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  1. Hello All, Thank you for your as usual, advice and information. Contact was made with Moorcroft by landline (Not by me) and a re arranged full/final settlement payment minus "most" charges/interest was agreed. Apparently WDA would have nothing to do with it, so they must (IMHO) sold it on for pennies. Relative happy with outcome, so thank you all again for info and assistance. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  2. A close family member has received a letter from Moorcroft re a loan they had with WDA. They were suffering financial difficulty and informed WDA of this, the amount was total payable £278. Letters e-mails and financial statements were sent to WDA to make offer for re-payment, this was sent by Royal Mail signed for del, which was received and signed for by WDA in May 2014. WDA had requested they send them Bank Statements which was refused by relative as they had sent them financial statements and step change docs. To date no agreement has been reached, the last contact with WDA was 16th
  3. Hello All. Just received letter today from SKY, stating that they (SKY) have sold an outstanding debt of £73.00 to CABOT, Credit Management Group and that they are the now effective owners of the alleged debt. SKY also claim that. We also previously made several attempts to contact you and discuss the outstanding amount. Cabot will now take over the reclaiming of monies you owe. If you would like further information you can visit WWW.sky.com/cabot. We have had an active acc. with sky for many years and they, nor any other have attempted to make any contact regardi
  4. Hello All, SUCCESS AT LAST!! Letter received from Barclays. Case Ref : **** ** AUGUST 2014 Tel No 0345 945 4545 Overseas: 0044 1928 584421 Fax number 01604 25 4474 Text Phone: 02476 53 4973 Dear Mrs***** About your Disputed Transaction Sort Code / Account No ************** Debit CARD Ending: **** With reference to your dispute with WWW. THE1LOAN. CO UK for the amount of 58.99 GBP. We have completed our investigations and can confirm that your Account has been refunded in settlement of your dispute. We
  5. BankFodder, Thank you very much for your swift response it is as usual greatly appreciated. Vehic le has 45000 miles on c lock and circa £6000,yes there are so many fair wear and tear c lauses. All will be taken into consideration. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  6. Hello All, Bought a used car recently which had 3 months Warranty as above. Had starter motor prob in 2nd month, the garage which have been excellent for customer service replaced motor without quibble. The 3 months warranty is expiring shortly and I am considering taking out the above named RAC Warranty, Gold Parts and Labour Cover at £299 for 12 months cover. I have always had the opinion, rightly or wrongly and reading press reports etc, that these Warrantys are not usually worth the paper they are printed on. The dealer I bought the vehicle at, have been as stated abov
  7. BRIGADIER2JCS, Thank you again Sir for your swift reply,it is greatly appreciated. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  8. Hello all, Re entry #2, Original creditor CRA file showing as Satisfied, should this not now show as "Settled" Debt purchasers updated entry showing correct amount and default date. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  9. BRIGADIER2JCS, Message received and understood Sir. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  10. Hello all, I have just noticed on my Experian file that Lloyds Assigned an alleged debt to CAIS member Capquest, circa August 2013. 1)Lloyds have still got the original info on Experian. 2) Capquest have the same alleged info also on Experian. 3) They both have the same acc start date and the same default date. My question is are they "both"allowed to have the same alleged debt displayed on Experian cra files? As usual all advice/info will be gratefully received. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  11. ims21. Thank you will do am Mon. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  12. ims21, Thank you for your as ever swift reply and yes a good idea. I do not trust LLoyds at all after lots of previous problems with them stemming from the bank charges debaucle. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  13. Hello All, After talking to a named person from the Recoveries Commercial Banking dept of LLOYDS on Friday, re the PPI on the 3 accs being upheld and after looking at the form of ACCEPTANCE from the Customer Care, Payment Protection. I am rather dubious of signing the acceptance form. The named person told me that there will be no "set off" of the upheld funds and that I would receive the "full upheld amount" and the cheque would be sent to us within 28 days. He rang us at the agreed time the next day, after we had contacted them re the "set off" and he confirmed that there would be no
  14. ims21 Thank you for your swift reply it is greatly appreciated. "EXEMPLO DUCEMUS"
  15. ims21 Further info re the alleged debt LLoyds are referring to ( Tel call from there Recoveries Commercial Banking Dep} late pm today and they have revealed that the alleged debt they will set off the upheld PPI against is an old debt from the bank charges debaucle which was stayed in the courts system and is now more then 7yrs old his words. This forgotten about acc is surely Stat Barred and they will not be able to set off with PPI award.Looking through old docs Wescot made a failed attempt at collection and stated they were taking it off their files and we would not hear anything more
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