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  1. ACI won't issue a claim, I have been in a payment plan with them years. The last payment marker was back in 2016. I will sort out a SAR to Avant
  2. Across the whole 19 months shown on the file entry, there was 2 payments marked as ok (randomly), no missed payments, no defaulted. The majority show as "No Data". 10 marked as no data leading up to when the account was sold.
  3. This debt has not appeared on my credit file for years. Just searched through the closed account history on my credit file and it shows the account was opened 26/01/2016 and was closed and paid 05/07/17. This was when the account was sold to ACI. Even on that record there was no default showing, just a lot of no data markers, in fact it doesn't even shows a missed payment of which there were a number. It looks like when ACI purchased the debt they have never updated the credit file marker to show them as the owner.
  4. One minute you are saying they cannot do it, the next you are saying big deal.... which one is it?! No I have never sent Avant a SAR request, loan was taken out in 2015 or 2016, I would have to go and check the paperwork on it.
  5. Did add the default marker as they are stating they will as per my original post.
  6. Interesting. So if they went ahead and did this, then I guess it's complaint time. FOS? ICO? FOS rejected IRL on this one. Have never CCA'd it though. Might be worth a punt on it.
  7. It's an Avant Credit account, was a 2 or 3 year loan for about 3 grand. It has been sold to ACI. As they have purchased the debt would that allow them to register the default? I am paying yes and have been for a few years. I suspect the payment references are just part of a template E-Mail.
  8. Hi Folks I have received the below Mail from ACI regarding CRA reporting. I have been in a payment arrangment with them for a number of years for an Avant Credit account that they purchased. --------- Notice of intention to report to Credit Reference Agencies We are about to report the default status of your account(s) to the Credit References Agencies (CRA’s) and plan to start this within the next 30 days. The purpose of this communication is to let you know in advance so that you know what this means and to give you time to act. Can this be
  9. Thanks BF, much appreciated. I even gave them dates and amounts of the loans and then still nothing! I shall get this submitted to the ICO tonight. Thanks again!
  10. My complaint to the FOS was submitted back in the middle of July, reference etc provided. Since then I have heard nothing. Is this normal timescales?
  11. Hi Folks, I'm having a number of issues with Quickquid and them supplying me information of all loans I have had with them. I am planning on putting in a IRL claim against them History: 30/07/18 - Sent E-mail request asking for all loans I had with QQ over the years (was a lot) Provided Date of birth, and all addresses I have had over the last 9 to 10 years 16/08/18 - No response received, sent a chase request 20/08/18 - They provide 6 account statements. I can only reconcile that against 2 of my loans (4 were potentially from an old bank account I had no access
  12. Just to give everyone an update and to close this off - After discussion with the Garage, they agreed to cover the £100 penalty notice and this has now been paid to the DVLA. Thanks to everyone for their comments and advice on this thread, very much appreciated.
  13. Hi Gick, Thanks for your response. I inadvertently continued to pay tax - I am pretty lax at looking at my bank statements and didn't even notice it - DVLA advice is that once a vehicle is transferred then tax direct debit payments will stop. Yes, completely agree that I should have checked and that could be my ultimate downfall here, I was acting in good faith (never again!). I simply went and purchased another car, transferred my insurance over to this vehicle and carried on my merry way. A £100 penalty notice seems quite hefty for being a naive idiot. One other question - i kn
  14. Thank you to everyone for their comments and apologies for the late response, it's been a manic weekend. When I left the car with the garage, I had no idea it was going to be passed over to the Auto Electrician. As far as I was aware they were potentially going to strip a few parts off it and then scrap the car. The car was left with the garage in March 17. The "Offence" was committed in July 17. The Auto electrician has said he didn't get the car back on the road until August 17. He has shown me (and I have a copy of) his insurance certificate commencing from the middle of August
  15. I guess the question would be if the magistrate would look at it in a black and white fashion or not. From a technical perspective, yes I agree you are correct, i guess it depends if mitigation is allowed and accepted
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