over the last few weeks and, disappointingly, been rejected by all of them. I am already in a weaker position than most people as I have a non UK passport, not even an EU one, and mine is from a country which many financial institutions classify as a 'high risk' one. And then to also mark me as not being on the electoral roll would be another negative when banks check my credit record. I had some questions please: - if Experian say I'm not on the electoral roll, is it likely the two other credit reference agencies will state the same thing as well? - what could have gone wrong? - how long does it normally take for the records of the credit reference agencies to be updated about somebody being on a local authority's database? - how may I get this rectified please? How long does it take for the credit records to be corrected? - last, but not least, is it worth me applying to more banks? Or should I wait until the records are updated, even if it takes many weeks? How fussy are banks about somebody being on the electoral roll please? Thanks a lot in advance for the advice.
  7. Received notification through the post today from my electricity supplier SSE informing me that I had been selected to be one of the first to have my meter replaced by a smart meter. This was despite me having informed them 18 months ago that under no circumstances would I entertain having one fitted. The publicity makes a lot of all the benefits to customers and suppliers, and used phrases such as the Government has said that ALL homes will be fitted with meters where possible by 2020. What was more concerning was that when I contacted the call centre listed to reaffirm my intention to opt out of the scheme, (which they did have a record of), the call centre operator still reiterated that I would have to have one by 2020. I have logged a complaint with SSE concerning the false information being provided and the lack of any mention that acceptance of these devices is not mandatory. I'm all for anyone who wants one taking advantage of the offer should they believe that in their circumstances that to have one would be beneficial, but DON'T lie to customers if they wish to reserve the right to decline.
  8. Universal Credit is a means-tested benefit for people of working age that is gradually replacing tax credits and other means-tested benefits, such as Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA). The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has published a list showing the local authorities and jobcentres that will begin to deliver Universal Credit between February and April 2015. In the jobcentres listed, Universal Credit will roll out to new claims from single people who would otherwise have been eligible for JSA, including those with existing Housing Benefit and Working Tax Credit claims. If you are a single person and you want to make a new claim for JSA at one of these jobcentres, this means you will have to claim Universal Credit instead. Universal Credit will then roll out to more jobcentres in stages, until national expansion is complete in spring 2016. You can view the list on the GOV.UK website at www.gov.uk, together with a list of jobcentres where Universal Credit is already available.
  9. I have an electoral roll official guy turning up on my doorstep, asking to update/provide my details for the electoral roll register. He always picks a sunday evening for this which is very wierd, has he not got a life or is he getting a percentage out of it....? Hahaha. i live with other ppl in a shared house and he doesn't care that nobody else in my house is registered because they are refusing to provide their details. A few years ago when this electoral roll bullsh.. started, I was living at this same address with a different set of ppl and (without my permission) annoyingly those guys provided my details to that female official who came to register the ppl at this address. At that time I happened to just got home while they were in the middle of it and I was 'threatened' by this female official (if we can call it that...) that if I don't provide my full and truthful details, I'll get a fine of up to 5000 pounds. This happened 2 years ago. Last year however I did not fill in a new form. In May i moved out from here. After living somewhere else for 5 months, I ended up back at this same address and living here since. Funnily I'm due to move out again before the end of the year, got landlord's (unofficial) notice (as I have no signed tenancy contract - and nobody else does). So I'm being informed that if I don't provide my details again on the form the official left here for me today, I will be fined up to 5000 GBP. My housemates just keep telling him that they do not live here and he just leaves it at that even though it's blatantly obvious that they do live here. Last year I did not update my details on the electoral roll and I did not receive a fine whatsoever (probably that is due to moving so frequently). I am not trying to dodge anything or be running from anything, it just happens that I am unlucky with the houseshares where I chose to live. I am really not happy about having my details on government databases and God knows where else where they sell my data to. I am not a british national and couldn't care less about voting and really don't think I will ever get to the financial stage to apply for a mortgage so for these reasons I don't want to fill in the form again. Basically I am looking for a legit way out of this constant, nagging, pain in the backside electoral roll bullsh.. Such an annoyance! The official brought a form again today (sunday) with my name and current address on it and said to my housemates that if I do not fill in and send it within 7 days, I'll get a 5000 GBP fine! Really makes me feel wanting to slap him across the face, lucky it wasn't me he said this to!
  10. Ouchie! Looks like DHR are starting to contact customers over the phone about their "loans". Sadly I wasn't having any of it and wish I had recorded the conversation. They confirmed all the details of the loan etc and my Date of Birth... etc Without me even confirming any of it......... ICO & FCA, Here I Come... DPA Breach right there.
  11. We know that DCA's use electoral rolls and other info on public domain So can I by the same token post details of DCA director's Such as name, address, dob, FB profile all of which are freely available on the net?
  12. Here is my circumstances Age:24 Living with parents Currently unregistered on electoral roll Parents are on disability Im working full time Basically a friend at work told me i should be on the electoral roll if i ever want to get a house or rent a place but i have some questions first. 1. If i register will my parents lose money 2. will i have to start paying council tax while living at my parents house ?
  13. Hi Is the 'Green Deal' in actual fact turning into one of the biggest 'White Elephants' of all time? Borrowing money (getting into debt) and supposedly paying it back with the money saved on energy bills! I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it to be honest and cannot see it being anything else other than a complete expensive flop despite the calculator 'selling' on how much 'you save' Energy prices just keep rising in double figure percentages anyway, so maybe you make even bigger savings with this scheme then (if you can work out the twisted logic that is:)) My opinions Any comments or views folks? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23766117 Under the scheme, householders can borrow money to install double-glazing, insulation and more efficient boilers. The savings they make on their energy bills should outweigh the cost of repayments. If a house or flat is subsequently sold, the loan transfers to the new owner.
  14. I've just registered to this excellent forum, and am hopeful somebody can shed some light on my situation - grateful for all comments thanks. I have an ongoing legal dispute whereby I'm the sole legal owner of a property (clearly proven through the timing of the purchase), and after accepting an amount of money from a family member in exchange for a licence ( giving them the right to occupy, similar to a lodger), that person is now claiming a beneficial interest, claiming the money they paid and I accepted was a direct contribution to the purchase of the property. They are refusing to leave the property unless they get a certain sum of money. The legal dispute is very stressful, and as my legal costs are already £15k+, I'm looking into settling to get this person out of my property. I do not want to sell the property, as my age and circumstances would not allow me to get another mortgage. I have looked into releasing equity from the property, before I might eventually have to sell (am in the process of issuing court proceedings - ToLATA claim). To raise the money, my credit rating must be good so I've checked with the relevant credit rating agencies, and have discovered that the family member has removed my name from the electoral roll (I am not staying in property due to their violence, although I'm the sole legal owner), and this is a big black mark on my credit score. Does anybody know if, as the sole legal owner but staying away due to the violence of the family member, if I can still register the property as my main address and therefore again be seen as being on the electoral roll (was registered there for previous 6 years before choosing to leave for own safety)? Thanks.
  15. I have recently discovered that Equifax has failed to upload to Electoral roll data as supplied by the local councils and have instead relied upon data provided by account providers including the debt recovery sector. My own data was affected around 18 months ago and I have now discovered others have been affected. I am very keen to highlight this issue and see if any others have been effected. Equifax are aware of this and don't seem interested in discussing or resolving this other than to say it was an error. My concern is that Equifax quote on our credit files the "on Electoral roll" data yet it would seem that the actual data provided is that of the address given by banks, credit cards and debt recovery companies. I have already proven one of these were in breach of their terms with Equifax so how can a debt recovery company be reliable enough to provide accurate data of address's ? PLEASE - Check your credit file and verify if the Electoral roll data is correct. On one case it was updated after 1 year yet this would still cause an issue for you. I am also in contact with a media production company interested in this and are looking for other cases. If you have been affected then I would really appreciate you getting in contact.
  16. Hello all My local council tell me that they released the Electoral Roll after the summer/autumn canvas on December 3rd. I have my credit file for experian in PDF, but I can't seem to signup for callcredit and equifax. Equifax have asked me to send proof of ID. Does anyone know when callcredit and equifax will have this data in their databases? Does anyone know when it happened last year? Cheers
  17. Hi All, This might seem a generic question so please move it if its in the wrong place.. I have not been listed on the voters roll for a number of years, if I am on it then it will be at an address I lived at around 9 years ago. I think I have only got one debt from that address way back then which I have never paid back, it's never caught up with me and I am hoping it is now statue barred or something like that (this was when I was a silly student and non-financial aware) Anyway, I want to take out a new credit card or a loan but think that by not having registered on voters roll for my current adddress this might make it impossible. Too scared to apply for my credit report in case there is suddenly a deluge of forgotten debts (there may be none, there may be some - such a long time ago). Would having the voters roll registration make me a more viable applicant? I earn over £35k a year just now. I have used stupid payday loans and think iwould prefer a conventional loan/credit card instead so thats why i am investigation the electoral roll here. what an essay... sorry
  18. hello to all i am new to this forum, so if im going over old ground i apologise. i have been involved in a dispute with unicom/universal utilities for some time, i was hoping that someone using these forums could guide me in the right direction. i will be as brief as i can in how this situation developed; in 2007 i recieved a telephone call from a foreign gentleman informing me of the benefits of transferring my telephone line to unicom, i was informed that unicom were a branch of bt, i agreed to a three year contract over the phone and that i would recieve a written contract shortly. in may 2010 we found ourselves short so informed everyone including unicom that funds would not be available but only for a short period, unicom still made attempts to take our direct debits which failed and therefore accrued high charges from themselves, i made complaints in writing, i then paid unicom and then had our line suspended, which i again complained in writing, i recieved replies none of which warned me that my three year contract was approaching. in april 2011 a similar event occurred so i applied to transfer to bt, i then recieved huge termination fees from unicom, who i contacted to complain and who then informed me that i was in a three year roll over contract, as was stated in their terms and conditions, which of course i had never recieved, it was only at this time that i knew of a roll over contract, i am aware of many others in the same position. i did not transfer my line, at that time i did not have the fight in me due to medical problems, in august 2011 i enquired to unicom how much it would be for braodband with them, i clearly told them i had hearing problems , i have hearing aids, and that i would not agree to anything over the phone, two days later i signed up to a better deal with talk talk, i then recieved many phone calls from unicom informing me i was in a contract with them, it was only after i was a bit rude that the incessant phone calls stopped and they did not persue. in sept 2011 our bank account was fraudulently emptied, again i warned unicom of this in plenty of time, they still attempted to take direct debit payments and again three days later which of course incurred further excessive charges, by now my patience with unicom had just about evaporated. i began questioning the validity of this three year roll over contract, i sent unicom many letters asking to see a copy of this contract and to conduct all communication in writing, ceasing the telephone calls on medical grounds, i still recieved no written contract, i recieved a letter telling me the contract was enclosed, but it was not and i advised unicom of that immediately. i applied to transfer my line to bt, i reieved huge termination charges but still not contract, i transferred to bt then recieved a copy contract from unicom, i then transferred another line to bt. i continued to recieve phone calls, even though i asked many times for them to stop, in may i reported the situation to ofcom, last week i recieved their final decision that unicom acted reasonably and that i have to pay unicom £800.00, i replied to every letter unicom sent me, i did not ignore them. maybe i have already been foolish and maybe i will continue to do so, but i feel that i should continue to fight unicom on this and dispute their claim for money, i presume this will mean court action and due to the ombudsman coming down in unicoms favour, this will make my fight all the more harder however their tactics are unethical to say the least and inside i feel that something should be done. can anyone please advise me how to fight unicom, any information would be deeply appreciated many thanks
  19. I have looked through some of the threads and searched for this but can't find anyone that has had the same experience as me. I have recently moved address for work and due to the relocation had two addresses for about six months. I applied for a mortgage for a house in the area I was moving to and decided to be open about what I was doing. Owned a house in the old location, rented a house in the new location and lived in the new location so gave that as my address. I have since been refused the mortgage due to not being on the electoral roll on an Equifax report. I sent my registration form but it was never received by my local council. So, to remedy this I rushed to the council offices, completed a new form and got a letter from the council confirming that I was going to be added to the electoral roll. The problem is that they will not publish their register until October. Equifax have informed me that they will not add this to my credit report until January 2013. Maybe I am being naive but that seems to be a bit unfair that I should have to wait 5 months to be able to borrow money! I have an impeccable credit rating with the exception of the fact that Equifax do no show me being on the electoral roll at the new rented address. I have disputed this with Equifax and got nowhere with it until I lost my temper enough with their Asian call centre and they passed me to an Irish call centre. When I say I got somewhere I got back to square one! I have asked for a notice of correction to be added to my file but I am not sure this will affect the lenders decision and the vendor of the house I am buying has now put the house back on the market. So, my questions are: - Is there anything I can do to get Equifax to update their records? - Is it normal to have to wait 5 months for this information to be updated? - Can a lender chose to ignore the notice of correction or do they have to take this into account? - Would there be any possibility of Equifax paying my legal expenses if the house purchase falls through? Thanks in advance
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