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  1. well i have read that lots of people seem to wriggle out of paying and in fact cost the person taking the action .so a safer bet is to go for county court first ..i have been told u cannot have 2 cases going on at the same time ..so the need to withdraw it .i can then issue county court proceedings against this person.
  2. i issued a stat demand and now due to circumstances need to withdraw it ...as i am ow unemloyed and money is tight . the stat demand was not challenged in any way just ignored .. what is the procedure please
  3. they'll just ask for evidence that the driver was insured to drive your car. If you can't provide it you'll get 6 points and a big fine for allowing an uninsured person to use your car (as keeper one of your responsibilities is to ensure that only people who are insured to use it do so, are u sure about this ..the keeper of the car is responsible for checking and ensuring the other person borrowing the car is insured ... and would have to provide evidence to proove this and failure to provide could also bring a fine ....
  4. dealing with a camera that flashes from behind the vehicle as opposed to facing you. what is the criteria the prosecution has to satisfy to have a sucessful preosection// i presume they would have a picture of vehicle from the rear - possible defences are i presume =but please add if i miss anything . a picture would not identify driver would it .. what about a cloned vehicle ..where the driver claims it couldnt have been his car ...what issues would he have to proove and deal with or even claim the vehicle was stolen ..and then recovered =during which time vehicle went thro
  5. just had a thought the 30- sign is on the approch from the other direction -ie the opposite way i was travelling not sure if that was relevant or not
  6. only one sign took pictures straight away very obsucrred from 50 yds and closer u can onlyjust barely see it at 10 yds strret signs i will have to check ..... i need to decide quickly as i have to let them know within 7 days wether i go to court or surrender licence where is the order governing signs etc tia phill
  7. i was stopped by 2 policeman who were on a road under trees in a wooded part of the road --ie i could nt see them very clearly they were using the sl700 laser . now what are the criteria to be proescuted for this as there is no way i agree with what they said i was doing speed wise . btw the there was only one 30 mph sign on the roa d --should there not be 2 one either side and that one was covered in undergrowth and vegetation which i took a picture of . what about calibration issues .. tia phill
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