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  1. Think you have read the entitlement letter wrong, it is a confusing letter so it easily done. The letter states you are entitled to £166, then and £66 will be deducted for the mortgage. This means yes, you are entitled to £166 in total, with the mortgage help. £111.45 as a couple with the rest being paid direct to your mortgage lender, if you didnt have the mortgage your entitlement would be just £111.45. So you are getting extra for your mortgage, the way its worded is confusing thats all
  2. Check with your local office, they may just have closed your claim if the council informed them you have a partner, if that form doesnt come by the weekend a quick phone call will tell you whats happening. Hope it works out for you
  3. These people over 60 at present on ESA or JSA IB, not possible, they have to go over to retirement pension/pension credits when they reach the correct age, at present just past the sixtieth birthday. This happens four times a year, so they will go over on of the specified given dates nearest their birthdy. Some have gone this week I feel you are an insider with a bit of benefit training, stirring it up on here for some obscure reason. And your friends, are they customers, because that is not good if they are.
  4. The decision would have been made after the visit All post gets sent out second class. Case papers will be called for can take a few weeks Appeals can take months. But you can win
  5. The birds of a feather they flock together
  6. Did they find the orginal claim form then, and you had declared the occ pens, if so so then its official error
  7. My advice, you need to think about getting the MP involved and dont take no for an answer, its seems a shambles
  8. I think this will effect the self employed and will know more soon, as the training will soon commence
  9. http://policyinpractice.co.uk/universal-credit/universal-credit-calculator/universal-credit-claim/
  10. universal credits regs are out http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/uc-draft-regs-2012.pdf
  11. letters are being sent out now to the people who it will effect
  12. Was it your first payment on the new claim then? if so and you supplied different account details, ring tomorrow and report the FP as lost, there is form for a missing ACT payment think its a QB52 or 42. You will sign this form to say you havent received the money, explain its gone into an the wrong account, a line manager will look at it to see if it can be replaced. Ifs its a error on the dept side they may replace.
  13. just out, but dont know how it will effect everyone http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/BenefitsTaxCreditsAndOtherSupport/BeginnersGuideToBenefits/DG_201734
  14. We have them working in our office, they have to get a full check etc, then do jobs such as analysing the staff survey, organising the lean boards etc. Its not good, they have no chance of a job at the end of it, and look bored to tears most of the time or walk around in a huddle. They have no access to any systems. They seem young, very young and its very sad...
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