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Found 8 results

  1. I have discovered your site investigating what to do in this case and would sincerely appreciate your help. I will offer feedback and donate for your time and energy. I really need your help. I used my mums oyster after losing my wallet and needed to get to a wedding over a weekend. When returning into London, the high value pass obviously flagged things to the inspectors who were waiting at the station. I had all my details taken. The inspector understood I'd lost my wallet and I didn't answer any further questions. I was sent a letter with a fine and a conviction if i plead guilty. The problem with these cases, is that whether or not I did it unwittingly (as in, didn't realise I was using a high value pass) it doesn't matter. It was a misuse and the conviction stands. I can't have a conviction hanging over my head and the thought of it fills me with absolute dread. I have just recently gained a permanent residency in Canada and intend eventually to work in the States and a conviction would be so detrimental to have on my record and affect my work situation. I am so deeply regretful for something so stupid and avoidable. I have received a letter stating the fine i have to pay and the fact that it will go on my record and like the other cases stated here on the forum, can either plead guility and pay the fine or plead not guilty and prove my innocence, which isn't possible. What are the options available to me? Can I call them and ask to appeal? Should I hire a solicitor before it's too late? (I have roughly 10 days before the deadline now). Is settling on the day the last option available and should I get a solicitor before that time to make sure that I don't risk it not going in my favour on the final day? How often are people able to settle on the day in your opinion? What does a settlement amount normally come to? I really appreciate your help on this. I've just returned to London to the letter and have limited time to respond and would like to know the best way to reach out to TFL. Will a letter take too long. I think so. Should I simply call them or go via a solicitor? It seems that no matter what people do with their letters, it always comes back with a conviction and fine. I was going to call citizens advice first thing tomorrow, but if you can recommend a solicitor please do. i live in London. Many thanks
  2. I had a couple of loans with Egg and Masterloan between 2002 and 2007. There were always two columns when selecting the loan, one with and one without insurance and I always chose the cheaper one, without insurance. So many people seem to think they didn't have PPI and find that they did so I'm wondering if I could be one of them or is it totally impossible?
  3. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help. Today I have found out that my ex who we split 4 years ago but still have a joint mortgage on the old property we shared has increased the mortgage to include the arrears he is in. I do not contribute to the house in return he doesn't pay anything for the children. I am livid, is it my understanding that this is some type of fraud because he would have to sign to increase the loan amount. I am anxious as I want to get my name off the house but he keeps telling me that in 12 months it will be fine. I really fear that my credit rating will be effected by this in the future. My understanding is we are both jointly responsible for the debt. Any legal advice would be appreciated Yours Marie
  4. Hello all, First of all, wonderful site and greetings: Over a year ago, I had some letters from a company called Erudio over an alleged student loan, (pre-1997 old style contract) As well over a decade has passed without acknowledging any debt or indeed action, I understand it to be statute barred. I moved well over a year ago and for six months had my mail redirected from my old address to the new. I began receiving demands for monies from Erudio (written to the old address), claiming that I owed them money, I hadn't heard from SLC prior to that; Erudio also claimed that there was an existing CCJ against me on record, having been issued by the SLC. I had been in the same house for 18 years prior, and never had any correspondence or claim at that address. I wrote to Erudio, disputed any alleged debt in full and informed them that any alleged debt was statute barred and in dispute, I also remarked that if there was a CCJ, then it was that CCJ that should be enforcing , not issuing a notice of assignment, as I understand the CCJ to be the 'debt'. (Claiming there to be an existing CCJ appears to be a stock accusation with these people. I received a few letters to my new address, which they obtained from a credit search, so they new I had moved, despite this, I recently found that they had won a judgement by default in April 2015 . I only found out about this judgement when I tried to switch my utility supply. It transpires that despite knowing I lived in a new address and I have documentary evidence to this affect, they have applied to the Court under my old address for a CCJ. While careful with what I said, Erudio claimed to have passed a file to a debt collection agency, if they thought that I was still at the previous address, why wouldn't they enforce the judgement using a Warrant of Execution? It's very clear to me that they knew full well that I wouldn't be at the previous address. I will need to set aside the Order but my questions are as follows: 1) I understand the set aside costs are likely to be £155, which is an extraordinary amount of money . Will I get this back and what's the best way of going about setting aside the judgment? Would I have to make a claim against Erudio? 2) If I manage to set aside, would anybody have any advice for the next steps? Thanks in advance for any replies and/or assistance.
  5. I found out today by finding it in the local press that I've been taken to court over not notifying the dvla for change of ownership... This was on 12/5/14 ..but this was in my old married name (changed by deed poll in nov/11) and to my old address which I moved from in nov/12... I've sold all vehicles in my name by part exchange to reputable main dealers.... I don't know what's going on but am extremely upset that the local press and the court have demeaned my good character...anyone got any ideas?
  6. Having recently seen off a certain bunch with the template SB letters in pretty short order, I just wonder if these chancers know that an account is SB when they send out their garbage or that they do need to be told to check their records, being cynical, I suspect it is the former and they are just chancers Sufficient to say my replies confirm, no further action, all details removed, wont tell a soul, wont sell on etc etc, It will be their rectum if they do though !
  7. I had a minor accident a couple of weeks ago and my insurance company rang up on Tuesday to request a conference call with DVLA. During the call the DVLA suggested I ring them back which I did. They informed me that my licence had been revoked since 1998. I knew nothing of this. I asked why. They said that I had not sent it in for an endorsement to be added but could not tell me what endorsement as their records don't go back that far. They also cannot supply me with copies of the letters they say they sent me requesting my licence as their records don't go back that far. I told them that I can remember a policeman knocking on the door years ago saying he had been sent by the DVLA and asking to see my licence. I showed it to him and he said it was fine and left. I asked why this problem had not shown up when the police had stopped me a few years ago and done a PCN check on me. They said that was strange! They have told me to apply for a new licence which I have done but I cant drive in the meantime and I am now concerned that my insurance company will find out, cancel my insurance and charge me for all of the costs of the accident. I do not know what is going on. What should I do?
  8. I owe £15k to Barclays bank (inc egg, current acccount) (unsecured)a nd have arrangement to pay them back at £1 a month. I have a mortgage, which the mortgage company (Santander) have allowed me interest only payments for two years but from March goes up to present rate and I will need to find £1100 per month. Due to redundancy I am not working. My partner who is over 65 cannot work because of illness. We are putting our house on the Market today to downsize. If we pay off the £15k we will have trouble finding a property to buy. If we buy new property can we still arrange to pay the debts on a monthly basis (say £100 per month) or do we need to pay the £15k when we sell?
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