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  1. I've informed third party that I've already made the claim and they still went ahead and advised me what they would offer. I think they said I would have some time to decide. This could have passed. The car is a write off, no fixing within the claim. I will have to do that myself after I was paid. Thank you Ericsbrother. I am getting to know the terms. My policy is ending now. I am paying the last DD and renewal due in June.
  2. I am adding some more info. I will pay the last monthly direct debit on my policy tomorrow. 1.Is it better to settle with other party's insurer to avoid having a claim? 2.How much time do I have to make decisions?I made the claim on 21st. 3.Can I just send the photos to both parties and make a decision after their offer? Thanks Thank you for the reply Gick. In the meantime I added more info. I was sent a text message by the other insurance company and I called them after i made a claim. My thinking is that maybe I could get somewhat more money from them to defini
  3. Hello, I am completely clueless and dealing with other stressful situations on top of a collision a couple of days ago. Other party's fault and my car is not worth fixing. I was asked to send in photos of car for evaluation purposes. Other party's insurance company offered to settle the case too. What do i have to look out for? I've read something about paying out premium. I have no idea what that is and I don't have time to deal with this as there are other very urgent pressing matters in my life. I was told something on the phone about my premium and no claims bon
  4. Hello, Can someone confirm that a person on IVA or with DRO would not be able to apply for student loan of any kind?To my knowledge it's a loan for a four month beauty course.Thank you.
  5. Hi all.I read that having a low income can mean you are not expected to pay NI contributions.Does that mean it would still be credited to you?Asking on behalf of a friend who most likely doesn't have enough paid contributions,about to close down self-employment and part time works through agency.She is not well neither mentally or physically but seems like she cannot go on SSP or ESA not qualifying for either.I know there is PIP she could try but it's all very complicated as her English is not good enough.From EU country and has been living here over 9 years.
  6. My support worker is very busy and didn't get back to me yet. My worry is that can it be that my PIP application made them check on me? I am not well enough to look for work but I do it anyway. I filled in the PIP form and told about my bad days.I consider trying to change to ESA after PIP assessment probably. Now worried that I am in trouble stating I am not very well to DWP and this is why they want to check on me. Support worker initially said this would not be a problem.
  7. Thanks for replying. It's HMRC and also says B&C Compliance Operations. I think it was the jobsearches for me too that made it suspicious.
  8. Hi I've just got a letter from HMRC regarding tax credit checks saying that they think my payments maybe wrong. I am on JSA and due to mental health problems applied for PIP taking the advice of my support worker. They want to see all my details,proofs of children living with me and proof of all my job searches since September. There was no change in my circumstances.The only change is my eldest turning 18 in January but continuing non-advanced education. They requested my details from 05/04/17. I have almost all the information they are asking for but receipts of spendings. S
  9. Sorry, don't have specifics tonight. She pays a debt arrangement company who contacted her creditors and she agreed to pay £20/week to cover all her debts and has been paying it for almost a year now. Non priority ones and one tax fine payment in the package. But Provident and HMRC keeps sending letters and I just wrote an email for her to ask why she is still bothered by them. I wrote the email to the debt arrangement company.
  10. Yes,you are right.I am afraid hers is a very complex story. She needs my support now and I will come back here for more good advice. She pays £20/week for debt arrangement. Could she kick that up and pay less?
  11. Ok.I get it. Probably she mistakes the two. Not good to get involved without knowing all details. She told me she was visited by bailiffs for Provident debt which was already dealt with by an arrangement. This is why she gets 'paranoid'. It must have been debt collectors on that occasion too. Never mind she gets freaked out from them too. Thanks for info. I will educate her on this subject.
  12. Thanks.That's great news for her but also she needs to know that bailiffs would not harrass her either.She is in a situation where she cannot put up with more stress and family finding out about it.
  13. My mistake the letter is from Student Loan Companies.
  14. Thank you very much for the in-depth advice! My friend will follow your advice I am sure.She will be massively relieved by the news. She already pays a solicitor to get to the bottom of the issues with the school with the little money she has.But school even ignores solicitor letters. You mentioned private business school and possible bailiff action.Is the debt not with HMRC if letter comes from them?I can only check later with her whether the school is private or not.
  15. Hi all I am asking for advice on behalf of a friend who lives in England as an EU national. Question one: She had been receiving student loan for a business course which she could not finish. There were all sorts of problems with communication between her and the school and she still is trying to sort out something to be able to finish the second and final year of the course. Not much chance for that as I see it. In the meantime she got a letter that informed her that she owed 32k in student loan. She went very much downhill with both her mental and physical health an
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