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  1. Hello, I had a visit last night from Bristow and Sutor to collect £423 for a disputed PCN that I had not heard back from the local authority that they had rejected my appeal. My partner had paid the money that was requested as they said if we didn't pay within 20 minutes they were going to take my car. I called the TEC this morning who sent me the TE7 and TE9 form by email to which I filled out and sent it back to them to which I now believe it's been put on hold. Question is if I request a chargeback from the bank to recover my money that my partner paid would the
  2. I'm after some advice. I took out an Amigo Loan in 2017 and sadly had to top it up in 2018 totalling to £8,000 borrowed. I submitted an affordability complaint January 2020 and finally got a final response from them 2 weeks ago. They offered almost £5,000 redress. Having looked at the appendices at the bottom of the email with the amount still outstanding on the loan it gave me a total cash refund of £1,179.19. The complaint was with the financial ombudsman also at the time of receiving this offer. I called the adjudicator and he looked over the fina
  3. Firstly I do apologize if this is in the wrong place on the forum: My partner received a letter from Judges Demand demanding just under £2,000 for unpaid nursery fees dating back 4 years ago or there about's. Now when the letter landed on the doorstep enclosed with it was a "Contract" which printed was my partners name and previous address. Overleaf was a signature that they claim is my partners which is far from her signature used on things such as driving license. Within this said contract there was a term "If payments are more than a week late then entry will be refused unt
  4. PDF as requested. Hope you can shed some light on this for me. P
  5. Attached is the copy of the "Draft" court paper
  6. Hi Guys, Received a letter today from Expedion DCA. My partner was late returning back to the car in January by 10 mins. I wrote to ANPR Ltd appealing this and heard nothing at all. I did get a letter from Expedion a while ago but my missus assumed it was junk and binned it. Another arrived today. They have sent a "Copy" of a county court paper advising if I don't provide any lawful reason they will proceed. The initial letter states "The enclosed draft court papers are not designed the intimidate we are merely giving you t
  7. Apologies: I've not called them at all I appealed against the ticket but didn't name the driver No response until now and no acknowledgement of appeal letter Car Park is Cherry Tree Centre, Wirral and the solicitor unknown as partner has disposed of paperwork
  8. Hi guys. Really impressed by the advice given so far. I've just sat down from coming in from work and my partner has thrown the letter away. She thought it was rubbish. One thing that stuck out on it the ticket stated 10:07. The photo taken stated 10:17 yet in the persons witness statement he said he observed the car at 12:18 on the day in question???? How is this possible? To my knowledge the only people who could go to the Northampton County Court Bulk Centre for a warrant or judgement were councils. Or am I wrong? If i ignore this will i get a court su
  9. Hi There, Got a parking notice back in January this year. My partners ticket was due out at 10:07. They slapped a ticket on the car at 10:17 with my partner returning at 10:20. I of course appealed against this notice as it was no more than 13 minutes out. The shopping precinct was busy at the time also delaying her getting back to the car. I sent my written appeal to ANPR Ltd. I heard nothing from this. Yesterday morning I receive a letter pack from a solicitor who state ANPR have now instructed them to collect debt and as such are preparing county court
  10. Hi Guys, Looking for some friendly advice from you guys who know a bit about this kinda thing. Received a PCN from my local council last year. Appealed the fine through email (still got copy) Never heard nothing back either post or email. Earlier this year I got a call from a Baliff (Excel Enforcement) demanding £317.00. I panicked as i thought it was solved with my appeal email as stated on the PCN. I asked if I could look into it and get back to him. He reluctantly left and said he'd return. I called the National Debt Line who were extremely helpfu
  11. Just done a live chat with QQ and I thought I was getting somewhere. Rollover fee £164.50 they are happy to break it down to 4 x £161.78 to complete the loan. DUH!!!! Banging head here.
  12. This sounds like the normal route to take however I can't pass security questions through my bank and with working during office hours I'm not able to get in to my branch to cancel the direct debit
  13. is there a way of stopping quick quid from taking a rollover payment out that I've set up by Direct Debit? I'm not able to get into my bank to cancel the direct debit at all. Heard a few horror stories but I wanted to give them the heads up and prevent them from taking the funds from my account on the due date as it'll leave me short to pay bills
  14. How much will i have to pay? The full £317. Even if i paid the £10 they would say sent the letters out wouldnt they
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