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Found 14 results

  1. Hi there, I've just changed job which requires me to travel more. I work for a Global professional services firm and the policy states that if you are incurring more that £200 in expenses per month then essentially, you need to obtain a corporate AMEX. My credit history is diabolical to say the least. Do I stand any chance of getting this or should I just tell my line manager it isn't going to be possible for me to obtain one of these. I'd rather not apply and get declined... just would rather know a little about how it all works first. Can anyone help, I'm not sure wha
  2. I have a query in relation to my AMEX corporate card. This is a charge card and is fully cleared once a month by a direct debit from my personal bank account. American express are withdrawing these funds on the correct day. However, my statements and online account always report that the payment has been made a whole month beforehand. This means that my online balance is almost always wrong and the statements are not a factual record of the account. Is this even legal?? Here is their "explanation" for why this is happening: This hasn't cause any prob
  3. Hi all, I have a corporate card through a very large organisation and I am leaving the company next week to start a new role. I have never missed a payment but the past month I have ran up a £2000 bill roughly. Stupid I know and I haven't missed a payment or anything. My question is..... My american express doesn't show on my credit file at all. I can not pay the full £2000 off in one go like you have to every month. If I didn't pay the bill my understanding and this maybe naive is that the company I used to work for has to pay it? If I d
  4. Hi, Around 3 years ago I had a car accident in a car that I had bought recently that I stupidly hadn't got round to insuring. I crashed into a parked car down a residential street near my house but was in a rush to get to a job interview so left my details (under the windscreen wiper job) and left expecting the owner to get in touch. I never heard anything from the car owner until a while later I received a letter and some phone calls from a car insurance company asking me for repayment of an amount they claim I owe for the repairs to the vehicle. I ignored the letters
  5. Hello I am taking an Estate Agent/Builder to court because he owes me approx £2.5K. I am told that he has opened and closed a number of businesses and is likely to to close the business that owes me money to avoid paying me. This person committed a criminal act in order to get this business and has already been investigated by Trading Standards. TS decided not to take action against him for cost reasons. I am wondering if I can take out a personal claim against the owner of this business if he does decide to close the business that owes me money. What do you think thanks for takin
  6. Good Evening everyone and thank you in advance for any help I may receive (Hopefully!) On Sunday I attended a charitable event at the Hereford Leisure Centre for Sport Relief. The Car park was naturally heaving given the nature of the event so finding spaces was impossible. I noticed that cars had started parking to the side of the car park near grassy ares not used for anything so I lined my car up alongside the rest and paid the £2 car parking fee charged these days. To my astonishment when I arrived back at my car my car (None of the rest along side me!) had a parking ticket. Firs
  7. Has anyone ever got through on the phone to this company- i have been trying for 4 days left my phone number and ref but noone has been in touch - i recieved a letter from them telling me i owed money to their client origin housing(new) but i have never been with said client and i know i dont owe money to them as said before never been with them - what do i do now should i write to them and tell them i dont know what they on about or do i go to my local police station to ask them what to do - i am an oap and not in good health and all this is making me feel very i
  8. Apologies first for posting this in the general welcome section as this is where the 'how to start a new thread' advises one to do so. I am a freelancer in the pharmaceutical industry contracting through an agency to a multinational company. My contract is reviewed every 6 months. Last November 2012 (just before its renewal in Dec) the multinational company approached me and wanted to transfer me from an hourly rate to a daily rate. As I was used to working long hours I figured that they had considered the rates and thought it best for them that I went onto a daily rate. They suggested a
  9. Hi, Can anyone give me an address at Amex that I can get hold of the corporate T&Cs? Basically, here’s the story: Whilst I was in my previous role for a large company, I had a Corporate Amex card. Due to various personal issues (mainly gambling and alcohol related) I ran up a debt of £19500. I have seen been fired and the company I worked for passed the debt on to me. I received various phone calls from Amex and Brachers regarding the account but as usual buried my head in the sand. I’ve now received a Statutory Demand and am in the process of s*****ng myself.
  10. Hi there, I'm fairly new CAG member (well I joined on the back of this recent issue as it happens) if this is posted in the wrong place please point me in the right direction and apologies in advance- tech savvy is not my middle name! I was with a housing assoc in London for a short while as I had to move down there with my wife while her mother was receiving treatment in hospital and we wanted to be nearer. According to the assoc we didn't end the tenancy correctly when we moved back to Wales and were left with an arrears of around £700. Due to these arrears as we di
  11. Hi Everyone, Has anyone heard of Corporate and Legal Collections ? 1000 Great West Road Brentford Middlesex TW8 9HH Reg No Company 6904704.... Looking for their Modus Operandi..... Basic Letter.... Writing with ref to overdue amount to our client.... please call blah blah On rear is a DD form with the receipent as allpay.net re corp and legal collect.... I am aware of the debt, dispute part of it, no response from organization creditor, have a full counterclaim as i have put to them previously, and now these are chasing... Amount is over the SD
  12. Hi everyone, I've just received a letter from them claiming I owe monies (less than £1k) to the Housing Co-op I was with a few years back. The letter doesn’t say what the debt is for, though I suspect rent arrears, but the amount seems way more than I remember. Also the co-op have never contacted me abt any debt, even though they have my email and phone number. Unsure whether to ignore this DCA and see what happens next or dispute the debt. If i ignore them, would i still be able to dispute the debt if it gets serious, i.e. legal action? Below I’ve posted the letter (note the fi
  13. http://www.ipcc.gov.uk/news/Pages/pr_210812_HMRC.aspx?auto=True&l1link=pages%2Fnews.aspx&l1title=News%20and%20press&l2link=news%2FPages%2Fdefault.aspx&l2title=Press%20Releases
  14. RBS has already hosted clients for the first two days of the championships and had planned to do so for the rest of the fortnight. Royal Bank of Scotland has cancelled its corporate hospitality at Wimbledon in the wake of the IT meltdown which left thousands of customers without access to cash. The bank, which says it is finally getting on top of the crisis, said it would be "inappropriate" to continue providing the hospitality. The beleaguered bank has already hosted clients for the first two days of the championships and had planned to do so for the rest of the fortnight. The m
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