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  1. Hi All, So to update, he was two weeks away from a court hearing for bankruptcy, he continuously tried to settle the debt with shoesmiths as the court date drew closer and closer, They kept refusing the offers he was making at levels he could afford to pay as a lump sum payment. In the end, two day from the hearing he asked what they would accept. The figure was 18 thousand. I made him ask that it was in full and final settlement and that they would no longer report on his credit file so that it didn’t effect his business going forward. They agreed to that and he payed them 18 thousand. Which he will be paying back for many years to come. Sorry i I don’t have better news.
  2. debbbbsy Sorry to hijack this thread, but right at the start of a very similar situation with shoosmiths and RBS, could really do with some guidance. Came to site once before, and couldnt get advice, it ended up with sending out the wrong SAR to the wrong people, need to act fast. Thanks
  3. That was the original point ... He has no memory of ever signing this personal guarantee, all he remembers from that day, was them trying to push him into taking the £25000 as a personal loan, And them them insisting he took out some insurance type thing on the overdraft, payment protection. He has no paper work, or statements, or anything to say what he owes, if he owes! Thats why i came here at first, I knew this from 6 years ago when all this started!
  4. Hi unclebulgaria67 Friend asked me what he should do, I had told him i had posted in here, and read lots on here about finding out debt collection, and weather or not they had a legitimate right to pursue the debt etc, some for my own peace at times, and he asked could i get any advice about the income and expenditure form they sent him, that was all. He has a tight monthly income, so going seeing a solicitor is out, as paying for one would then lessen his offer of a full and final settlement. I just thought there was something he might do before opening his wallet, and letting them take what they wanted. Right now, they have given him 7 days to respond with and income and expenditure form, and he has 2 days left. He is just about to do as he is told by them. He does not use a computer himself, and would be at a loss in the forums. But i will pass on the advice that its to late for the forum to advise him. He is very much defeated in it, as it only came to his attention when it was too late. I knew all the details as i saw him through the liquidation of his company initially. Thanks again.
  5. Hi again, Well, im hoping i can get some further advice now things have changed a little and moved on with this, I wondered if you guys could offer some further advice. I managed to get word to my friend about the statutory demand, but it was outside of the 18 days he had when he got word. So im assuming this made the statutory demand stand. He contacted shoesmiths and was given the run around for a couple of days, as the person dealing with his case was out of the office for a few days.. When he eventually did catch her, he asked if the bank would take a small lump sum and a final settlement, as his monthly income was low and he had some savings he would use. He was told the bank would do nothing until he filled in an income expenditure form. which they have sent him. This is the worry for him now. He, along with 2 other partners is the company director of a year old company. Its a Ltd company, and hes an employee of it. So now they would have it over his head about making him bankrupt im assuming is his main worry. He said he just wants to get this out of the way and behind him, I told him from what ive read on here It isnt going to be that simple. I told him i would post in here to see if there was any way forward or advice he could get. Many thanks for looking at this again. A few questions. Are they likely to accept around £8000 off a £25000 debt (absolutely every penny he has over his very tight monthy income) How much information does he have to give on the income and expenditure form. (they want his work address, along with every other piece of information about his work, ie phone numbers payrole numbers etc) They said they want proofs of everything, ie income, and all out goings... Regards .... Friend in need
  6. Hi unclebulgaria67 Thank you for your advice and patience. I gained some insight from ringing shoosmiths earlier today. Its clear they are playing dirty to serve there statutory demand. But as its clear I can do nothing but wait for the next door knocking interview, and cross my fingers someone gets word to him. Its a shame these people get away with their antics! Thank you all for your replies
  7. Thanks andyorch Then i guess there is nothing i can do if its a legitimate document. I rang the place that it was sent from today to tell them yet again he doesnt live here. It was interesting to say the least. All i can do is hope he gets in touch in time. Hi dx100uk Given the previous advice, is there any point still uploading the letter?
  8. Hi unclebulgaria67 We do have friends in common and ive contacted them to see if they can contact him, since i became house bound, i had little contact by choice with anyone by my choice. So I havent given up hope that he will get in touch in time. Im just at a loss how they can but legal document through my door that has a time limit on it, but with no date to start off the time limit, that's frustrating in the circumstances. As for him letting his creditors know his address, these people only started to send letters after he moved out, his business was liquidated. and he was here for 8 months maybe a little more, and nothing came from anyone. So he doesnt know as far as i know, that these people are after him. Not sure of his current situation, but when he lived here, he had nothing, bags of clothes and a games console. i assume he hasnt taken out credit, because a) he wouldnt be able to pay it back. or b) he wouldnt get it. I stupidly assumed that legal papers had to have a current date on them, but if thats not the case. then im working blindly on finding him in time. I wanted to try to gather advice to give him if he turns up on what he needs to do fast.
  9. It was hand delivered through my letter box yesterday, So now I have 18 days to find him, and for him to act in that time. I question the date, only because i wasnt sure if they had to make clear when it was put through letter box, Or served . like they could now say he got it a month ago and have already acted on it. Is that possible, can he get bankrupted and him have no knowledge about it? I have made no effort to contact him to tell him in the past these people was looking for him, and i feel terrible its come to this because of my ignoring the dept collectors. I just felt it wasnt my place o do there job for them, i was more concerned with the embarrassment of them coming here. If he gets bankrupted, it would be my fault.
  10. Hi unclebulgaria67 Dont care about compensation, i just want it to stop, There are nurses here daily, and i dont want these people hanging around my home. And revealing to people freely why they are here. At least this has given me something else to concentrate on!
  11. Thanks andyorch So if the date on it is October 9th last year, there is no point in me trying to contact him, as hes already out of time? As in, he doesnt actually even have the 18 days, because if i found him, he would have no way of proving when it was actually served?
  12. Hi unclebulgaria67 He did not give them my address ever. As at the time of his business going down, he lived in his family home. But while he stayed here he did, with my consent open a bank account, and take out a mobile phone contract, as when his business went so did his bank account and his phone contract was in his business. I totally understand what you say about the 'independent letter' but i dont have any dealings with anyone out side of my immediate circle, ive fought hard over the years to actually stay independent from social services etc, as in my own words. 'my body doesn't work, but my mind does'' And the only independence i have is the ability to run my own life. Sounds stubborn i know, but it got me this far! I know im not the debtor, but my reason for writing to them, is not for information about what they want with him. But for them to stop coming to me. As for data protection. Well Robinson way so far told me and some one at my property he owes them money. Told me he has a son. Told me he took credit out recently. Not sure they understand data protection at all.
  13. Hi guys The letter says is for a personal guarantee against a business debt, does that make the difference? Dx that would be fine, but i didnt cross out the personal details on the pictures, and ive sent someone to have it copied so i can use them to take out the details.. does that matter? My intentions today are to put a letter together for all of the companies that have been here lately, tell them once and for all in writing he is not here, as an after though, i wondered if i should bother writing one to the Royal Bank of Scotland?
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