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  1. I agree! Good advice as always
  2. Just thinking out loud here, so if, I escalated to FOS, the worst that can happen is I accept the final offer?
  3. Hi Silverfox, what would your gut instinct be?
  4. Hi everyone, me again....thoughts please. Thank you for your correspondence of 28 March 2016, please accept our apologies for delay in issuing our response. We have investigated your complaint and our findings are set out in more detail below. Our Understanding of Your Complaint You have stated: “In the period between 19th July 2012 and 1st July 2013, I took out a total of 23 loans in total amounting to £6614 before your interest and charges were added on. I had been borrowing more frequent and greater sum of money as time went on. These payday loans trapped me into a debt spiral, w
  5. so you did use Arkell v Pressdam too! :smile:
  6. what would you write back?
  7. Thank you for contacting QuickQuid. The contents of your email were duly noted. We apologise if there was any delay in responding to your complaint. Your query raised several questions on loan affordability. In order to better assist you, we ask that you fill out the below information so that we can thoroughly review and respond to your complaint. Questionnaire 1) Recently, we have seen an increased number of complaints where the complainant has obtained a template from a website or blog. Did you use a website template? If so, can you please provide the name of the website? 2)
  8. Most likely, letter sent, just having the entries removed would be a big + ! thank you again
  9. I think maybe one or two were rolled over, i'm not 100% certain but i seem to recall it, and the amounts were increased (additional borrowing00 I've gone through my bank statements showing the money coming in but i think i had another account the money went out of. I didn't see any credit searches going back that far (i mistakenly thought it was helping my credit rating having the loans and paying them off) I don't think i lied but i do think if they had looked at my financial position at the time, i had defaults and also unsatisfied cci's all over the hockey! (Last and final one, which
  10. Hello everyone, I had not even realised that people were reclaiming charges and fees from the like of Wonga and quick quid. Back in at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 I had lost my job (just as well since they owed me thousands in wages) and been out of work for several months. With the new job I had i was earning £300 a week and was being chased by debt collectors and the courts for outstanding debts (thankfully sorted thanks to CAGGERS amazing help !) I took out several loans between 2012 and 2013 they are listed below. Does anyone have a template or any comments/input/advice at a
  11. thats the thing because i had not received a single letter i was completely unaware! nor did i receive notification of a liability order...?
  12. My other half and I transfer money into our joint account each month. There was not enough money in the account to cover the bills, it was a genuine oversight, on our part. Again I'm guilty of not looking at my statement. the payments come out on the 1st of each month
  13. Hi there I am hoping someone can help. I got in from work on Tuesday evening, after going to the gym and found a letter on my door matt from a bailiff company threatening to seize my goods for non payment of council tax. It was an enforcement notice and referred to a liability order. This was the first I knew that my direct debit payments to the council had not gone through (i've checked now and they were returned). I did not receive any letters or liability orders in the post either. Surely I should receive some kind of notification before the council involve bailiffs!? For the two
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