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  1. In September 2016, the government set up the HMCTS Historic Debt Team as a pilot scheme to recover outstanding court fines that had remained unpaid for a period of up to 10 years. In many cases, the reason for the fines not being recovered had been due to individuals moving address etc. In March 2017, the government announced that since its launch, the HMCTS National Compliance and Enforcement Service had recovered ‘significant sums’ and as a consequence; the Historic Debt Team expanded their tracing activities to recover outstanding court fines over 10 years old. Every day I receive at least half a dozen enquiries about an 'historic' fine and with far better computer technology at the courts, it is actually very easy to make enquiries about the fine etc and in many cases, an application can be made to the court for a Section 14 Statutory Declaration. Should I pay or make a Section 14 Statutory Declaration? Given that the majority of court fines from the HMCTS Historic Debt Team may go back many years, many people have little or no supporting documentation available and are naturally worried about the prospect of applying for a Section 14 Statutory Declaration and instead, decide to pay the amount requested in order to conclude the matter. This is perfectly understandable. Is there a time limit for making a Section 14 Statutory Declaration: An application for a Section 14 Statutory Declaration must be made within 21 days of you becoming aware of the court fine. PS: And despite inaccurate internet advice, it is not 21 days from becoming aware that a Statutory Declaration is on option !! Can I send a sworn Section 14 Statutory Declaration to the court (or the Historic Debt Team) by recorded delivery? No you cannot...most Magistrates court will reject your application and advise you that you must make an appointment and attend court in person ......(continued on the following post).
  2. Hi There. My wife has just received through the post an attachment of earnings form from the MCOL Business centre. A CCJ was awarded in default as was sent to a previous address. My wife only found out about it when she received a Noddle credit profile change notification. She spoke to Robinson Way who advised it was issued at a previous address. She gave them our new address and interestingly the attachment of earnings form has come through to our current address. Details of the debt: Original creditor was Egg (so suspect any CCA would be "interesting" to say the least) Default was issued in 2012 according to her credit report Original agreement was taken out we think in about 2006. Balance was about 1650 CCJ balance was just over 2.5k (plus now another £110 attachment of earnings fee added) We are convinced the debt is statute barred as my wife is convinced she hasn't paid anything towards this for a long time. I know we need to look at getting this set aside but unfortunately we cannot afford the fee to do so, and we don't fall into the category where we can have the fees waived. Is there any other way around this? Surely they would have records and would know when the last payment was made, so if so then is this not an abuse of court process by submitting the claim? Any advice on next steps would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Just trying to get this clear in my head, old car purchase properly terminated via section 99 sold on to various DCA usually gets to letter before action send copy notice and lenders admission they ignored notice see you in court it goes away for goodly while has just resurfaced ( with massive discount on alleged amount) but it is now since 2009 when the first alleged debt was claimed. As I understand it all the time the DCA contacts me and to avoid going to court I respond saying I do not acknowledge debt here is proof they can keep passing it around trying. Now if I say that I have no intention of effectively wasting my time as its out of time anyway have never acknowledge the alleged debt and have no intention of ever doing so they should stop?
  4. This not my debt or my fight, BUT.. A friend has contacted me re a debt they once had but had long since forgotten about. Out of the blue in September 17 they received a County Court Judgement issued by the bulk mailing centre of the courts from Northampton, judgement was awarded by default to the DCA's solicitors/DCA The debt was in excess of 8k, I suggested they wrote asking judgement be set aside and for it to be transferred to their local Court. The issue is two fold, the defendant (my friend) seems to think that the last payment they made was in 2009 thus putting the debt over the 6 years stat barred limit. However, since the initial court judgement being set aside they logged an account with experian for their credit record and it shows that there were 3 payments made in 2011 , Oct/Nov/Dec 11...which co-incidentally means the debt is not stat barred. As they have no recollection of these payments they're tending to think they were added by the DCA to remove the debt from being stat barred ( From personal experience I know dca's have manipulated a credit file of an alleged debtor to suit their own means for collection purposes) but I'm not sure they'd be able to edit a file in this particular instance but maybe they could of?) What is the position on a debt when it's in the court system? As in, the new date at the local court for the previously set aside judgement takes it to over 6 years since even the last recorded payment (even though that initself is disputed) will this mean the debt by the time of the hearing is stat barred so the case would automatically fail or does the clock stop on the debt when it was initally given judgement in default by Northampton? (which was 5yrs 9months since the last alleged but now disputed payment) ? Also, if the clock is stopped due to the court action, should they write to the dca via recorded means requesting a copy of documents (credit agreement / the three payments in dispute) ? They did write to the dca with a cheque for £10 for SAR but received an answer back from the DCA's solcitors with a load of technical jargon re customer confidentiality (dca/solicitor correspondence) and so would not give any of that information but that the DCA would be in touch soon with whatever they had blah blah? Any pointers would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi, Received a call from unknown number just before Christmas asking me to ring a number to discuss a matter - I didn't. Today have received a letter from Redwood Collections whose number it turns out was the one I was requested to ring. Letter is below, and is all they have sent to me, but my request for assistance from CAG (legends!)is what should be my first step with dealing with them, who I have never heard of or dealt with, as yes I dispute the whole debt for myriad reasons, but I want to be seen to be doing the right thing by replying to them - without listing all the reasons for disputing it at this point. I am not ringing them it will be a letter but what should I actually say in it - preferably to kill it stone dead asap! thanks for assistance According to the public record you are registered at this address. As we are unaware of any dispute in this matter, it is our intention to instruct a process server to attend your address for the purpose of serving you with a Statutory Demand issued under the Insolvency Act 1986 (Bankruptcy). Should you consider you have valid grounds for non-payment, we invite you to contact us immediately to discuss the same within seven days from the date of this letter. Should you fail to contact us and subsequently raise a dispute following the service of a Statutory Demand, acopy of this letter will be produced to demonstrate to the court that every effort has been made to resolve this matter amicably. Please be aware that should you become bankrupt any assets that you may have will be at risk. This may include the sale of your house by the Trustee in bankruptcy to settle this matter where appropriate. Yours sincerely, Enforcement Department Our company has the sole control of your account. Payment must be sent to this office. DO NOT PAY A DOORSTEP COLLECTOR, without first gaining our authority.
  6. Hi, when I input data into the spreadsheet calculator v102 available through CAG, the spreadsheet shows the value for the 8% interest at the end of any month that the reconstructed account would be in credit. But only a value relating to statutory interest for that month The spreadsheet seems to do nothing other i.e. it only gives that months value, adding this to the total for statutory interest at the top of the spreadsheet. It does not factor this value into the accruing redress, which is correct but it also does not include 8% per year until the date the claim is settled. Surely if on 30th January 2000, for example, the reconstructed balance is showing £2000 in credit then the calculation for statutory interest relating to that monthly event would be: £2000*((8%/365 maybe 366 in a leap year?) * days between 30th January 2000 and settlement date 18th May 2017, for example). And this would be the calculation, allowing for the varying initial date and days till settlement date, that would apply to each month where the account is in credit due the the reconstructed account. I cannot see how the v102 spreadsheet deals with this, it seems to simply total the statutory interest for each month - this doesn't make sense, does it? Any help would be great as I am a bit stuck at the moment. Many thanks, Philip
  7. I touched on this in a recent post but very recently a letter received by my Aunt sort of confirms my thoughts. Debt with a bank, no payment/acknowledgement for some 10 years now, the debt is most certainly stat barred. However, due to a recent restructuring on her finances she was able to sort a small loan out to consilidate her outgoings (no DCA's as there are none left in the pool) The loan was obtained and the outstanding bits and pieces all paid off as part of the loan (paid by her not the bank) 3 weeks later in a letter dated 17th February a well known bottom feeding DCA sent her a letter quoting ' (wording may vary) 'Recent activity on your credit file suggests you may have made a significant payment to one of your financial accounts, In view of this contact is requested from yourself to us to agree an payment plan and where your financial circumstances can be discussed' This is just so wrong, no fincancial relationship with this DCA exists, they have over the years tried to collect on the alleged debt but where no payment/acknowledgment exists and now some 15 years since anything was heard from the OC. Course of action? Yes to ignore but why are these miscreants allowed to continually scour credit files on debts that have long since gone past the stat barred and at the same time as this they quite obviously have software linked to the CRA's that flag individuals activity Just so very wrong.
  8. Just as a query Scenario; DCA collect on a debt, alleged debtor, stops paying and fills DCA's mailbox with CCA's Sar's, nothing provided, DCA keeps reqesting payment even though they have not provided paperwork, in the end the allged debtor says file for court or bugger off. 4 Years later since the last correspondence and out of the blue a court summons lands on the doormat of the alleged debtor from the DCA. Defence is filed, no admission within the counter defence is given, debt is denied. The DCA acknowledge receipt of the defence via the online court system and the next move is theres. ..regular checks are made on the court website, no letters from the courts are received and as such the case does not head to court, it's not stayed, no application from the defendant is made to stay/strike it out or whatever the terminology is but thats where it stayed. 7 years from the last payment made and 3 years from the intial court summons/counter defence being filed and and still nothing heard. is it right to assume that it's now stat barred anyway and that no clocks are reset when filing a counter defence in a court actin where no admission or acceptance of the debt is given is said defence? I know the answer but it would be nice if it could be confirmed? The alleged debtor was considering going back to the court to have the original application struck out , but I see no sense in that. Deb
  9. Hi All, new here but been a reader for years. This is complicated and im out of my depth. A couple of years ago my long time friend had problems with business and life, (approx 4 to 6 years ago.) His business went into liquidation and his marriage broke up all at the same time. He came to stay at my home for about 8 months while he sorted himself out emotionally having no where to go. When his business failed he had a personal guarantee for the overdraft on his business. ( this was a gray area for him because at the time he stated he wasnt sure if he did or not) more one this on request. The over draft was £25.000 He had a personal account with the same bank, and this is when it became clear he had personally guaranteed the overdraft. About 6 months after his company went into liquidation he went to the cash machine one day to retrieve his benefits payment and it had been frozen. He rang the bank and was told, they had closed his account due to the debt owed to them by his ltd company and they no longer wanted to do business with him, He was told all he could do now was to wait, and they would be in touch. For the remainder of the time he lived here, he heard nothing from anyone. He also had another debt of a credit card (an old goldfish card which he defaulted on when his bank account was closed). This is where I come in, He moved on and ive only seen him a couple of times since, due to my failing health, and not at all for the last 2 years. About a year and a half ago, letters started arriving for him i put them all to one side for a while. Then the debt collects stated to knock on my door. Im bed bound and I have carer's, im paralyzed and having a big health problem currently. I have to communicate with these people through my door entry system, or allow them to come to my bedroom and all that entails.. I have had constant harrassment, Every time I explain my situation. Tell them he isnt here. They have contacted my neighbors, a couple of months ago, the local drug dealer knocked at my door, at 11pm at night, to tell me he had a call from a man regarding my house and who lived here, and was given a phone number for me to contact him on. This has in this situation left me very vulnerable. ive had calls from 'parcel force'' tried to deliver a parcel for this man, does he live here?? Each time there was a letter, ive contacted the senders, a door knock, ive explained the situation. Asked them time and time again to stop. one of the companies chasing him told my carer and me, as long as he owes us money, we will carry on coming here. Ive been told he owes money, I was told they spoke to his son.. (didnt even know he had one). They also said he had taken credit out at this address within the last 3 months.. (which is a big concern to me) I cant seem to make it stop. The last contact i had was by phone direct to the company sending out these collectors, I explained everything above and was told no one else from there company would come. Yesterday a hand delivered letter came through my door, addressed to 'friend' I opened it concerned about all the above, and its a statutory demand. I assume from the same company that has done all the above. It states he has 18 days to respond. I have contacted everyone i know who might know his present where abouts but as yet havent had any contact from him. But im trying here to get the ball rolling, because if he doesnt sort this out in the time scale, i dont know what the consequence will be for him, or me! Any advice? I know a lot about the problems he faced, and the 2 debts he has, because i helped him through the breakdown he had when all the above occurred. Back when these accounts closed, he got nothing, from the bank, or the credit card.. no defaults, no notice they would close his personal account. oh, and one last thing.. when they shut his personal account down, the lumped the personal overdraft debt, to the business debt, and it seems they are claiming for both together. Many thanks, i know its long winded, but been going on for years.
  10. i have received a letter through the door indicating i am about to be issued with a stat demand on behalf of a company called P&A receivables plc. it reads 'i have been directed to serve you with a statutory demand issued under the insolvency act 1986 on behalf of the creditor. unfortunately on the letter it does not give any further details. all they say is they will be returning on a date and a time to either issue the demand or post it through the letter box!!! what should i do???
  11. Capquest have written to me about a CC account originally with Lloyds. The last payment was Jan 2009. I intend to send them a stat barred letter, is there someone in particular I should send it to? Help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi, My partner recieved a stat demand for 46,000 for rent arrears. the demand made a claim that a lease from april 2011-april 2014 had incurred 46,000 arrears. she requested a hearing to dismiss the demand. she provided bank statements proovein she had paid all rent during that period. she then told the judge the arrears claimed related to an earlier lease. she had a counter claim the landlord committed an act of fraud against her in 2011 for 123,000. she also provided evidence the landlord had waived arrears in the earlier lease. I had written to the landlord reffering to the arrears without her knowledge. The judge decided therefore I had acknowledged her arrears dateing back to 2008. he would not even consider her counter claim as it was in 2011. he dismissed her application to set asside statitory demand. awarding the creditor 1100 costs. we had reported three farmers for fraud. a parliamentary investigation upheld our complaint awarding us compensation. our landlord recieved 123,000 to support our business. he then told us he had given it back. we found out a year later he had kept it. Fraud. the landlord waived our rent arrears in 2008 in an earlier lease to support his application for funding. he lied to us over its existance then claimed the arrears. any idears would help. thanks steveeasy
  13. Hi, In 2012 I claimed back PPI on 2 unenforceable accounts that the Co op had sold to Equidebt, the PPI way exceeded the balance. Had a decent refund then. But on the Credit card Co op only refunded for 6 years as they claimed they only had records for 6 years. Following the recent publicity I contacted the Co op again who have re assessed the figures now they are going to pay a further £21k!!! Both accounts are acknowledged as Stat barred by Cabot who own them now. Balance of accounts around 12 k. Total PPI refund £35k. Serves them right for selling the accounts! The first lot of PPI refund totally changed our lifes. When I get the refund I will make a donation to CAG. In short don't be afraid to question PPI refunds even after you've accepted a full and final settlement!
  14. Info in brief Back in 2002/2003 I opened a Barclaycard account and my boyfriend of the time used it. I was not as financially aware as I should have been and ran up huge bills, which I was unable to pay at the time. I default for about 7.5k in 2006. In 2008 I heard from 1st credit regarding the debt and I made a couple of payments. Since then I haven't heard anything until 3 days ago I received a letter from "Barclaycard' giving the card number the balance outstanding and their reference number. They stated that they "hereby give notice of the assignment of the debt due to us by you in respect of the outstanding balance on your Barclaycard account." It then goes on to say that on 13/03/2007 your account was assigned to 1st credit who are now the legal owners of the debt. Today I have received a letter from 1st credit introducing themselves (as if we’ve had no previous contact before” and saying the want the spondoolies and if I don’t pay them this will result in more formal recovery proceedings. It does state that they will comply with any request for a copy of the personal information that is held about me on their system, and that I need to send £10 and a self addressed envelope to the above address. So here goes… 1) Do I CCA them? (Are Barclaycard good with their record keeping) 2) At the time I paid them I was unaware that they were the owners of the debt. 3) Should I SAR them? 4) Should I ignore them 5) Is it worth sending the Statute barred letter or is it likely they will find the payments Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I had thought that this had gone away but clearly not. One final point the quality of the paper the barcodes on the letters look nearly identical and also the writing on the side of the paper is also in exactly the same place. One of the words is Comproc Thank you again Sarah
  15. Hello All, I sent Capquest a "Stat Barred Letter" circa Sep 2013 re an alleged old debt from Lloyds. This is definately stat barred by many months. In late oct 2013 they replied firstly with an apology re the delayed response.then up pops, the our investigations have revealed that I made a mystery £1payment into the account some 3 years earlier and therefore the acc. is not Stat Barred. Further they also state that they are not in a position to cease processing my data as they are the legal owners of the acc. The default on the cras file was originally entered by Lloyds and then updated by Capquest upon assignment.They are not in a position to remove the default, as they are obliged to update accurate information to the cras.(There are now 2 references re this alleged debt.) Also they say that the account will remain on hold, as they have requested relevant copies of the statements from Lloyds and that they will be sent to me at the earliest opportunity. They also add that having reviewed the information received from me they believe that they have not made a mistake, as the acc is not stat barred.( Nothing further received since Oct 2014) I sent them a further letter late Oct 2014 confirming the Stat Barred status of the acc and accepting no liability and that no payment will be made now or in the future re this alleged debt. I also restated to them that having checked historical statements I can confirm that no such payment alleged by Capquest was ever personally made nor authorised by me. Nothing further received from them since late Oct 2014. All advice/info will be as usual gratefully received, re my next options / tacticts should be in ridding this pain in the backside, AKA Capquest. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  16. i issued a stat demand and now due to circumstances need to withdraw it ...as i am ow unemloyed and money is tight . the stat demand was not challenged in any way just ignored .. what is the procedure please
  17. Hi, Back again, still battling on, been a while, mainly been ignoring the thieves and vagabonds that seem intent on trying to part me from my money... Hope someone can help with this one, assisting family member who has received an SD two days ago which we will request to be set aside as is in dispute and CCA request as yet is not satisfied (years overdue). Have been trying to view templates or copies of an SAR suitable for this but keep getting a message saying I do not have permission to view the pages? What do I need to do? looked at new CAGmail for SAR but was just blank and referred to a complaint to the ICO which doesn't seem right? The alleged creditor is Lowell for an alleged debt apparently purchased from HBOS. Can anyone help with a suitable SAR? I presume this is to go to HBOS? Or Lowell? or both? Should I just use and modify the template from the ICO? Hope you can help, Cheers Bongo!
  18. Have just received a letter through the post today from BW Legal stating that they have tried to call at the house on 2 occasions (both times I was here and no-one knocked at the door) and that they will call again on 4th December to issue a Statutory Demand and will post it if we don't keep the appointment. Firstly, I have never heard from this Company before and other than there reference number, it doesn't tell me who the debt is for? There is a telephone number, should I call it to find out? Can I try to agree a repayment plan? I'm scared witless that I will suddenly lose everything when I thought I was starting to get back on my feet...... If anyone can help me, advice is greatly appreciated.
  19. Despite winning the set aside last year in the high court http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?367618-lowells-statutory-demand-**SUCCESSFULLY-SET-ASIDE-PLUS-COSTS-**-CHEQUE-RECEIVED-NOW-** it appears it has looped back to lowell portfolio ltd asking for payment or it will be passed onto lowell financial ltd ! they admitted in court that they were unable to produce any paperwork, didnt respond to cca request etc. i complained to oft etc. how is it best to deal with this guys, thanks
  20. Hello All, Letter received from Arrow stating that. We are writing to let you know that the management of your account has been transferred to Clarity Credit Management Solutions Limited. HOW WE WORK Arrow Global works with a network of specialist third parties who manage customer accounts on our behalf. We have now appointed Clarity to manage your account and have passed your account details and payment history to them. NEXT STEPS You should now direct all queries, correspondence and payments to Clarity quoting ********. Their contact details as follows. Clarity Credit Management Solutions Limited PO BOX 336, Northampton NW6 9WZ Tel No 08445611715 Text 07797 800850 E: Mail [email protected] If you believe you have received this letter in error, or that the outstanding balance is incorrect or not owed, please contact Clarity as soon as possible. Our aim is to help you clear your outstanding balance in a way that works for you and fits your current circumstances. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, we can help. Please contact Clarity as soon as possible to discuss your account and any questions you may have. Yours sincerely The Arrow Global Customer Services Team. This is an ancient account Stat Barred many many years ago. Rockwell dipped their sticky fingers in at the back end of 2012, I sent them the Stat Barred no acknowledge any debt to them or any other organisation the claimed to represent. Within 1 week they sent letter stating that. We can confirm that we are no longer dealing with this matter and our files have now been closed. Any future queries relating to this account should be directed to Arrow Global Limited. Yours Sincerely Collections Manager ROCKWELL DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY Then nothing until New Letter as above from Arrow Global. 1) Will I ignore totally as it is a phishing letter. 2) Send prove it letters 3) Send Stat Barred letter. All info/advice will as usual be gratefully received. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  21. Having recently seen off a certain bunch with the template SB letters in pretty short order, I just wonder if these chancers know that an account is SB when they send out their garbage or that they do need to be told to check their records, being cynical, I suspect it is the former and they are just chancers Sufficient to say my replies confirm, no further action, all details removed, wont tell a soul, wont sell on etc etc, It will be their rectum if they do though !
  22. Had a letter from a well known mid garden of england branch of shysters and a follow through from a town with a rugby stadium firm chasing an SB account. After some sharp letters Firm 2 have passed back to firm one who acknowledge that it is SBand not legally enforceable and usuall bowlarks about still being able to have the right to request paymentand excercise their rights in this regard as the account remains legally recoverable, - yeah right Stat B is Stat B it doesnt exist any more? or am I wrong? Ideas for what to say to SE England firm when, as they no doubt will contact crying and pleading or just a quick copy of the SB 2 letter and a formal complaint to all regulatory bodies? Many thanks
  23. More for getting my own thoughts straight on defective D/N's I understand that the DN must specify a date for settlement and not "28 days ( or whatever) from the date of this letter. So, if a DN is deficient and defective can any DCA be told to get knotted on this or should it be initially via the CCA route/"Bemused" letter? and presumably it is not a good idea to tell the OC that their DN is rubbish? perhaps, if it ever gets that far, to wave it in Court? In addition, I presume that being sent a specimen pro- forma DN letter, with no specific personal details, never mind exactitude of dates is also to be regarded as worthless? Sorry if this appears silly questions, I am preparing a flow chart guide and want to get all aspects covered, I am very comfortable with CCA, bemused, defaulted, and all the other template letters so helpfully found here Many thanks
  24. Hey Guys, Just some of advice please folks. Got a NTO from local council some time ago. Naturally I appealed and heard no more about it. Next i hear is some 11 months later a baliff knocking on my door demanding £317 from me for the unpaid fine. I called the local council who state they'd sent 3 letters following on from my email appeal. They state as they'd sent it they wouldnt hold off action. I contacted National Debt Line and they told me to file an out of time stat dec to the TEC to which I duley did. Got a letter back today advising it has been refused. No reason as to why just refused. What happens from here as the notes on the letter received back were not clear.
  25. Hi, hope this is in the right forum!!! I am wondering if anyone can help with a problem I am currently experiencing. Last Tuesday morning we had a home visit by an enforcement officer advising us that there would be a bailiff visiting our property, with a locksmith and the police, unless we paid a fine (£625), which my partner had to pay to avoid embarrassment and items being taken. He had managed to trick her into letting him enter the house by telling her that she would not want the neighbours hearing what he had to say and basically caught her off guard. He had no details other than the fine was in my name and related to car insurance. I had never received any court summons and the enforcement officer even admitted that they had all been sent to my previous address and he had only just traced me to my new home. I had moved home in March 2012 and the offence dated to September 2012 with the court case in March this year. I immediately emailed the courts and on Friday last week received a phone call to fill in the details. When I moved home in March 2012, I owned a car which in April that year (while I was in the process of changing addresses with everyone) broke down and basically was a non runner. I sold this car on ebay described for breaking and repairs as the engine had blown completely. When the car was sold and collected, I was given a slip from the log book which I sent off to the DVLA in the same envelope as my change of address letter and log book for my replacement car, therefore as far as I was concerned the car was no longer anything to do with me. On speaking to the courts last Friday, apparently the car has been photographed in September 2012 with no insurance and is still registered to me at my old address. I have phoned the DVLA and they had changed my address and registered my new car but have said they hadn’t received the slip stating that I had sold my car for scrap and the person who purchased the car had not sent in their copy of the log book. I also phoned the police on Friday and gave them all the details as I want to make sure I have covered all bases. I have arranged an appointment with the Magistrates Court to submit a Stat Dec on Friday this week but would like some advice on (a) what my chances are of receiving a refund as I never lived in the house where the summons was issued and (b) if I have now given details of the change of ownership and the name and address of the purchaser, will the courts/police now chase them rather than myself? For my appointment, I have printed off copies of the land registry for my previous address which shows the date of sale of my old home, the paypal receipt from when the car was sold and my car insurance certificate which shows my change of car and my new address with a date of April 2012. Am I going to be covered with this information? Apologies for the long winded query, however I thought it best to give all the details Thanks Paul
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