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  1. Animal medicines seizure notice: Aquatic Chemicals Ltd (trading as Technical Aquatic Products (TAP)) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/animal-medicines-seizure-notice-aquatic-chemicals-ltd-trading-as-technical-aquatic-products-tap
  2. I had a seizure a couple of weeks ago, first one ever, and the hospital told me to speak to the DVLA, who told me I had to complete a declaration (FEP1 form) so they could assess my fitness to drive. According to the guidelines it could be a 6 month ban. However the form says "you must not drive if your doctor says you cannot drive". Neither my doctor or the consultant at the hospital will give me a decision - they say that's for the DVLA to decide. So, while the form is being processed etc - am I OK to drive, since no one has said I can't?
  3. Hi there I took a car out on a PCP contract for 4 years with Mercedes in August 2014 I took a seizure on 4th April 2015 still no sign of getting my licence back but I've never missed a payment on the PCP agreement this has nearly been a year since I took the seizure and still paying every month I can't see a way out or put a plan together as Mercedes aren't interested although I've informed Mercedes of my situation but there not interested as long as they are getting paid every month,if anyone could give me some advice on what to do I would be most greatful especially in finding out how soon I could possibly VT the car back to them as I'm partially disabled and struggling to get by with having to pay for this car every month it's seriously effecting me and my family at this moment I can't just hand the car back because it would blacklist my name. I think I need to pay at least half of what is owed on the agreement but I just can't keep this up its having devastating effects on my life having to worry about raising the money every month for something that I can't even drive,if anyone can help or point me in the right direction it would be so much appreciated with kindest regards Scott thanks in advance
  4. It is an important question, and one which needs resolving one way or the other. I should say at the onset that IMO the only definitive answer will have to be passed down in a court case, in the mean time I suspect the EA community will have their own interpretation others may differ. I suspect the problem is the result of yet more unintended consequences of the TCE, the definition of goods of the debtor includes interest in goods, the point that needs clarifying is, if goods on HP can ever bestow an interest before the last payment on the agreement. From my understanding of HP the hirer has no interest in goods until the transfer of title(which is the last payment) until this time the goods are on hire, and the property of the lender. So if the EA seeks to sell the vehicle he must have permission of the lender. It is well documented that a consumer credit agreement(or hp) cannot be terminated until a default notice is served and the hirer has time to remedy, and until this time the lender has no right in law to seize the vehicle. (after one third of the agreement price has been paid). However within most agreements is a clause which states that the vehicle must at all time remain in possession of the debtor/hirer, so when the vehicle is removed it could be said that the hirer was in breach, and after issuance of the default notice could re-possess the vehicle and allow the EA to sell. The matter of, if this would be worth the EAs time would depend on the amount of money which would be left after the car had been repossessed, sold and the agreement settled. The interesting point about this, is that neither A term of the agreement nor the TCE can not allow seizure. Once the car is in the EAs possession there may be an argument for sale but there is, as far as I can see, no argument for taking control. The car is after all third party goods at that point.
  5. Hi, I've got a couple of issues surrounding not 1 but 3 unknown parking tickets which my girlfriend picked up since 2013. The car was then registered at my address in April 2014, in which time we have paid another PCN which we were aware of. Now, without any other warning I have received 3 Notice of Enforcements. My first issue is not having received any other notice before this so the TE7 and TE9 go in the post tomorrow. Before I do that though, as she has never been registered at my address is there any legal right for bailiffs to visit, and secondly they have an incorrect name anyway, so would this invalidate their Warrant of Control? Is it worth me telling them we split up and I don't know where she lives now? Any help would be much appreciated as this is making my hair go grey with stress!
  6. Hi, I'm just after a little help. I've received this... NOTICE OF SEIZURE for Products of Animal Origin Dear Sir, The postal packet described below has arrived here addressed to you. It does not comply with the provisions of the Postal Packets (Revenue and Customs) Regulations 2011 (S.I. 2011 No 3036 because:- The importation of certain meats and products of animal origin are prohibited under the trade in Animal and Related Products Regulations (TARP) SI No. 1197 2011. The packet and all its contents are therefore liable to forfeiture under Sections 49 (1) (b) and 141 (1) (b) of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979. I nearby give you notice that the items specified below have been seized. 7.62kg of Gelatin Condemnation Proceedings. You have the right to claim that the packet is not in law liable to forfeiture. If you wish to do so you must send your claim in writing with signature, name and full address to the office above within one month of the date of this notice. The Border Force will then be obliged to commence legal proceedings so that a court can decide the matter. These are civil proceedings, concerned only with liability to forfeiture. If no such claim is made, the items will be deemed to have been duly condemned as forfeited.... ... Restoration. You can ask us to consider returning the goods even if: * You accept that they were properly seized; or * You are challenging the seizure; or * You have already challenged the seizure and a condemnation hearing has confirmed that the items were properly seized; or * The time limit for challenging the seizure has expired and ownership of the items has automatically passed to Customs/ This process is called restoration. If you wish to have the goods returned to you, you must send your request in writing. Explain why you think the thing should be restored to you. Tell us the full circumstances and enclose any available evidence to support your claim.... .... Yours faithfully, Yours Faithfully Border Forces I've been doing a little reading online and I'm even more confused about my best options now than I was before. I'm Autistic so I'm worried about making things worse than they already are. I've been importing this product (Gelatin) from the USA for quite a few years as it helps my health. I use it as a food, it is from healthy animals and I have the relevant documentation from the company I buy it from. Naturally I buy it in bulk and get through about 3 cans a month. I have numerous Parcelforce Import invoices which document the previous Import VAT I've paid before. No other packet has been stopped and am I right in assuming that previous parcels have been deemed ok by the fact that I got invoiced? I'm hesitant to bring up the previous parcel in case they use that as further evidence against me. Would it be ok to use that in my appeal or should I keep my mouth shut? I'm also confused about if I should go for condemnation proceedings or restoration and what I should use as the reasons to challenge it? Finally, as this parcel was taking its time I ordered another which is now also sat in customs (and from what I've read will be seized because my address is now blacklisted), the bottom of the letter I received had a warning. Warning You should also be aware that if any further detections are made which result in goods being seized from you, this may lead to prosecution under Section 170 of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979. A person found guilty of an offence under this section is liable to an unlimited fine and/ or up to seven years imprisonment. Now I ordered this second lot before I knew they had seized the first (with the knowledge that around 20 previous deliveries had arrived without issue), am I in big trouble or will they listen?? Any help or guidance gratefully appreciated. Billy
  7. hi. looking for some help. just had a bit of a harrowing experience. came home to find a person knocking my next dooe neighbours door. i said hello and went into my house. 2 minutes later this chap knocked the door and introduced himself as a baliff from Swift Credit Services working on behalf of The Vale of Glamorgan County Council. He handed my a piece of paper saying that he has secured the debt againt my car outside. And i didnt pay up in full within 5 days they would be taking the car. My car was secured against a previous debt I had with the Vale of Glamorgan previouse which i paid off in full. I must admit at this point. remembering that he had be kniocking my neighbours doors looking for me really started to get my a little upset. I repeated to him that, as i had already explained to one of his colleagues a few days ago, i can only afford £50 a month toward the £419 debt. which that chap flatly refused. This guy pretty much repeated word for word "we have a contract and we cannot accept that amount" like the last guy. So, and maybe i should not have said this, but i said how do you know thats my car? he replied "we have checked its registered in your name". having been lucky enough to have had a company in days gone by i remember that being the registered keeper does not mean you are the owner I replied so you know that having a vehicle do you? and how did you get that information. maybe i am beling naive. i know i owe money but this seems just too far!
  8. Our local volunteer Rescue was raided by RSPCA on Thursday last week. without going into everything, I will post the links for you, No documents were signed by the person who runs the rescue, but I have been told to go to the local crown court and file form n244 which will stop the RSPCA rehoming any of the dogs until they decide whether they are going to prosecute or not. Is this correct. I only found out about it this form this evening and have quickly asked the same question on a couple of good dog sites, but I know you are brilliant on here so, here I am http://goo.gl/Ajq6ls This is a link to the latest news article.
  9. Hello all. I'm hoping you may be able to offer advice. I have had a letter posted at my home; a 'notice of seizure ' by a HCEO acting for Marstons Bailiffs. The debt is for a historic utility bill. The debt is in my name only. The seizure has been levied upon my girlfriends car. Her car is registered in her name, and insured in her name. I have never owned the vehicle. My girlfriend is getting worried and upset as she is reliant on her vehicle for her work. Can the officer remove this vehicle? He has stated that the registration documents etc mean nothing, and that as we live together and have done so long term it is a shared asset which I have access to. It has been some time since I last had to come here for help, but found you all very helpful and informative before at a time when I was in need of advice and support. Many thanks.
  10. Hi all New to the forums, but have gained a lot of advice off here and have a query which hope you knowledgeable guys can answer. I had a bailiff from Excel Civil Enforcement call at my property for a motoring fine for my partner, and without giving to much away as I am confident the various agencies [edit] actively monitor, I had to call the police as they wouldn't listen or take any proof of item ownership and I became nervous and intimidated by them being camped outside my property constantly staring at me through the windows. with the police aiding (and against my better judgment and advice) I allowed the bailiffs to do a possession order which I have attached to this message (all ID etc removed). Full payment is due in 5 days; but they can take the good as far as I am concerned, even though most if not all items are mine I am willing to give them up as of course receipts are long gone since these are items from acquired over many years! My questions are this: 1) Did the order have to have a signature by myself (as a responsible person) as the debtor was not about - as you can see it is not acknowledged in anyway. Does this have any impact on its legal standing? 2) Some goods stated on the document I informed the bailiff that they were supplied by my employer He said as not marked "he could have them" (recall my partners debt not mine) unless I can give proof. I have since got a copy of the purchase order and sent to the bailiffs head office. Where do I stand if he tries his bully-boy tactics (he was like a thug to me when I tried to amicably deal with him before I had to resort to the police) and tires to take them/ignore this receipt. 3) I had also requested he supply me with a copy of the original warrant as I believe his sum was incorrect he stated he did not have to supply and he and his company would not have it and that I should contact the courts to get a copy myself (recall I would not be authorized as not my debt and therefore not my judgement and would not be allowed under the DPA I guess) Many thanks
  11. COLLECT SERVICES - notice of seizure of goods & inventory I am new on site, I received on my property notice of seizure of goods & inventory for car been parked in London (pcn) which is not on my name but my father who left the property as we don't get alone together nearly 2 weeks ago he moved with his girl friend some where and i don't know where he is at the moment. and he sold his car before he left to one of my close friend live in different area who bought the car and he got new log book on his name & address as well. my question is that will effect me in anyway as he is my father and well house is on my name on rent and am i liable for anything or my friend who bought the car from my father have any problem about this notice. Thank for your help guys, really much appreciated.sorry about poor English.
  12. I came home from work today to a Seizure notice from HCE. I have a debt of £2155.63 which is not for Council Tax and for which I have a CCJ. For a variety of reasons mainly my own 'cock up' I have missed the last couple of payments of the agreed payment of £75 per month. I live with my boyfriend and own little of any value in the rented house. I have only been able to find part time work over the last few years and earn an average of £450 per month; as a result pretty much everything of value that was mine was sold when I moved in with my boyfriend, a little over two years ago. I own an old TV, my pay as you go mobile phone which is now almost four years old, a Wii game's system and some games, a microwave, an ancient camera, and the hoover. Beyond that my possessions are just books, clothes, a few bits of costume jewellery, crockery, bedding, some bits of furniture mainly flatpack from freecycle, and some pretty worthless knick knacks. My laptop broke a few months ago and has not been replaced and my car was sold at about the same time. I should also say that I currently have about £7 in my purse, and less than that in the bank and do not have any way of raising any more money There is noone I can borrow anything more from. I am able to reinstate the monthly payments as of this month, and if I really push it may even be able to raise the payment amount, although that will involve tightening my belt even more. What I need to know is a) do I have to allow the bailiff into my home, what are my actual rights here. I have read that the bailiff cannot enter unless given 'free access' but that once allowed access they will have pretty much freedom to enter whenever they want. However the citizen's advice site suggests that bailiff's have the right to enter the property at will in any case so I am a little confused. b) Are they limited to placing seizure orders on property that is physically mine? If so how do I go about proving what is mine and what is not? I should point out that until Christmas my boyfriend is now away with the armed forces so he is not available to make any kind of statement. and c) Can they accept my repayment plan of restarting the monthly payments and if so will a down payment be necessary first? There is no way I can come up with more than a few pounds as down payment so is this likely to be enough? If it is not enough what can they do legally? I will be being paid on the 20th of the month so if I pretty much do without food over the Christmas period I may be able to make a payment then of £100 maybe even £150. Can they insist that I do this when it comes out of money that should go on food/council tax etc. d) how likely is it that my offer of repayment in installment will be accepted? I cannot see how the sale of all my worldly goods would come to £2000+ and don't have any possibility of loans etc to cover the amount. e) Obviously at this time of year there are gifts under the Christmas tree, the ones from me for my family and friends are of very low monetary value and largely homemade, can these be forcibly opened by the bailiff? I am shocked that this has come right before Christmas as it doesn't seem to give much time for payment or arrangements to be made. Also I am somewhat shocked that this has essentially come out of the blue, without warning. I would have expected some kind of reminder to be necessary before something that seems so drastic happened. Any advice will be very gratefully recieved, I must say I feel totally sick right now.
  13. I would like to ask some advice regarding a Form 55- Notice of Seizure form that has been posted through our door this morning. It is regarding outstanding rent arrears on my parents previous rented property. The form was delivered by hand and posted through our letterbox this morning and it states that it is a Walking Possession Agreement. The only part of the form has been filled in by the bailiff is his signature and date and that he has seized "all of the goods chattels and effects in and upon the property to cover the high court writ plus all costs." This clearly panicked my parents when they read it. I have this afternoon contacted the national debt line and they have informed me that the levy is incorrect and void due to the fact he has not entered our property and obtained a detailed list of goods. Is this correct? I'm not connected to this outstanding debt but as stated I live with my parents. My questions are 1. Can I take any measures to protect my possessions? 2. Is it legal for me to remove anything from the property? 3. Would a statutory declaration be of any use in this instance? Apologies for the length of this. I am just very worried. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks
  14. hi need advice urgently please, my girlfriend has had bristow and sutor at the door, i told her not to let them in,so she didn't....but her car was on the driveway and they wrote a inventory of goods seized for the car...reg number make and model and tax disc info on the sheet and posted it through the door. now my question is i will pay her overdue council tax by debit card directly on line, where would she then stand with the bailiffs? also could they remove the car before or after payment?
  15. Hi, First of all I have never been in unmanageable debt and never had anything like this happen to me. This morning my son answered the door to a man who asked if this was the correct address to find me (he stated my name) then my son shouted for me to come as someone wanted to see me. The man asked if I was (my name) and then told me he was a HCEO and had a high court notice of seizure for a debt from 2010 by BCB Solutions Ltd against me. He asked if he could come in and levy my goods which I said no. He then gave me a copy of the form 55. This form only has a name on it and no address. Yes it is the same name as mine (Middle initial not full name) but not my full name. He has said he didn't know what the original debt was for and had no other paperwork other than the walking possesions paperwork which I refused to sign. The problem I have is I have lived in this house since 2009 and have never had any CCJ paperwork or red letters with warnings ect. Now out of the blue he pops up and said ive had a CCJ against me not at this address I may add. And he now has a high court notice of seizure. I had my Experian credit file last month and this showed no CCJs on this or my previous address. Could this be a mistaken identity case? Could they just be trying on leads found on the electoral register? I honestly do not know what this debt is for and seeing as theres no address on the paperwork think it might be for someone else of the same name and they are just trying to track them down? How can I find out what debt this is in relation to as far as I am aware I have no debt of this amount and have never had a letter, warning or CCj from anyone. The bailiffs is Marstons and the form 55 is from Northamptonshire District but I live in Derbyshire? The form has no signatures on it, no stamp and the named bailiff is a different one to who visited me this morning. Please help or advise as I really don't know what to do. He also asked if the car outside was mine (I said not as I panicked) but it is. Please help I may be worrying about nothing but this has come as a shock and im very worried. The debt is now up to £1199 and rising each day? I wouldn't be able to afford that even if it was my debt The original debt was for £675. Thanks
  16. Afternoon all, We have a bit of a situation going on that I really need some advice on. About 2 years ago my wife was working as a self-employed courier. We bought her a transit van to do the job in. What we didn't realise, but did very soon after, was that her driving licence does not entile her to drive the van we bought (it is a long wheel base transit that is over the weight restriction on her licence). To cut a long story short, her Dad needed a van to do his job in but had no money to buy one with so we 'lent' him ours, with a signed agreement that it was still our van, but it would be registered in his name and he was responsible for the upkeep of the van, but was not allowed to sell it without our permission. last week we got a phone call from him saying a bailiff had put a notice of seizure of goods and inventory over unpaid council tax totaling over £4000. The van is not worth anything like this. Now, we have the original receipt we got from the previous owner of the van, and we have the signed agreement between my wife and her father. I have left a voice mail message for the baliff's, but nobody has come back to me. We have taken the van back for now and put it in a lockup we have. Are they entitled to take the goods as her Dad's name is on the log-book? Also, where will they have got the information from that he owns the van, DVLA? Only asking as he also has a car which they have not put a notice of seizure on, which was parked outside his house also, just find it very odd. Thanks.
  17. Today I received a vist from a from a bailiff for council tax arrears of just less than £700. I had not received any paper work to attend court or that there was even a court case but it would appear that the debt has gone to a magistrates court. I did not allow the bailiff into my property and I asked to see a copy of any order from the court but all he would show me was a badge with his name on. The bailiff left me with a form titled "Distress Notice: Seizure of Goods & Inventory" on which he listed my car that was parked outside the house. Neither the bailiff or I signed this document but I did accept it not really knowing what it was. I am an IT consultant and use my car to visit clients on a daily basis. I am happy to make an arrangement to pay and approached the council offering this, they said I would have to deal with the bailiff and they want payment in full. My question is this, the car is still in my possession but the form seems to suggest the bailiff has sized the car but not collected it. Is there anything I can do to stop the bailiff taking the car? If I transfer my car to my Ltd company would this be illegal as I need it for work? Can I sell the car or remove it from my property? In short I am happy to pay any arrears owed but can not pay in one lump sum and if I lose my car I have no way of working. Any information or advice would is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  18. hi everyone, ive been reading through posts for the past hour or so now, i cannot believe i never realised any of this kind of stuff went on with bailiffs and our own councils! grab a cup of tea and a biscuit as this might go on a while!... im looking for a little advice on a council tax bill i was blissfully unaware that i owed... i moved back in with my parents in december last year and with all the upheaval i simply never thought to tell the council, since then apparently they have been sending council tax demands to my old address which i have obviously not been receiving. the other day i returned home from work to find a bailiffs note/letter through the letterbox saying i owed around £600 and must pay it instantly or they would be taking the cars on the drive (my parents were on holiday at the time and both cars belong to my dad) i immediately rang the number on the letter to find out what was going on, i was told there was a unpaid council tax bill and i must pay now or they will return with a van and a tow truck!... i refused as i wanted to check what was happening with the council first. the next morning i contacted the council and straightened out the situation and later informed them via email the date i left the property. the following day i received a letter from the council with an amended council tax demand for £175 and a hand written note on the bottom saying that this should be paid to the bailiff. no problem i figured i would wait for them to arrive again and pay the 175 and job done. on returning from work this evening i found a 'notice of seizure of goods and inventory' posted through the door with the only thing listed on it being my dads porsche which was on the driveway (im yet to tell him!) and hand wirtten on this notice was an outstanding balance of £380 to be paid within 5 days or the car is gone! i dont know how the bill has managed to more than double from what the council told me i owed? i decided it would be best to pay the council direct so have just paid the 175.13 on the councils website... my questions now are where do i stand if the bailiffs return? do they have any claim over my dads car simply because i live in there house? are they able to do anything to/with the £20k car for a supposed £380.63 but really £175.13 debt? have i done right by paying the bill online to the council? any help would be much appreciated as its now the weekend and im certain the council dont do saturdays so ill be pulling my hair out all weekend! many thanks in advance... Jay
  19. We are paying a charge of £3054.06 at £100 per week agreed. Charges of bailiff are £25 per £100 - also charged us walking possession fee, enforcements under fee 5 disbursements under fee 12 etc totalling bill of £1255.40. This is a business rent debt that went to court and landlord agreed above terms. No possessions were taken, no letter sent to indicate court proceedings, no seizures; nothing. Can bailiffs charge on these terms and this amount? Thank you!!!
  20. I am a wagon driver and work in Europe during the week. I often bring back tobacco but have the chance of an alternative job in the next few months which means no more nights away from home. I therefore bought 9kgs of tobacco on the boat in the duty free shop. Paid with my debit card. I was stopped by Customs when coming off the boat. They wanted me to explain why I had that amount. I told them that it was for myself and my wife. After keeping me held up for about 3 hours they decided to seize the Tobacco and issued me with a Seizure Information Notice. I have submitted a Notice of Claim and I have been send a letter stating that Condemnation Proceedings will be issued shortly and I will be notified of a court date. Is there anything else I can do. I have read where people have requested the goods to be returned or they have appealed before it gets to court. Is there anything else I can do? The woman in the duty free shop actually telephoned customs and informed them I had purchased the tobacco as she had been heard bragging about it to other people which makes me wonder if customs officials get bonuses like VAT and Tax Inspectors! The Law clearly states that you can bring back as much as you want as long as it is for personal use. Just after this happened I went on holiday with my family and I was stopped by Customs. They asked if we had anything to declare we showed them the carrier bags we had purchased in duty free but they were only interested in our suitcases. They were scanned and there was nothing in them. We had not brought anything back in our suitcases. I am also wondering whether my passport has now been targeted? Any one got any advice? Thanks
  21. Hi, i recieved a notice of seizure of goods and inventory today, posted through the front door while i was in. Its for a parking charge i was completely unaware about until today. I have spoken to the bailiffs office and obtained the penalty charge number and having looked on the councils website its a genuine parking ticket....photos of the car from every angle. the parking ticket is from 1st March this year and its the first i know about it. we moved house earlier in the year. i have paid the parking ticket online....but my question is will i have to pay the bailiffs fees? if i do the out of time witness statement (TE7 and TE9) will this bounce it back to the council who have now been paid.
  22. I write this thread to request advice regarding a notice of seizure of goods. Yesterday, a High Court Enforcement Officer from Andrew Wilson & Co attended my parents address to recover unknown debts. When my father answered the door, the HCEO asked him for proof of identity and gave him a document from Northampton County Court Bulk Centre. This document has the correct address, but the surname is wrong. The document had my previous vehicle registration number handwritten in the corner . After my father provided him with proof of identity the HCEO went away but left the document. On hearing about this I contacted the H CEO on the mobile number on the document and requested more information. The HCEO said the debt was in relation to a traffic incident which occured during December 2011. I explained to him that my insurance company had contacted me regarding a claim made against me on my previous vehicle and they asked whether they should pay out. I told my insurance not to pay out because I did not have any traffic incident. My insurer explained that my premium would increase until the matter was resolved and that it would be reimbursed should no claim be brought. I heard nothing further about this and paid the increased premium - with the knowledge that this would be reimbursed once the matter had been resolved. In October 2012, I received a confirmation letter from my insurer that the matter had been resovled and that I would be reimbursed the extra premium I had been paying. I thought nothing more of the matter. Now November, I have a HCEO calling at my parents house demanding £1670.00from a person with a similar name and my previous car details. I am not very legal minded and do not know where I stand here. I ask for advice on the action I should take to finally resolve this matter and quash the debt.
  23. Bayliffs have been today and posted a seizure of goods notice through the door listing two cars. As it says this is an 'agreement' how can it be as it has not been signed by me? can they still take the goods?
  24. I was driving in London last week and and was stopped by the police who was standing in the middle of the road, he said there was a warrant on my van or something along that line, I was told to drive into a Car park with a few other cars, I was met by another constable together with a representative from the bailiffs Collect services, they informed me that I owed £500 for an unpaid parking fine some 3 years back, and that I needed to pay £200 there and then, I told them that I only had £60 available, I was told if I did not pay £200 I would have my van seized. I told them that they could not do that as this was my work van and there is some law that says a van with tools etc can not be seized in this way, he said I was wrong and the van has to have been converted/adapted for use, for instance a side rack, that way it could not be taken, he demanded I hand over the ignition keys at which point the police officer asked for the keys so I handed it over. The bailiff gave me a form stating I must now pay £800+ storage to get may van back or it will be auctioned off. I'm I right in thinking they have affected an illegal act in seizing my vehicle in this way.
  25. Hi, Can someone please advice me on how to write a formal letter of complaint about a bailiff from Newlyn company? My friend who is a gas engineer, was in a customer house when the customer notified him that his car was being towed. When he went outside to find out what was going on, the bailiff gave him a notice of Seizure because he failed to pay his penalty charge and told him that they are taking his van away. My friend then told him that the van isn't his, it belongs to the company and that he needs the car for work. The bailiff told him that he just need the tools and that he can hire a van for his work and so on . . . My friend shocked, under pressured and nearly in tears didn't want the van to be taken away so he paid the full amount right there on the spot (£187 for the parking fine fees and £470.04 for the bailiff fees a total of £657.04) . He doesn't really know how to deal with those kind of things. That's why I'm writing for him. I'd like to know how can I write a letter of complaint as I believe my friend hasn't been treated fairly and was taken advantage of and whom should I address the letter to? 1) He didn't receive any notice by post regarding the penalty. 2) The bailiff stopped him from doing his job therefore he lost money 3) Despite the fact that he showed the bailiff the proof that the van isn't his (the van log book (V5C) clearly states that it belongs to the company). The bailiff still went ahead and try to take the car away. 4) The guy from the towing company damaged the van (broke one of the rear light while he tried to pull down towing) Thank you kindly for your help,
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