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  1. Thanks for your advice MARTIN3030, Will get on to the Landlord for their address details ( if he has them ). Vaz.
  2. Thanks for your reply Martin, Yes we do know who is making these comments. It is plain to see that one person is " loading the gun with bullets " and the others are firing. The biggest issue is this. The person/persons who are doing the shouting, are not on the original tenancy or water agreement. The tenancy started on 1st July 2011. The students paid half rent til September 10th when they were allowed to move in proper. Prior to the September date, two of the original tenants pulled out and were replaced by the two " guests ". These " guests " simply reimbursed the original tenan
  3. Hi thanks for the link. I have contacted Paratus and agreed a repayment plan to clear the arrears over the next 13 months. With this in place, no further arrears charges will be applied to my account. Time now to get my mortgage balance reduced by getting the old arrears charges removed. How do I go about this? Are there any templates in the Library? Thanks for any advice. Vaz.
  4. Thankyou ims, Hopefully it won't get to court but, I think I am in good company should I have to proceed. Regards Vaz
  5. Thankyou ims, I think I will pursue the claim through MCOL. Is there a step by step guide / thread to follow? Vaz
  6. Hi Martin3030, thanks for your reply and guidance. Sorry for not getting back sooner. As things stand with this situation the students who are demanding the return of their bonds have resorted to constant threats through a Social Network Site. So much so, my daughter now fears for her safety on return to University in 3 weeks time. Admittedly, and under advice from myself, she has refrained from corresponding through said Social Network Site. Purposely to gain as much information and guidance as possible with a view to resolving this matter in the most appropriate way. Apart from th
  7. Hi Ims, not sure if I have done this correctly, it was my first go. This is the letter they sent me rejecting my charges claim. This was, I presume, in response to the letter before action I sent them dated 29th August. Is it a normal response? My next step would be to issue in court as you have said. How do I start that process? I am a bit concerned about the court route. I am in full time employment, working a permanent 2pm til 10pm shift pattern, so I would be limited as to when I could attend court. Are there other ways I could claim? I have heard s
  8. Morning everyone, Sent Halifax my SoC along with letter requesting my money back on 13th August. They received it on the 15th. Sent them updated Spready on the 29th with Letter Before Action. Rang them on the 5th September to see if there was any update. Finally got through to somebody from Card Services. One of their staff said they had sent out a Full And Final decision letter on the 17th August rejecting my claim. I have received no letter. He also proceeded to tell me why they would not be upholding my claim. " Our charges are in line with your terms
  9. Hi Up2, The letter I sent on the 22nd August was a template from CAG. It is different to the one I sent on the 13th July. That was from MSE. Its different in the sense I made it global, rather than about a specific account. They cashed the cheque I sent them in July for £10 but wrote back saying " there were no charges made on the account in the last six years, therefore there is no information to provide". They enclosed a cheque ( not my cheque because they had cashed it ) for £10 saying " there was no charge for this service, however, if I require a copy of all person
  10. Hi Up2, This is what I sent to MBNA on 13th July, I amwriting to request a fully comprehensive list ( Subject AccessRequest ) of all the default charges for late payments or going overmy credit limit applied to my account. Also, include all PaymentProtection Cover that I paid in relation to the same account. Pleasefind enclosed a cheque for the maximum statutory charge of £10. Ifyou are unable to provide this data, I will accept a copy of mystatements; I understand that statements on their own are not coveredby the Data Protection Act 1998, yet I’m not requesting thestatements per
  11. Thx dx. Will draft and print everything tonight ready for posting tomorrow. Vaz
  12. Hello guys and dolls, I have recently joined C.A.G. and not sure if I have bitten off more than I can chew in such a short space of time. Big apologies if I have flooded the forums with my umpteen questions but I would really appreciate some assistance as I do have a " few issues ". Any advice on these through my various posts would be gratefully received. PM's also welcome. This post concerns PPI on a Halifax Credit Card. Hope you can help. Sent SAR to Halifax July 18 2012. First mistake.... Only requested information to a specific account number. Wet behind the ears and n
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