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Found 14 results

  1. Drink drivers face swifter justice with new roadside breathalysers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/drink-drivers-face-swifter-justice-with-new-roadside-breathalysers
  2. Hi everyone!!! Hoping some of you might be able to help. Will try and keep this to the point as I know there are other posts that I have spent a long time reading but everyone's situation is different. I have been convicted of DD twice now and on the first time I served 14 months with doing the DD course. Second time was 2 years later and was given a ban of 4 years, 150 hours community service, thinking skills and another programme. I have now served half my ban and have hired a specialist motoring solicitor and a barrister (not cheap) to hopefully get my license back ear
  3. I like to find quirky rules and laws and I have a strange one to share. Story >> 'Having been a practising solicitor for over 16 years, I like to think that I have seen my fair share of quirky cases. But imagine my surprise when I was recently asked to represent a severely disabled man who was being charged with drink driving while on his mobility scooter. I joined the case late in the day. When I met the client he had already been charged with the offense and had attended court and ultimately pleaded guilty to a charge of driving a mechanically propelled vehicle whilst unfit
  4. Hello, Earlier this month, I was arrested in Central London for drink driving. I had attended my cousin's wedding reception near the Old Bailey and as is typical of the limited parking options in the city, after a tedious and lengthy search for parking places, I eventually managed to park my car a considerable distance away from the venue and walked to the event. Later that night when there were parking spaces available at the venue, I went to get my car so I could park it there. As it happened, and not being that familiar with that part of town, I ended up taking a wrong turn an
  5. HI there, A few months ago my boyfriend got caught drink driving . He crashed his car into a wall and had only had 2 pints . His breathalyser at the scene was on the limit, but was unable to give a 2nd as he passed out. At the station they took a urine test but apparently did the test wrong which showed his urine level being higher than it should have been. They also said they took 2 samples within 2 minutes of each other and then a second 55 minutes later (even though it should be an hour?!). He goes to court tomorrow and his solicitor has told him to plead no
  6. Hello Guys / Gals, I love coming here as there is people that give expert advice, and if followed you can save a scrape or two. I have a mate that works a 6-2, 2-10 pm shift, on this day he has gone in early at 5:45am. He has had a few beers that day before and someone has smelt alcohol on his breath. He has suggested that there is some harresment from some fellow employees. Anyway, he has started work at 6am but got breathalyzed at 6:15am. This had a reading of 36... 1 point over the 35mg limit... West Yorkshire Police do not Prosecute anything under 40mg My ma
  7. A friend has been involved in road traffic collision where they were hit by a drunk driver who left the scene of the accident. The police arrested the third party from his home address within the hour and has since been released on bail. My friend has tried to obtain the registration number of the third party vehicle but the police are being guarded as to what information they will share. The police who attended the scene are now on rest days. My friends relative knows the third party driver and the third party has made allegations which the police are not divulging at this moment.
  8. From 5 December 2014 the blood–alcohol limit is going to be reduced from 80mg in every 100ml of blood to 50mg in Scotland. In practical terms this means that someone drinking alcohol and driving could be ‘over the limit’ to drive after a relatively small amount of alcohol. As the normal method of checking how much alcohol is in your system is a breath test you should be aware that the new limits for the breath test are 22 microgramms of alcohol in 100ml of breath. This has been reduced from 35 microgramms The new limits are only being introduced in Scotland. If you are in
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2532236/Outrage-hundreds-drink-drivers-named-shamed-Twitter-BEFORE-theyve-chance-fair-trial.html This appears to be causing quite a lot of controversy
  10. VERY GRAPHIC, BE WARNED With the holiday season upon us, i am posting this commercial on Anti Drink Driving from Australia. Do you think we need such commercials instead of pussy footing around on the subject. Say post 9pm watershed
  11. Hi folks, This is my first ever visit to this site so please be gentle My Mums rather stupid ex partner was caught drink driving (driving from pub to his house) a couple of weeks ago. I dont know what he blew, my Mum never asked him, but they went through all the normal procedures-he was arrested, charged and was up in court last week. He told my Mum, who by the way has never driven and has had her mind warped by this guy for the last 8 years, that he had NOT been banned and only received a fine. She believed him until friends and family told her otherwise. He HAD been banned but was stil
  12. Firstly I apologise if this thread is in the wrong section...I'm new to this forum. In January 2013 my son was involved in an accident and was breathalysed atthe side of the road. The breathalyzer registered positive and he was taken tothe local police station to be breathalysed on a more accurate machine. It was registered at virtually 0 and theyapologised and said that the breathalyser at the roadside was ‘faulty’. May 2013 – five months later - he was drivingthe same car in North London and was ‘rushed’ by two police cars swerving infront and forcing him to the side of the ro
  13. http://www.cartoline.it/pics/scherzi_150404_01.swf
  14. Drug users and alcoholics are to be forced to enter treatment or face losing out-of-work benefits, Iain Duncan Smith will announce today. Rehab will be a waste of time in a lot of cases, so he might just as well stop the benefits and be done with it, which is probably the agenda anyway. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2148449/Its-drink-dole-Go-rehab-lose-benefits-alcoholics-drug-addicts-told.html#ixzz1vfzW0bUr
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