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  1. Thanks for that link mikeymack. So his points expire 3 years from the date of offence, so he has 6 points currently and the other 6 will be removed before the end of the year, just as someone else said earlier. As for me, I also checked my licence.....and luckily my points have all gone as its 3 years since the date of offence and luckily not the date of conviction (which is 8 months after!!) Thanks!
  2. Yes he has told them anyway every year he has renewed....
  3. Yes I have told him and that he was really lucky to not have been disqualified. He has learnt his lesson tho.....
  4. Great....So I can start breathing soon....oops I meant my friend hahaha thanks
  5. Haha thanks! Its honestly not it is a friend.... lol Btw the 6 points do they all come off at once or is it 3 years per 3 points?? Thanks!
  6. Hi My friend has 12 points on his licence and had his exceptional hardship plea accepted and he had the following 3 points for wrong direction July 2012 3 points for mobile phone Nov 2012 6 points for Speeding (SP30 i think) Dec 2012 I undertand 3 points are physically removed after 4 years, but off the record really after 3 years. Please explain what this means, so the first 3 are removed already as its been 3 years now what about the rest? Thanks!
  7. yes I know that. What I really wanted to know is, is this fine enforceable?
  8. I was authorised to park there. sorry bad typo.... I just thought if it was a PPC is it enforceable?
  9. was authorised to by a member of staff clearly the message wasn't relayed / apcoa ignored it....hence i was ignoring it as i thought it was not enforceable but just cos they keep sending letters I thought I would ask
  10. You clear have a lot of time to go through my post history and yet none to offer some useful advice. Thanks for everything so far )
  11. Whilst you may be right. there a re a number of circumstances why I dint reply, as I was actually unhorsed to apart in that place. the fact that they usually stop after a few letters i didn't bother as have had this before from PPCs. Please offer some constructive comments I clearly asked for help.....Not criticisms that don't then offer any constructive feedback
  12. Hi Hi guys Some quick help please appreciated.... parked in a hotel car park operated by APCOA in early august I believe and now receiving letters from those 2 firms. 1 from APCOA , 2 letters received from Roxburghe and 2 from GPB solicitors LLP. Shall I ignore? Thanks
  13. Update I received a pretty funny response. Basically they have no proof that this was issued correctly. The PCN has been cancelled. They state: On the day the civil enforcement noted that your vehicle was parked in contravention of the the terms and conditions of the badge. As this is your first offence we will cancel this PCN even though we are certain it was issued correctly. I must advise you that if any other PCNs are issues in future or you have any outstanding for any other reason, full settler must be made. It is the responsibility of the driver to park correctly at all times. To help you, I have listed overleaf the terms and conditions of blue badges. I hope this is clear. Basically the terms and conditions they describe are very basic and they were all adhered too. They are basically refusing to admit it was issued incorrectly. Either the pictures they took show this is the case. Or they have no proof. Either way, the car was parked correctly. Thanks guys for all your help!!!
  14. OK so I will definitely make an appeal just wanted to check with you guys. I will write in as everything was done correctly as explained here. I will let you know guys what happens Thanks
  15. The serial number is clearly on display (its in the middle of the badge so hard to be covered), the badge, clock and all are very clearly displayed and no way of it being covered in any way possible. In one of the new style wallets with the badge and clock on either side. So do I just send an informal letter saying I was parked in a disabled bay with no time limit displaying the blue badge correctly, as Michael has suggested. Thanks guys
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