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Found 22 results

  1. Guys, I am about to send defence to Northampton County Court, please I need your help. Claim issued 14/09/18, received it on 18/09/18 and acknowledged it same day on 18/09/18. I think I have till wed 17/10/18 to file my defence? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Claim is about HBOS overdraft of current account I held since 2003, I believe it's status barred judging from when it was closed... od fees was up to 100 pounds I couldn't maintain payment. I held 2 overdrawn current account but upon challenging for second account they recently sent
  2. Papers from SAR shows shockingly very high charges from 2009 to 2013 within period I lost my job and was struggling financially, can I seek refund from OC? Just after calling OC and asking for complaint procedure and address, I received letter stating small % of charges will be refunded but paid directly to Lowell? What's your opinion guys?
  3. Just as a query Scenario; DCA collect on a debt, alleged debtor, stops paying and fills DCA's mailbox with CCA's Sar's, nothing provided, DCA keeps reqesting payment even though they have not provided paperwork, in the end the allged debtor says file for court or bugger off. 4 Years later since the last correspondence and out of the blue a court summons lands on the doormat of the alleged debtor from the DCA. Defence is filed, no admission within the counter defence is given, debt is denied. The DCA acknowledge receipt of the defence via the online court system
  4. Hi all, I have had a torrid couple of months with a floor restoration company who are now taking me to court to reclaim money they feel they are owed. I have recieved the claim and returned the response pack with a robust defense. Yesterday I received a letter of notification to the small claims track and a request that I fill in the Small Claims Directions Questionnaire. I am quite stressed about the whole thing and nervous about court...not because I don't think I have a defence just because that's how the act of going to court makes me feel. So any advice you can give me is ver
  5. Hi Everyone Would really appreciate some help with this matter. About a week ago I received a claim form from Northampton County Court originally dated 22 May 2015. The reason I only received it now is because I have recently moved and despite setting up a redirection service with Royal Mail, this letter was delivered to my previous address. The particulars of claim on the claim form are as follows: 1. The Defendant entered into a credit agreement by the original creditor as Capital One Bank (Europe) - credit card and having account number xxxx ("the
  6. In brief - We went to a local independent flooring company, wishing to purchase a wood floor. The owner talked us through the various products, came to our house to look at the area it was for, measured up, checked the subfloor etc. He then recommended a product for us, ordered it and arranged for "his team" to come out and fit. He arranged the day and time they were to come out and told us that we should pay them cash on the day. In the meantime, he took moisture readings, spoke to the manufacturer and also the manufacturer of the underfloor heating we'd had put down, to check what u
  7. I got a ccj form last week for a debt i owe since 2007. The details are as follows:- 1, the defendant entered into an agreement described by original creditors as Citifinancial credit card and having account no xxxxxxxx. 2, The claimant, a uk limited company is assigned and legal owner of the right previously by the original creditor in respect of the account. 3,The defendant is indebted to the claimant in respect of the acct in sum of £3000. 4, The claimant claim thesaid sum of £3000 plus costs. The claimant is Cabot financial UK and the ccj form was sent from County court busine
  8. Hi, I'm hoping for some advice re. an ordinary cause action I'm defending in Scotland . The Pursuer is Arrow Global with Shoosmiths acting as their solicitors - pursuing an alleged debt of £7,239 which they claim was assigned to them by HBOS. The last day for submitting any adjustments to either the writ or defences is 1st April (i.e tomorrow!!). I had previously requested a lot of relevant documentation regarding this case, but heard nothing until today when Shoosmiths telephoned me, saying they now had the documentation I had requested and asking if they
  9. Hi, really hope somebody can help me. I received a claim form for a ccj from shoosmiths. The debt is an old credit card that i think is statue barred. The issue date on the claim form is 6th march. I sent a letter to shoosmiths requesting more information and they have told me they hope to be able to send them to me by the 26th April they also say they are willing to provide me with am extention to file my defence within 14 days of receipt of the documents. However at the moment at least i need to file some sort of defence. I am register
  10. Hi, I was pretty surprised to get a CCJ in the post earlier this week. I can post details later, but just wondering if there's anyone on here that can offer any guidance on how to deal. What I understand thus far, is that my only option seems to be to try and defend this. I've never heard of the claimant, I've never had any correspondence from them, which as I understand it, could form part or all of my defence. They've listed interest owing, I am not sure they can do this? It's from a cahoot loan, from around 2002ish, one of the flexible loan t
  11. Just before Christmas I received a letter from the County Court in Northampton that Cabot DCA had decided to take a CCJ against me without warning. I have never heard of Cabot until then and the CC company had not informed me that they had sold my debt over to them? So instead of taking the advice of the CAB I who just want you to just cave in and take it. I decided to fight it with my very limited knowledge. Below is the letter I got back for Cabot Solicitors. My Defence was That I had not signed a contract with Cabot (which i know id weak) an
  12. Hi all, I've been referred by my friend to this forum to get some advice. I have been taken to court over a property dispute with a neighbour. Despite repeated evidence that we are not liable and potential fraud committed by the claimant submitting a modified copy of the land registry documents to court and us to make it appear we are liable she is still going ahead with the case This has been going on since Feb this year and the final hearing is tomorrow. I'm a bit annoyed for spending this year thinking about this case, hunting for evidence, drafting letters, spea
  13. Hi, Due to ill health, I gave up work several years ago and at the time I was dealing with my debts through a DMP.[payplan] Since not working, I had to reduce my repayments and then eventually stop them altogether. this has caught up with me and I have now received a County Court claim form from Cabot / Mortimer Clarke Solicitors for an old Halifax credit card debt. I have somewhat buried my head in the sand over the past year or so and have become very lax in reading DCA letters. I really have no idea if I have ever received notice of assignments
  14. Hi all, I recently received a letter stating I owed around £3000 to a plastering contractor I hired on a labour only basis & that it would be taken to court to settle the matter. I immediately replied stating that as far as myself & my company were concerned the matter was dealt with & paid in full. Any further invoices were not just & would not be paid. A letter was sent to me stating that they (The Thomas Higgins Partnership) would speak with their client & contact me in due course. Another letter arrived today stating that their client was applying for the
  15. Hi guys, I've got a defamation claim against me. The circumstances are unusual, I didn't make the review but it was made with my account. I do not know how this occurred, my speculation is that it was the result of some sort of account breach, though the claim was started very close to a year after the review was made and I am unable to get any evidence that suggests such. I have no links to the claimant, didn't know who they were prior to the claim and did not know about the defamatory review. Due to the time between it being made and me becoming aware of it I've been able to d
  16. I received paperwork from NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT on Wednesday 3rd yet it was only on Monday 2nd that Lowell actually told me over the phone who there client was. Obviously I want to defend the claim but im clueless on what to do now and need to get this form back within the time period????? some background hope this helps with your information. I had a credit card with capital one and defaulted on the card in 2004 and have had no correspondence from them since around then. I also have been accepted for a credit card from capital one less than 6 months ago. so 1
  17. Hi- Its my first time here and would really appreciate some advice. Last year I took out a 12 month gym contract at my local gym. When I signed up I explained to the membership person that I was potentially going through a break up and would not be able to afford to continue the membership if this happened. They agreed to relook at the membership should that happen and that they could possibly help with me not being tied up for 12 months. This break up then happened and I cancelled my membership as I couldn't afford it on my own whilst trying to keep a house over mine and my sons head. Since
  18. I have posted a short guide to defending private parking claims, including a draft Defence, here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?390479-REceived-Court-Papers-From-A-Private-parking-Speculative-invoice-How-To-Deal-With-It-HERE***&p=4272973#post4272973 Hopefully this will be useful for the large number of people that have received Parking Eye county court claims over the past few weeks.
  19. I recently received a court form from northampton for a claim against me from money im supposed to owe barclays bank who I hav'nt banked with since 2006, it was lodged by wright hassell llp on behalf of cabot financial, who claim they own the debt now. I had never been contacted by either of these companies until the court papers arrived. I immediately returned the acknowledgment of service form to the court stating my intention to defend the claim. I sent via templates from this site a part 18 request for information form on the deed of assignment and a cpr 31.14 request for copies of the
  20. I have decided to try and get back all my £12 charges from Cap1 along with a small amount of PPI that I never needed. I have already received all the info back from them, and I sent off my separate claims letters 3 weeks ago, one for £550 of charges and another for £150 PPI. How long before I escalate this claim and what would be the best way forward, FSO or court?
  21. Briefly, - I have been taken to court in an ordinary action. My case is remarkably similar to one in another thread by someone called 'GLW'. However - I couldn't access any kind of legal help and have been forced to try and defend the case on my own. I am at the stage where I face an options hearing tomorrow. I some quick and urgent questions. 1) The pursuers didn't post their FIRST note of adjustments or inventory of productions until the very last day. Like GLW their initial write was based on utter tripe and their adjusted writ is still a bit 'wrong' - I have put a note in wit
  22. Hi, I'm unsure where I may need to post this question so took a stab at this section of the forum... I hope someone can help. A bit of history, my partner sold an item on eBay using my account, buyer collected the item and left. We then got an email saying there was a problem, we offered a refund after a bit of investigation but he refused to return the item to us, saying we should collect it from him... he lives 200 miles away. This went on for some time beore he instructed eBay to resolve the case. They awarded the case in his favour and told him to return the goods for a full refu
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