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Found 12 results

  1. Hello. My employer tried to make a thing about how I performed my duties whilst working on the shop floor. Whilst going over the footage with them (nothing found), I seen that the CCTV showed footage of me getting changed down to my underwear (as there are no changing rooms). HR and my supervisor have both seen this footage. The employer hasn't registered with the ICO to use the CCTV but also hasn't put up signage, etc in the workplace to say that CCTV will be used and watched. Is there a legal position on this or am I getting needlessly upset?
  2. Hi everyone, My case is turning quite complex and I would appreciate any support anyone has for me. I will try and lay everything out as clearly as possible... 1) Viewed a property on the 21st of October, and noticed some issues with the property (cracks on the outside walls), we asked the estate agent who said it was just “common shrinkage”. As the current tenants were in with furniture / laundry around we didn’t see the full extent of this. 2) The following week we decided to make an offer on the property, and stated that “this offer is contingent on the following: …”. Our contingencies included: a professional clean, painting over some obvious large internal cracks, resealing mould in bathroom and cleaning the garden. The landlord confirmed in writing to do the contingencies before our move in date. We also asked for an inventory, and received a list of items, before going ahead with putting in our deposit etc. 3) Upon moving out of my rented flat and into the property 6 weeks later (25th of November), we discovered that 1) no work that our offer was contingent on had been completed and 2) Two 12L dehumidifiers had been placed into the bedrooms (RRP: £139.99), alongside 9x mould absorbency gels dotted around the flat, indicating that there was a mould / damp problem in the flat (neither the dehumidifiers or gels were in the flat advertisement, nor were they present when viewing). 4) I have severe Asthma and a mould allergy, and my boyfriend has also been to hospital with a mould allergy in the past, so obviously had we known there was an issue we would not have made any offer on the flat. 5) We immediately got in touch with the estate agent in writing, who stated the dehumidifiers were there upon viewing (not the case). The dehumidifiers were also not included in the inventory we received (although that included kettle/toaster and other small appliances). Irrespective of that none of the work the landlord said they would do was done. In addition, I immediately begun suffering from my allergies in the flat due to mould / damp (asthma, hives etc). 6) Once we were in the flat without the previous tenants’ belongings, we began to see many more issues in there that were concealed by the previous tenants furniture and items on walls (e.g. cracks in internal walls that were concealed) as well as many probable hazards with the flat (e.g. excessive cold, windows not shutting properly, suspected subsidence and suspected penetrative damp / mould). 7) We got in contact with the estate agent the evening we moved in. The estate agent denied all of the above and stated that the dehumidifiers were there upon viewing (they weren’t). There was some back and forth over the next 24hrs but the consensus from the estate agent and landlord was that nothing was wrong with the flat and that we were not misled. We asked to know what would happen with the flat and the estate agent told us that landlord “believed and understood the property was in a fine state of repair from the outset”. 8) After moving in on the Saturday the 25th Nov, and getting nowhere with the estate agent/landlord we decided for our health (mine especially – I had gone through a full inhaler and multiple antihistamines in the 24 hours I had been there) to leave the flat as we realised we had been sold a lie, it was clear the landlord wasn’t going to do anything and we could not stay due to our health. 9) We moved our belongings into storage at the earliest opportunity (Monday the 28th Nov) and went to stay with family so we didn’t have to live there and struggle health wise. We also received an email from the estate agent that the landlord was going to re-let the property with a different estate agent and that we would get 24h notice before any viewings take place. That email was the last we heard from either the landlord or the estate agent. 10) 5 days later we went back to the property and realised we had been locked out (they had used a lock to which we were not provided a key) so could not gain access to the property even if we did want to remain in the contract. 11) We also realised the landlord had been negligent on a number of other things: Hadn’t given us prescribed information on the deposit, had put the deposit in the wrong scheme (i.e. not the one they put in our AST), we had no gas safety certificate, and there was further misrepresentation (said there was a fridge freezer and chest freezer, there was neither). 12) We tried to contact them and were ignored. Finally, we sent a pre-action protocol letter outlining our claim and restating that we were open to negotiate rescission of the contract and our monies paid back. This was ignored. 13) 14 days later we filed a court claim against the landlord which included all the money we paid and damages (around 7k) and also the fines for them not giving us the proper prescribed information (£6.6k) so our case is currently in the fast track (we found out after this may not be the best thing). 14) The landlord is now defending and counterclaiming (we are waiting for the details of their defence and counterclaim in the post but assuming this is for loss of rent up to the new tenant move in date, irrespective of the illegal eviction). 15) One last point is that the MCOL apparently made a clerical error and accidentally discontinued our claim on the 17th of Jan without telling us, and we spent the last week or so reinstating it. I am now unsure of what our next steps should be so any advice on what you think we should do would be hugely appreciated. Thank you all!
  3. Hi, Received a call from unknown number just before Christmas asking me to ring a number to discuss a matter - I didn't. Today have received a letter from Redwood Collections whose number it turns out was the one I was requested to ring. Letter is below, and is all they have sent to me, but my request for assistance from CAG (legends!)is what should be my first step with dealing with them, who I have never heard of or dealt with, as yes I dispute the whole debt for myriad reasons, but I want to be seen to be doing the right thing by replying to them - without listing all the reasons for disputing it at this point. I am not ringing them it will be a letter but what should I actually say in it - preferably to kill it stone dead asap! thanks for assistance According to the public record you are registered at this address. As we are unaware of any dispute in this matter, it is our intention to instruct a process server to attend your address for the purpose of serving you with a Statutory Demand issued under the Insolvency Act 1986 (Bankruptcy). Should you consider you have valid grounds for non-payment, we invite you to contact us immediately to discuss the same within seven days from the date of this letter. Should you fail to contact us and subsequently raise a dispute following the service of a Statutory Demand, acopy of this letter will be produced to demonstrate to the court that every effort has been made to resolve this matter amicably. Please be aware that should you become bankrupt any assets that you may have will be at risk. This may include the sale of your house by the Trustee in bankruptcy to settle this matter where appropriate. Yours sincerely, Enforcement Department Our company has the sole control of your account. Payment must be sent to this office. DO NOT PAY A DOORSTEP COLLECTOR, without first gaining our authority.
  4. Complaint was about Bank of Ceylon (BOC) United Kingdom (UK) branch. After months of waiting in the assessment queue, my complaint finally ended up on an adjudicator's desk. Adjudicator from what it seems to me went through the file so quickly he missed vital details I'd given on the form and via email. For example, I told the FOS I had further evidence to produce and also to contact me by email, as I was abroad. He ignored both these. He concluded that he had enough to issue a decision. He then attempted to call me on the mobile (even though I said - contact me by email only. I told the FOS a while ago and there was a 'case warning' added to the file about that. He had ignored this warning or misunderstood it). After he failed to contact me by phone, he went on to issue his conclusions in favour of BOC (UK). His conclusions contained language such as "BOC (UK) have said ....". So I had no alternative but to disagree with his conclusions and ask for the evidence he relied upon. I also told him he hadn't contacted me even once to introduce himself before reaching his conclusions and that he failed to ask for the evidence I had specifically mentioned before. He got back saying he will provide me the case file evidence only after I send him "further evidence". I then contacted his manager to complain. She asked him to send me the case-file evidence straightaway. I then lodged a service complaint against the adjudicator, and his manager (removed) found that he had committed no wrong. I escalated it to a senior manager and asked for the complaint to be looked at by a different adjudicator. The senior manager found the Adjudicator (removed) could have done things better. But he said the complaint could not be assigned to a different adjudicator. In effect the conclusions stood even though it was made without considering all the evidence. He offered for the complaint to be passed to an ombudsman, for review. Of course, the review is based on what the adjudicator concluded. Ombudsman wasn't going to start afresh. Truth be told, in nearly 90% of cases ombudsman "rubber-stamps" the adjudicator's decision. In this case even though I sent in new evidence to the Ombudsman she ignored it (or interpreted it in favour of the bank) so that the adjudicator's decision stood. After all, you can't have an ombudsman reverse an adjudicator decision that was the result of serious procedural irregularities. By the way, FOS takes at least a month to below decision FOS.pdf
  5. Hi all, Needing some help here. So as with many people I received redress from CFO. *This is not admittance of liability for this loan, just queries of correspondence* Original loan: £550 Original date: 06/03/2013 Before redress: 1050 Redress: 350 Outstanding: 708 Not long after being notified of this redress I started to receive collections emails, I recently received a intent to default notice, and then today I have received a default notice by EMAIL. As with many of the loans I am supposedly liable for this one is many years old and would be SB in less than 3 years. Can they apply a default so long after, considering payment or communication on the account has not been made for 3 years? Is Email a valid method to communicate a default? Some help would be greatly appreciated. My credit file should be clean by 2018, and so have been holding out for that, but this could ruin it all
  6. Well.... I tweet to Three about #GoldNumber... I get followed by Lovetts Solicitors... DAFUQ? [ATTACH=CONFIG]60148[/ATTACH]
  7. Around the two-four month mark, my friend eagerly accepted a UC course. Some of it was actually helpful and useful. Other bits were a complete joke. But anyway, the main plus was it came with a 'guaranteed job interview'. Now I am wondering if this is a [problem]. My friend can not find out anything about the job. I was wondering if anyone has experience of these being a [problem] and also what the rules are for declining the job. If it is possible. The job coach has said he has to take it if offered it so long as it is not commission, however if he doesn't like it, then after a month, he can resign. This sounds bizarre to me. Can anyone offer help/insight on this? Thanks
  8. OK I get to view the paperwork tonight. But from a phone conversation. 1) Parked for short time in an ASDA carpark in a normal bay but displayed a disabled badge as all disabled bays were taken. 2) Recieved the pcn from the operator of the car park. 3) Appealed via email (Contents not known) which was ignored 4) Debt collection agency has now begun writing to him demanding money after several months. Rough route to attack this by? Im guessing its too late to apply for a popla appeal. He has trouble writing due to health issues.
  9. Hi everyone,hoping for some help and advice if possible? I returned to work after holiday to be told "somebody has put a grievance in about you, we will have a meeting now to sort it out,you'll need to get a witness" No notice nothing in writing.Went to meeting to be given an envelope which contained five screenshots from my facebook profile.some of them mentioned about how unhappy I was at work. I asked them to tell me what I had done wrong? they couldn't answer me as to what I was specifically being questioned over.no social media policy is in place at work,my workplace is not mentioned or used anywhere in my profile,and only some family and some close friends know exactly who I work for. they suspended me on full pay while they investigate.had a letter 3rd oct saying a disciplinary meeting was set for 10th oct,to answer to a gross misconduct nature allegation. I wrote back and asked for all evidence,statements etc to be forwarded to me by return post.as of now 16.45pm still not had any response. what do I do now and what should I do at the meeting?
  10. I have just been reading this and while we all know of what is to come in 2014 I am a little perplexed by the last part( highlighted). This is mainly due to my having vague recollection BEAC was a long time ago discussed then subsequently scrapped....does anyone know if it has been resurrected?? "further regulations expected to be announced by the Ministry of Justice very soon, which includes a new complaints procedure, a uniform fee structure and possibly details of an industry regulator for civil enforcement, widely predicted to called BEAC or the Bailiffs and Enforcement Agents Council. "
  11. Yesterday I was in my local M & S store and I bought groceries and to my shame I was going to steal 2 items of underwear but I decided against it and put them down on my way out. I was obviously being watched doing this as I got into my car a woman came and stood in front of my car and typed my registration number into her phone. I was dismayed by this and as I drove out of the car park this woman and the security guard were talking and looking at me from the front of the store. What I am terrified of is being contacted by the police as I have to admit I have previously walked out of the same store not having paid for my groceries and I am guessing this will have been caught on camera. Also the car I was driving is my daughters and I would be horrified if she was contacted over this.
  12. Hi there, I hope you can help as I have been researching employment law and seem to have hit a dead end regarding my circumstances. I was sacked/dismissed on Monday out of the blue without any formal disciplinary process being followed (NOT gross misconduct) The facts: Employed for approx 9 months full time- 2 sick days in the time period. Excellent attendendance etc Initial 1 month trial - verbally told I had passed so was made permanent full time No written contract/job description given to me but Vat registered company with payslips etc Full time in the travel industry, office based with occasional international travel In the 9 months I was not given any performance reviews or advised/warned that the work I was doing was substandard etc and no warnings/disciplinaries of any form. All was going smoothly - or so I thought I returned from a weeks holiday on Monday to be told at the end of the day that 'We are going to have to let you go because you are not doing your job well enough and coping badly with your workload' and asked to leave and that I would be paid until the end of the month etc etc There are no other mitigating circumstances/underlying issues, I was simply 'let go' on the spot without warning/oppotunity to improve etc. Now I know if I was continuously employed for 2 years I would have a cast iron case for unfair dismissal but all the literature I can find on this states that if under 2 years - I cant make a claim for 'unfair' and nothing I read clearly states what I can/cant do if under 2 years service. My employers have clearly not followed ACAS CODE OF PRACTICE ON DISCIPLINARY/GRIEVANCE and from the CAB website I have found the following text If your employer takes disciplinary action or dismisses you from 6 April 2009 onwards, they should follow the procedures which are laid out in the Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures. They don't have to follow these procedures. However, if you decide to take your employer to an employment tribunal and you win your case, your employer could be ordered to pay you more compensation if they don't have a good reason for not following the Code. But everytime I find a positive bit of law/advice like this I cross reference and find that because I had been employed for less than 2 years its not possible for me to claim. Consequently, I would be grateful of some advice from someone 'in the know' hopefully someone on the legal profession specializing in employment law to tell me exact;y where I stand as currently it appears that as long as I have been employed less than 2 years, an employer can chew me and spit me out at their leisure which is really REALLY frustrating! Thanks Rob
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